King Sue: Ham, Bacon and Sausages Fit for Royalty

Although I've been trying to eat more veggies, I just can't fight off the carnivorous cravings, not with our stash of King Sue around. It also didn't help that I received a nice surprise from King Sue a month ago -- a combination of their best-sellers and new meat products. Okay, with these goodies, who am I kidding? Why am I even complaining?
King Sue Products

In our family, my little sister and I consume about 90% of the cold cuts and deli meats we have in the household. And with a loot from King Sue, it was no different. We received a pack each of various ham, bacon and sausages, and we just can't help but devour every one of them. I can't even believe that in just a span of a week, all these were wiped out!

King Sue Chicken Sausage and Canadian Bacon
King Sue's newest product Chicken Sausages, together with some Canadian Bacon

Chicken Sausages

One of the newest products from King Sue are these Chicken Sausages. Honestly, I am not a big fan of any other brands' chicken sausages. However, King Sue was a game changer for my palate. They weren't exceptionally big in size, but biting into them unlocks an explosion of juicy and savory flavors. Even my dad who's very particular when it comes to sausages, really liked these. Grilled or pan-fried, these will surely satisfy.

Canadian Bacon

Another exciting item we cooked right away were slices of King Sue's Canadian Bacon. Unlike regular bacon which comes in fatty strips, the Canadian version is more like ham as it's taken from the eye of the loin, making it leaner. And although this deli item is perfect in a burger, on pizza or infused in a pasta dish, merely pan-frying it was no problem for us. We enjoyed it with some toasted bread and chewy pandesal. Yum!

King Sue Hawaiian Ham and Fried Eggs
King Sue's Hawaiian Ham with fried eggs

Hawaiian Ham

Probably the most common type of ham, the Hawaiian Ham, is another usual but still as savory and as flavorful treat from King Sue. We tried incorporating small slices of it in our home-cooked Yang Chow fried rice (which recipe I'll be posting soon by the way) and in a garden salad. However, enjoying it plain with just some hot pandesal, sunny-side up eggs and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, is still as satisfying and as delightful.

Sweet Ham

I failed to take photos of this deli treat, but rest assured, King Sue's Sweet Ham is an item fit for any occasion -- succulent inside, yet sweet and savory with its glaze. And although this type of ham is more fitting on a celebratory table, my little sis and I found joy in just making a gourmet sandwich with some TLC and this Sweet Ham as filling.

King Sue Sliced Bacon with Scrambled Eggs and Rice
King Sue's Sliced Bacon with scrambled eggs and rice

Sliced Bacon

Call me lazy for not even making garlic fried rice to go with this ensemble. But for me, King Sue's Sliced Bacon is as enjoyable even with just plain rice and some scrambled eggs. Heck, I'd even down these crispy bacon strips just by themselves! Forgive me for being ignorant (or too honest) here, but when it comes to bacon, I'm not really good at telling which brand is better since bacon is and will always be good in my opinion.

King Sue German Franks and Toast
King Sue's German Franks with some toast

German Franks

As a sausage lover, I can't deny that I'm really glad King Sue didn't only give me samples of their new Chicken Sausages, but also of my favorite German Franks. As a breakfast item, or even as an all-day snack, I love pairing these juicy, meaty and flavorful sausages with just plain toast. I know, this is too boring. But with savory and spiced sausages, I don't think any help from any other condiments is really needed. Okay, okay, maybe having sauerkraut (pickled shredded cabbage) on the side will be good too.


Although I've tried some of King Sue's products before, it's nice to have sampled some more of their cold cuts and deli items. And after receiving and trying out these samples, I can definitely say with conviction that King Sue can expect purchases and repurchases from our household. With years and years of perfecting the craft of cold cut and deli preparation, King Sue has indeed created a brand fit for royalty.

Oh, and I'm also excited to share some dishes and recipes I made using King Sue's products. So stay tuned for my future Lutong Bahay posts!

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  1. NomNomNom!Try their Old English fav'rt

  2. I love your cooking. You should've saved some for me.

  3. My stepdad also buys their Hawaiian ham and sweet ham. those are my favorites! :)

  4. Everything looks yummy esp. ang ham! Parang ang sarap sa sandwich. Yum yum yum! Post na ng Lutong Bahay sis.

  5. I suddenly craved for sausages! Haha. We haven't tried King Sue yet but after reading this post, I wanna try it naaa! :)

  6. Ugh! you made me so hungry right now and it's lunch time! I would love to try their products especially the ham and sausage.. yuuum! :D

  7. King Sue offers great and yummy products. Every Christmas, hindi pwedeng wala kaming King Sue ham .

  8. Lucky you to received such delicious products from King Sue. I love Canadian bacon, perfect for my wheat bread,looks like ham but though but as the name implies its a bacon.

    1. I used to prefer the regular bacon than Canadian bacon because of the fat content. But now, I actually appreciate Canadian bacon although I normally treat it as a ham XD

  9. ZOMG! Reading through your article and seeing those photos are total torture for me. Because these are all my favorites!!! HAHA

  10. I'm a fan of King Sue, and every time I crave for sandwich, I buy a King Sue ham! =)

  11. i love King Sue Ham, Bacon and Sausages i really like the taste not salty ..whenever i cooked lasagna or carbonara i always used King Sue Bacon

  12. yummy,i love king sue ham, our no 1 handa every christmas!

  13. Already tried their German Franks Sausages... hmmm.. YUM! YUM! :)


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