Gaucho: Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos in Robinsons Magnolia

Truth be told, Argentinian cuisine isn't something I'm too acquainted with. But since it's a cuisine that involves a lot of meat, the beau and I decided to give it a try when we saw the new restaurant called Gaucho Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos in Robinsons Magnolia.
Gaucho Robinsons Magnolia

Located at the 3rd floor veranda of Robinsons Magnolia, Gaucho which means "cowboy" is a 2-month old Argentinian-themed restaurant specializing in barbecue and slow-roasted meats. To be honest, the place looks really imposing not only on the inside but even on the outside. We were hesitant to go in for a quick meal, but upon closer inspection (checking on their menu), we found out that prices are very reasonable.

Gaucho Robinsons Magnolia Interior Day

While we love all kinds of however-prepared meats, what sold us to try out Gaucho are their El Pozo de Fuego or Slow-Roasted from the Fire Pit items. And yup, that's the fire pit on the left photo with that little piggy (Cochino a la Cruz) beautifully cooking.

Gaucho Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos at Robinsons Magnolia
The center of the room turns into a ballroom dance floor on Tuesday nights.
We went in late in the afternoon and Gaucho's interior speaks nothing short of grand. The place looks clean and sophisticated, well-lit with sleek and well-spaced seating against a checkered flooring. And since we stayed for quite a while, we even witnessed how Gaucho suddenly had a change of atmosphere after the sunset. From fresh and invigorating, it became a cozy and romantic Argentinian restaurant and wine bar.

Gaucho Robinsons Magnolia Interior at Night

Speaking of wine, Gaucho has a mezzanine which houses the wine cellar and bar. It also has more tables and even lounge-type seating with comfy sofas. If only we knew about it earlier, I would've preferred to be seated here as it's more relaxed and intimate.

The Food

The beau and I originally thought of just having a quick meal at Gaucho. But since it was almost the evening, we had Berylle and Denby join us in for a double early dinner date.

Complimentary Pan Casera at Gaucho
✓ Complimentary Pan Casera
We were first served with complimentary Pan Casera -- brick oven-baked bread served with extra virgin olive oil and chicken pate. As far as I know, Gaucho doesn't offer complimentary breads anymore after their soft opening phase. However, you can order this in basket of fives for P180. On my next visit, I'll still have these. They're pretty good!

Gambas Al Ajillo (P320)
Gambas Al Ajillo (P320)
For appetizer, we had the Gambas Al Ajillo which is a serving of shrimps sautéed in olive oil, garlic and paprika. I liked that the shrimps are cooked perfectly, soft and moist but with a crisp bite. Flavor is good too. Every mouthful is savory and garlicky with a kick.

Falda a la Cruz US Beef Shortplate (P550)
✓ Falda a la Cruz (P550)
To officially start our main course was this serving of Falda a la Cruz or US beef shortplate that comes with pickles of zucchini, eggplant and shallots. It's also served with chimichurri and a choice of unlimited steamed rice or garlic rice. Now, while Gaucho can't ask for preference on meat doneness, we still found ourselves oohing and ahhing with every mouthful. This beef layered with fat is super tender and super succulent with a nice savory and slightly smoky flavor. The only downside? While this is intended for sharing as stated on the menu, I personally think the portion is good for only 1-2 people.

Cordero Entero a la Cruz Cagayan de Oro-raised young lamb (P890)
Cordero Entero a la Cruz (P890)
Next, we had the Cordero Entero a la Cruz which is made from Cagayan de Oro-raised young lamb. This also comes with a "good for sharing" tag, and we indeed got a heck of a big serving! Bigger than what I expected, since this can serve up to 3-4 people. And although it doesn't look that appealing on the serving dish, it was quite good. It's not fall-off-the-bone tender, but the meat is moist and still juicy with a slightly crispy skin.

To go along with our meats, all four of us had Garlic Rice (free with our mains). And while this might seem trivial, I have to say that I really, really like their garlic rice. Aside from being garlicky as expected, the rice itself was soft and plump while having separate grains. It's far from the usual garlic rice I know of, the kind that has dry and hard grains.

Peras al Vino Malbec (P190)
✓ Peras al Vino Malbec (P190)
For dessert, we had the Peras al Vino Malbec or poached pear on red wine with panna cotta and granola. Now, this is my kind of a sweet ending. The poached pear has a rich but well-balanced caramelized sweetness that goes well with the creamy and silky panna cotta underneath. The granola also adds an earthy note and a fun texture.


I may not know a lot about Argentinian cuisine, but I can definitely say I enjoyed my experience at Gaucho Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos. Every dish we had was good, and I still can't believe the El Pozo de Fuego items even come with unlimited plain or garlic rice. Prices may not look too inexpensive, but they're definitely a good deal! And with great service and a nice ambiance to boot, I'll definitely go back to Gaucho! Next time, I'll try the Fugazetta (Argentinian thin-crust pizza) which our server highly recommended.

Taste - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Gaucho, Robinsons Magnolia
3/F Al Fresco, Robinsons Magnolia,
Aurora Blvd., New Manila, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 654-3148
Facebook Page


  1. It looks similar to the various Brazilian gaucho-style barbecues all you can eat grills here. Except those usually are all you can eat and they walk around serving you.

    1. Oh, I also know of a Brazilian restaurant here that serves meat that way! :) I haven't tried it yet though, but I'd love to!

  2. We always go to Robinson's Magnolia for our Grocery shopping, but haven't noticed this restaurant, and Argentinian Cuisine is also new for me.

    1. This is at the 3rd floor al fresco pa, so that might be the reason you haven't noticed it yet. I also won't know about Gaucho if we didn't tour the whole mall to look for an interesting restaurant to try. :)

  3. Authentic Argentinian dishes served with rice to suit the Filipino taste.

    1. True! I actually like that they included rice. It makes the meal more filling, plus the fact that their rice is good quality, makes this a good deal. :)

  4. This is definitely on my wishlist! Wanna try this kaso lang hindi carnivore ang family heheh

    1. They have other dishes naman, although ang main focus talaga are the meats. Try to convince them, baka pumayag! :D

  5. lets go back na! hehe may isa pa tyo d nttry dun sa 3 hehe.. Thanks to J for this wonderful argentinian dinner! wanna try the fugazetta din! :)

    1. Oo nga eh, the Cochino! I want to try the grilled steaks too, and of course the fugazetta! No prob! Thanks to D rin for the My Kitchen dinner. :D

  6. Another reason to revisit Rob Magnolia! :) I'll definitely try this.

  7. The place looks very posh. Would love to try this restaurant out. :)

  8. Sumi! I have missed reading your blog! What I don't miss is how it always makes me salivate! hahahaha God that beef looks sooo good and the lamb too! I wanna go there! Definitely!!! The interior looks so grandiose! I'm already anticipating a Latin couple to come out and dance the tango! :D

  9. The beef and the lamb meal looks really tasty. People will love this too.

  10. The food looks divine, and the place.. spectacular! I am envious of you right now :D If you are interested, I am having a clothing giveaway on my blog right now, check it out here:

    Kisses, Michi

  11. I never tried any Argentinian dish yet but looks so yum, would love to give it a try!

  12. A new cuisine :) Haven't heard of it, seems interesting though

  13. I wonder How argentinian cuisine taste like?

  14. The place looks awesome :D As for the dishes, I'm definitely looking forward to getting me some Falda a la Cruz and/or Cordero Entero a la Cruz when I drop by.

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