Blog O’ Speak: The 1st Manila Blog Convention

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Back when I started blogging, as a high school kid, I only saw this medium as an online and more public version of a journal. I'd share what I ate, how my day at school went, what tunes I'm currently listening to, and all those mundane things nobody gives an eff about.


Fast forward to today's blogging scene, I still find it awesomazing how the medium has evolved. From mere online journals, blogging can now be considered as a massive communication and marketing tool utilized by professionals and enthusiasts alike, all consciously, or even unconsciously, reaching a scope of audience in the vast world wide web. We can safely say that in the country, blogging is a powerful form of digital media that helps individuals, brands, and even advocacies reach out and deliver their message more effectively.

With this, St. Paul University Manila has stood up to organize the first-of-its-kind event in Manila -- Blog O' Speak: The First Manila Blog Convention, to introduce blogging not just to students, but to everyone interested to start their own blog.

Blog O' Speak

I was invited to be a guest speaker in this event, but it's not the only reason why I'd encourage you to attend. If you're seriously thinking of starting a blog but don't know how, then this is perfect for you! Blogging may seem easy, but to be an "effective blogger", you might need some guidance. And this is what this event is for... You'll bag learnings after learnings taken from our experiences and mistakes. ☆~(ゝ。∂)b


Speakers include media practitioners Inday Espina-Varona (ABS-CBN), Kai Magsanoc (, Ime Morales (Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines), Lito Virina (advertising practitioner and faculty), Gellie Abogado (, Sai Montes (, Sumi Go (, and Kaycee Enerva (

This is a not-for-profit event. Registration donation fees (minimum of P100.00) goes to venue cost, and earnings in excess will go to Aeta communities in Bagac, Bataan and Botolan, Zambales, and the H.O.P.E. Ablaze Program of St. Paul University Manila.

For inquiries and RSVP, you may send an email to: and you may visit the event's Facebook page at:

This event is in partnership with Snoe, F*ART Fashion Art, Gelleeshop, FAB Bar, Dress Etc., EMBOA (Ermita-Malate Business Owners' Association), Eton International School in Manila, and


  1. sayang ngayon ko lang nalaman ito, i am thinking of to do a blog but i don't know how to start and how to do blogging, where can i put my blog, how can i have a blog sit?.. :-(

    1. Hey euniceafaith! Sayang nga, but it's not too late naman. :) There are a lot of articles and posts if you search the web, that could guide you on how to start a blog. If you ask me though, I'd suggest the Blogger (blogspot) platform. ;)

  2. Hi! It was so nice meeting you all!
    I learned so, so much from all of your talks.

    1. Hi Raffy! Thanks for leaving a comment here. I'm glad you got to pick up a thing or two from Blog O' Speak, especially since I don't consider myself a very good speaker. >.< Hoping my message during the talk, came across. ^_^

  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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