Dine for a Cause: Where to eat this weekend?

Last Friday, our country has been hit by the super typhoon Yolanda, or Haiyan. You've probably seen it on the news too, but it's still heart-breaking to face the reality that many of our fellowmen in Visayas are still going through the aftermath of this cruel tragedy.
Philippines Yolanda by AaronFavila

As a nation, we should all try our best to help our brothers and sisters in the typhoon-stricken areas. We shouldn't tell ourselves that we can't do anything. Even the smallest of donations can go a long way. But aside from directly giving money, food, water, clothing, blankets and other relief items, there's another way we can help. By eating out.

Spearheaded by Jeremy Slagle (Mr. Delicious), restaurants, cafes and food purveyors have united for #YolandaActionWeekend. With this initiative, participating establishments have pledged a portion (or all) of their proceeds to help the victims of the typhoon, to be coursed through the Philippine Red Cross.

So if you're eating out this weekend, check out this list and consider dining in any one of them. You'll not only be treating yourself to a scrumptious meal, but can also extend help.


There are also other establishments not on this list but are donating their proceeds.

Tito Panadero Tokyo Tonteki
Green Pastures Tiago
M Dining and Bar M Las Flores
Mamou Early Bird Breakfast Club
Mary Grace Cafe
Magnum Opus Bizu
White Hat
GonutsDonuts Burger Company
Ryu Ramen Curry Cova
Brasserie Cicou
Ginza Bairin
Vask Bronuts
Il Piccino Trattoria

If you're interested to donate money, food and water, clothing and other relief items, you may want to check these out.

Philippine Red Cross 2
Philippine Red Cross
Outside Philippines

Our brothers and sisters need all the help. Let's all share what we have.

Please help spread the word. For every FB share and retweet until 11:59PM of November 17, The Purple Doll will be donating P10 to the Philippine Red Cross.

Disclaimer: This is not a propaganda. I just want to help get the word out and reach people who are dining out this weekend. If you're going to eat out anyway, best to do it at restaurants which have pledged to donate part or all of their proceeds. Also, I consider The Purple Doll and me as two separate entities. Thanks!


  1. great compilation sumi!!! Kudos for sharing this!! :) 1000 times? hehehe!! kidding :)

    1. Haha! Mahirap ata yan kung 1k times! As of now, masyadong konti palang shares and RTs. If ever na mababa, I might go with the "likes, tweets and +1" like Lynn-Enroute's. :)

  2. Nakakatuwa at siksik ang info sa post mong ito... Sa mga gustong tumulong at mga tumulong na, thank you!!!

    1. I'm sure I missed a lot pa nga, Senyor! It's really nice that a lot of restaurateurs are taking their part to help raise funds to help the typhoon victims. :) Good din ito for diners like us. Kahit nakapagdonate na, we can still help indirectly through this.

  3. we should support this kind of support to help the victims of yolanda

  4. It's really great to hear that there are tons of businesses with good CSR programs. Profits are not just what they care about. =)

  5. its really great to hear that you have a beautiful heart

  6. My friends from Super Duck also had a dine for a cause event today. Nice list =)

  7. We should eat in the restos that are in the list. At least, in this way, we just didn't enjoy good food, but we also helped the typhoon victims. Let's eat people! :D

  8. Nagulat ako sa dami ng restaurants. I mean, meron kasi ako ni-repost sa instagram and I wasn't aware na ganito pala kadami. Sana pwede pa ako makahabol for next weekend.

  9. Thanks for sharing the list Sumi! It's so nice to know that there's a lot of establishment joining the dine for a cause for the YolandaPH victims. :) I hope the people there know how much we are concerned for them :)

  10. Hehehe I am happy to see this list and glad that these restaurants are thinking of our fellow Filipinos who were victims of Typhoon Yolanda. These make me happy. :D

  11. I really admire this cause and the restaurants who committed to help.

  12. Thank you for sharing. Nice cause :) I hope more people will help pa.

  13. I have done my share na pati na rin ang aking apo when we eat sa Jollibee and then naulit pa sa Mc Do.

  14. Thanks Sumi for sharing this list so in our little own way we may be able to help those victims of Yolanda.

  15. I am hoping that we continue to practice this kindness even without calamities, we should work hand in hand towards helping our fellow Filipinos who are in need.

  16. This is a good way to help our kababayans who are affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Good job!

  17. wow! this is a great way to help our fellow kababayans from the Visayas. way to go! ^_^


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