Four Eyes: The First Online Optical Store in the Philippines

Glasses have been a big part of my life. As early as 8, I was already dubbed as "four eyes." Of course, with my fourteen years of vision impairment, I've already gone through a good number of prescription glasses. Metal, plastic, full frame, half-rimmed, rimless, oval-framed, rectangular-framed, I've tried them all. But my most favorite, is surprisingly the most recent pair I got from a local online optical store called Four Eyes.
Four Eyes the first online optical store in the Philippines

Four Eyes ( is the first online optical store not only in the Philippines, but even in Asia. They carry their own label of eye wear -- prescription, non-prescription, computer, reading and sun glasses, all for P1,495 and with free shipping. Of course, not everyone's comfortable with shopping for a pair or two of glasses without trying them on first, and Four Eyes understands this. That's why on top of their interactive webshop, they also offer a Home Try-On feature where you can try on up to 3 frames in the comforts of your own home. The best part? Shipping is absolutely free!

Four Eyes Website Women

For those of you (like me) who don't really mind not getting a physical feel of your chosen pair of eye wear, Four Eyes made their webshop highly informative with filters on color, style, frame shape, material, size, even face shape compatibility, so you can easily choose which type of eye wear you like and would probably suit you.

But to further give you an idea how the eye wear would look on you, they rolled out an ingenious feature -- the Virtual Try-On. You just have to upload a photo of you (either frontal or slightly facing the side) and try on as many pairs of eye wear as you like!

Here are some photos from my Virtual Try-On escapade. I tell you, it's highly addicting!

I've only posted four of my Virtual Try-Ons to spare you the horror of seeing more of the same photo of my face. But believe me, I think I've virtually tried on almost all the glasses! Yes, even those for men. Haha! Anyway, when you use the Virtual Try-On, you also have the option to share the photo on Facebook or Twitter. This makes asking family and friends kung bagay ba o hindi easier!

Although I've tried on tons of glasses, in the end, I decided to go with Spotted.

Spotted glasses from Four Eyes Philippines

My new glasses, a quirky spotted full frame, came with a hard case, a cleaning cloth and a care card. It's made of a sturdy plastic material with silver Four Eyes logo embedded on the sides. This pair is perfect for those with oval and even round-shaped faces as it adds contrast to the curves of the face and even accentuates the cheekbones.

And here's how Spotted from Four Eyes looks on me.

Four Eyes Spotted on Sumi The Purple Doll
Four Eyes Spotted on Sumi of The Purple Doll
Four Eyes Spotted Glasses on Sumi The Purple Doll

This pair is definitely one of my most comfortable glasses ever! It fits perfectly and doesn't slip and slide. I won't have a problem with getting dents on the sides of my nose bridge too since this pair doesn't have nose pads which I really really detest.

So, will I be getting another pair from Four Eyes? Hell, yeah!!! I like the idea of shopping for glasses online, and with their Home Try-On and Virtual Try-On, there's no way your chosen pair won't suit you. And the price, paying P1,495 for the frame, Rx lenses and shipping is just a fraction of what I usually pay for my prescription glasses (P5,000 up).

Four Eyes glasses

Aside from being a great company offering great products and service, Four Eyes understands the importance of better vision not just for those who can afford prescription glasses, but most especially to those who can't. This is why they rolled out A Pair for A Pair project. For every pair of eye wear you buy from Four Eyes, another pair goes to someone in need but can't afford it. So when you buy from Four Eyes, you're not just getting glasses for yourself, but even helping others see the world more beautifully.

And, here's another good news! If you're planning to buy a pair of prescription glasses from Four Eyes, you can use a code to avail a P300 discount. So that means, you'll just have to pay P1,195! Just key in this special discount code when you check out:


Use the discount code to get P300 off your Four Eyes purchase.
Discount is valid until September 30, 2013.

For more information, visit the and like their Facebook Page
or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Waaah I want to try the virtual try-on service! Your frames look good on you. :D

  2. wow, galing! i like that virtual try on and home try on. thanks for sharing this. will buy from them soon!

  3. Looks great on you, Sumi! Russian Red suits your face very well, too. :)

  4. Four Eyes is impressive! :D The virtual try on reminds me of Firmoo :D plus home try on and free SF! that's really a wow!

  5. Isa na din ako sa mga gumagamit ng eyeglasses dahil right after I graduated in college at nag start mag full-time work online, unti-unti na lumalabo mata ko. Huhu. Anyway, I'm gonna check Four Eyes' website baka meron din akong magustuhang eye glasses. Ang cool ng virtual try-on feature nila, parang Firmoo din. Hihi. PS: You look really cute on your new glasses sis! :)

  6. Wow! I just got a pair of new eyeglasses a few months ago kaso hindi ko na magamit nabibigatan ako :( Now I want to buy a new pair. I hope they have one that's super duper light weight. Your pick looks good on you! <3 I think it can go with any outfit too be it for formal or casual days. :)

  7. Looks good on you though.. very cute :-)

    thanks in advance... sayang di para sira ang mata ko kaya di ko ma try ang eyeglasses na yan :-)

    knock on wood...

  8. uy wow I need glasses and would really visit this site :D

  9. wow,i think im gonna avail this,i need glasses ndin,sayang i already bought my son his glasses,do they have physical store?

    bagay po sa inyo the sakura/white glasses..

  10. I need new glasses and I am gonna check out this site. Good thing you can virtually "try" the glasses. :)

  11. Wow big difference in prices!
    Yeah I'm apprehensive about ordering online too.

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