Genji M: Eat-All-You-Can Sushi and Sashimi in Makati

If there's one kind of food I can eat everyday, it would undoubtedly be sushi! From all the cuisines I've tried so far, it's the Japanese fare, most especially sushi and sashimi, that I hold dear in my heart and palate. And I can still vividly remember the first time I got to eat sushi. It was at a small eatery near my elementary school. Though the sushi was so simple -- tuna, cucumber and mango wrapped in rice and nori, it was one dear memory I will forever remember. The day I fell in love with sushi, and vowed to eat more of it.
Genji-M Japanese Korean Restaurant Kalayaan Ave Makati Ave

If you've been a reader for quite a while, you've probably noticed how I always gorge on sushi after sushi and sashimi after sashimi whenever I'm at buffets that carry my most favorite food on the planet. However, there are times that I'm just fixated on the sushi and sashimi, so dining at an eat-all-you-can restaurant with a very wide spread and a really high price might not seem like a good and sulit option. Good thing I've recently came across a restaurant that offers just what I want and need. Unlimited sushi and sashimi.

Genji-M Unlimited Sashimi and Sushi Genji-M Japanese Korean Restaurant Kalayaan Ave Makati Ave Unlimited Sushi Sashimi

Located at Kalayaan corner Makati Avenue, Genji M is an Asian fusion restaurant that specializes in Japanese and Korean fare. When it first opened in October 2013, the restaurant has intended to target Japanese and Koreans in the city. However, with its recent menu revamp, it now aims to also get the attention of the local market. And with its newest offering of eat-all-you-can sushi and sashimi, they really got it going for me!

Unlimited Sashimi, Sushi and Rolls at Genji M Sushi List Genji-M Unlimited Sashimi and Sushi
Unlimited sashimi, sushi and rolls rates, and Sushi Item List;
Please click the photos to enlarge.
The Unlimited Sashimi, Sushi and Rolls at Genji M isn't one size fits all, which I really like 'cause there's something for every type of sushi lover. For those who don't mind skipping the sashimi, you can just get the Unlimited Sushi and Rolls for a pocket-friendly price. For people like me who are crazy over sashimi more than the sushi, we can go for the Unlimited Sashimi which already includes eat-all-you-can sushi and rolls. But for the discerning palates who crave for unagi, uni, and tuna belly, they can shell out more (still less compared to ordering a la carte) and enjoy the premium items on top of the regular selection. You can even enjoy a tuna seafood shabu-shabu session.

My Unlimited Sashimi, Sushi and Rolls Experience

For my Genji M visit, I got to enjoy what I really want, eat-all-you-can sashimi and sushi.

Salmon, Tuna and Lapu-Lapu Sushi
Salmon, Tuna and Lapu-Lapu Nigiri Sushi
To start the sushi fest, we first had this plate of nigiri sushi made with salmon, tuna and lapu-lapu. It was my first time to have raw lapu-lapu, and I liked it! It's mild and delicate on the palate, contrary to what I expected it to be. But I didn't just enjoy the lapu-lapu. I like every single one on this platter. The fish slices were fresh, with wasabi tucked between the fish and the rice. They also used well-seasoned Japanese rice. If I have to nitpick the pieces though, I guess a better ratio of fish to rice would've made the nigiri perfect.

Samgyupsal, Tamago and Tofu Sushi
Samgyupsal, Tamago (Egg), and Cuttlefish (Squid) Nigiri Sushi; Baked Tofu Sushi
I came in a little late, so pardon the half empty plate. On this end of the platter, we had pieces of nigiri sushi made with samgyupsal (pork belly), Japanese omelette, and squid, which all tasted good. Texture-wise though, the samgyupsal can be made better if it were cooked a little less done. As for the Baked Tofu Sushi, it was interesting to see a different presentation to the usually-rectangular inarizushi (sushi rice in tofu pockets). Genji M's were pyramid in shape which made it look cuter, and more fun to eat.

Salmon and Tuna Rolls
Big Maki California, and Tuna Maki
We also had some California Maki (different from the inside-out California Roll), Tuna Maki, California Roll and Kimchi Maki. (Didn't get a photo of the latter 2. My bad!)

Bulgogi Sushi
✓ Bulgogi Sushi
As a fusion restaurant, Genji M decided to offer a marriage of Japanese and Korean cuisines which gave birth to the Bulgogi Sushi. This is an interesting sushi item that oozes with sweet and savory flavors (something the Pinoy palates will sure fall in love with) that blend nicely with the slightly sweet, slightly sour sushi rice.

Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Since I can't get enough of the Salmon Nigiri Sushi, I decided to order more. Just look at that glorious slices! Don't they look beautiful? When you order through the checklist, the sushi and rolls will come in two's. Except of course, if you order the platters.

Fatty Salmon Nigiri Sushi
✓ Fatty Salmon Nigiri Sushi
The previous salmon sushi was already a good catch. But this Fatty Salmon Nigiri is even better! Not only did they use a fattier portion of the salmon, but they also scorched the top a little to give it a slightly charred flavor. They even topped it with some Japanese mayo and a small onion slice which made every mouthful taste oh-so-divine!

Kani Sushi
Kani (Crabstick) Nigiri Sushi
Spam Sushi
Spam Nigiri Sushi
For the kiddos and those easier to please, there's the Kani Sushi and the Spam Nigiri. I didn't care for these 2 that much since I can easily whip them up at home anyway.

Sashimi Platter
✓ Sashimi Platter: Tuna, Octopus, Lapu-Lapu, Tuna Belly, Salmon, Cuttlefish
(Clockwise from bottom right)
Then came my most awaited items, the sashimi. We had different kinds and every one tasted fresh. Definitely not the frozen ones you usually get from fast food chains. As expected, I hoarded my favorite salmon and octopus. The tuna, lapu-lapu, and tuna belly were really good too. Usually, I shy away from ika (cuttlefish) sashimi since I get jaw-damaging rubbery ones most of the time. However, at Genji M, the ika sashimi had a really enjoyable texture. Soft, yet slightly chewy with just the right bite.

Sashimi Platter Tuna, Salmon, Octopus, Lapu-Lapu, Cuttlefish
✓ Sashimi Platter: Lapu-lapu, salmon, tuna belly, octopus, blue marlin, tuna
(Clockwise from bottom right)
Of course, we had round 2 of the sashimi! But instead of having the cuttlefish again, we had the blue marlin one. And as expected from fresh slices of sashimi, everything tasted great. I can't remember how many slices I had that night. But one thing's for sure, I was the one who had the most number of sashimi on our end of the table!

Free Miso Soup
Complimentary Miso Soup
Kimchi Salad
Complimentary Japanese-Style Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing
Side Salad
Complimentary Kimchi Salad
When you avail of any of the 3 Unlimited Sashimi, Sushi and Rolls promo, you also get complimentary miso soup which can still use some improvement, Japanese-style salad which was really good, and kimchi salad which I managed to almost finish off... So good with sushi! By the way, I'm not so sure, but I think these 3 items are also unlimited.

Genji-M P250 Meal Coupon
Print this coupon and get P250 off! One coupon per person only.
Here's a good news, everyone! You can print this coupon to get P250 off your bill! If you're dining out with say, 4 more people, you can print this out 5 times, and get a P1,250 discount! Or, if you'd like to avail of Genji M's Lunch Specials which only cost P250, you get to eat for free and just pay the service charge! Sounds tempting eh? I-print na yan!


For a sushi and sashimi lover like me, this visit to Genji M is like a trip to a cool amusement park for the kids. They may not have the widest variety when it comes to the rolls, but the freshness of their seafood, and the good selection of sushi and sashimi, more than makes up for it. Genji M will definitely be one of my go-to places should I crave for sushi and sashimi. The P699 price tag is very reasonable compared to ordering a la carte. I might even try the premium selection next, when my unagi and uni cravings kick in! So do I recommend Genji M for your sushi and sashimi fix? Definitely!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Genji M (Former SamJung), Makati
Kalayaan Ave. cor. Makati Ave.,
San Lorenzo, Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 804-2883
Official Website


  1. Hello! Great review, makes me so hungry :)) Would you know if we can use the coupon to avail of the buffet? Hope to hear from you. Thank you! :)

    1. Hey Carmina, yup you can! :) You can print out as many copies as the number of people in your group when you dine in. Make sure to call for reservations though just to be sure. ^^ Happy sashimi & sushi eating!

  2. Holy moley you got a great promo here! We pass by this place everyday going to work. Time for a lunch out :D !

    - Ray

  3. It's looks very delicious. Great news for sushi lovers like me. BTW, Can we use the coupon for availing the Genji M's Lunch Specials? how about if 2 of my friends are joining me? can they also print the same coupon posted here? I can't reach their hotline number. thanks a lot! Hoping to dine at Genji M soon. :)

    1. Hi Ylena! Yes, you can use the coupon for the Lunch Specials. :)

  4. My experience here was pretty bad

    We were there 7:30 PM, the way it works is they serve Sushi and Sashimi on a platter, it started out good with the platters having a good amount of variety. Then like 20 mins in they ran out of everything except Tuna so we started having nothing but Tuna Sushi and Sashimi, I got so sick of being served Tuna that after awhile I realized that even though I was still hungry if they serve Tuna again we should just bill out and eat somewhere else. They even resorted to serving us Liempo as a sushi roll at that point in order to have variety from Tuna. So thumbs down for me, not worth it. Plus the service takes so long and they are also to respond sometimes I had to press a button 4 times just to ask for more wasabi

    1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, Anon! :( I would've just billed out too if they only serve 1 sashimi/sushi variant. It's unfortunate that they can't keep up with the demand. But thank you for sharing your experience! This would help both the resto (for feedback) and the potential customers (as warning?). Anyway, I hope you won't have such a bad dining experience again in the future.

  5. Went there yesterday with Mom and bro, was VERY DISSAPOINTED! they couldnt control the crowd,at the end some left, some got irritated and left.
    Before we got to the place we initially called out to reserve that was 7:00pm, the lady said only walk in is accepted, by the time we got to the place,this guard came telling us did you make a reservation yet??? WHAT the ?!... It took us 8: 30 to come to a seat. After 1 hour 30 min waiting, we got to seat, 1 buzzer was ok, 2nd buzzer lasted 30 minutes interval( freakin.. !) before we get to taste another chunk of the little sushi... WHY??? dunno,, buzzed a couple until i got frustrated, and called to the cashier, you should CLOSE down, your customer is waiting, you cant control crowd, you bring food after i buzz but there are 3 hungry stomachs here and you expect 8 pieces of sushi can last before eating another plate? another 15 mins. later then another ... approximately 10-15 minutes was their regular rate of preparation for the next sushi!, GOD, they think we are not hungry? PLUS after the 2 big plates comes this lady giving papers to fill, like quizz papers for me to fill, WHAt is this a quiz? its written partly Korean partly english, and well YOU CANT expect everybody to think while eating and having a conversation with my bro, WHAT GIVES!~... Built a conveyor or something, and if you can't control the crowd why start an unli sushi? 1 of the customers seating next to us was a family of 5 , they also got frustrated after their order was listed but they didnt got it 30 mins after, the lady even got the name of the KOREAN owner chef, and the lady cashier, I in fact want to get it as well of the anger i am dissatisfied with... GREAT food, EXTREMELY bad service,plus charge you with 10% service. 3 customers surround us say they will not coming back their ever again, me included and the mother of the family next to us....

    1. she got the name because maybe will report it to some government . She said its her right to ask the girl and chef name.

      We got triple 399 unli, 399+ 699 can not be, 1 unli for each table...

  6. same as mr anonymous,.... they have no system... after the lady in the 5 family complained, the chef walked out.. we laughed aloud as a sort of ridicule to that...HAHAHAHAHAA... but i am very furious at the time, my mom was there so i didnt make a scene. Go at your own risk of waiting, GO if you have all the time in the world, Go if you are patient, and BOY you will really going to be needing it... one was stupid at orders--ex.: I dont want to fill up this quizzes, i will have your sushi and rolls at random except for spam and imitation crab, bring us more on tuna and salmon sushi= they served us: Bacon rice, plus salmon plus imitation crab plus spam!.... after that they served spam sushi twice in follow up order... You think?....

  7. WE pressed down 22 buzzes for an unsatisfied meal, half full. take note, the dinner lasted from ( falling in line 7:30- eating half full10:30 pm{ 10pm is their closing }), and most likely we are the only ones there and not crowdy people...when the chef walked out, the people don't know what to serve,its like they all fall apart and dont know how to continue us waiting and hungry and all it takes to make a sushi is 3 steps easy...

    1. So sorry to hear about your bad experience, Shudosiy. I guess the restaurant really had SERIOUS problems catering to the demand. Anyway, I hope the resto would learn from all these. I think they weren't well-prepared after they promoted their unlimited sashimi and sushi offering.

      But thank you for sharing your experience here. Like what I said to Anon, your post will definitely be of help both to the resto (I hope they read this), and to potential diners. Maybe the resto can implement a "time slot" system like what Kitsho did when they offered their Japanese buffet. Or maybe put a cap to the number of diners per night so they wouldn't ran out of sashimi/sushi variants.

      Anyway, I hope you won't have to endure such a frustrating dining experience again. :(

  8. The buffet that we had isn't really a buffet if you put it...( when will you call unli sushi...that is coming in 15 mins. interval from last?) How do you call an unli sushi with limited sushi, and mostly repeated random order? take note I pointed out to the white guy waiter to give us random orders( What i expect= korean sushi, california maki , salmon sushi, tuna sushi, egg roll)...( what RANDOM order means to them= 1 plate of sushi , 1 plate of bacon sushi, 6 spam sushi , 1 plate of imitation crab, follow up order extra fatty bacon sushi again..) You call this random? So far Their real problem is the expectations of people going to eat all you can restos, might be the chef is too imaginative of his sushi store that he forgets people eating in these kind expect all foods lined up for them to munch, right,saying that it is prepared carefully,yes you could do that fast enough but exactly tell me whats holding the 8 pcs sushi up for 15 min? have you eaten a plate of sushi which contains only 8 pcs? If in normal time you must expect that 8 pcs sushi will only last few miutes, why wait for us to buzz and make another order, THE EXPECTATION of people is once ordered this and that , is to LET THE BUFFET eating begin... genji-M really was not any of this.

    1. build a conveyor much like sakae sushi..( you just put sushi and rolls etc, they will just grab what they feel is delectable). plus the serving people should understand their priorities, who is waiting who is still munching, it will likely become a buzzing resto, I TELL YOU! if you have so many people waiting for their order which you don't know what they want to order, and ALL under unli-sushi plus you run out, mind you these some maybe have all the time in the world, but also expect critics, matakaw, and hard heads, so this rest would be in danger if they continue having this ( Don't come into a predicament if you don't know the end of it)

  9. Wow! My mom would totally love to eat in this restaurant kahit na diet mode siya ngayon. :))

  10. My partner and I had their unlimited sashimi for dinner here yesterday and it was a very nice experience. The guard was kind enough to go out of his way to assist us in parking at the basement. The new manager, JM, was very gracious in showing us to our table and making sure that we had a pleasant dinner. The servers were always smiling and were very courteous and accommodating. Our orders were all delicious and were promptly delivered. All in all, it was a very great dinner. BTW we used the coupon you have in this post (one for each of us, so a total of P500 discount) and it worked without a hitch: we just had to fill out the blanks in the form, which you can do even before going to the resto. Some notes: a) if you're going unlimited, all of you at the table have to have THE SAME unlimited meal; b) they compute the 10% service charge based on the NON-DISCOUNTED price; c) on the map drawn on their coupons, you can see there's parking on the opposite side of the street, but when we went to that place it was closed, so don't go there anymore since they have some parking on the front and more parking at the basement.

  11. Informative Post on variety of Sushi and Rolls...

  12. This post really caught my attention. We have the same dilemma, when dining at eat-all-you-can restaurants, I tend to fill myself more with the Japanesa cuisine, most especially sashimi. Great feature. Will try this out soon.


  13. A lots of yummy japanese Foods! makes me so hungry naman :D

  14. Wow, lots of comments, hope they'll fix the problem before I get to dine there too:)just saying:) I'm trying to learn to eat Japanese food kasi, very healthy and I so love soy sauce!

  15. I haven't try, but the 399 is good! I hope to visit it one time will tell my boyfie. :)))

  16. lots of negative comments about service :) but your post made me hungry... i like eating sushi/sashimi but never realized that there are so many different kinds and uses a variety of fish. will be more attentive to details when i have the chance....

  17. I love japanese food! hope to eat someday over at Genji with my wife!

  18. We ate here last month and the waitress got shocked with our appetite!

  19. I love Japanese food. Will try to eat there using the coupon. Hope I won't get disappointed!

  20. Just to let you know that I tried to use the coupon today but they said management has changed the rules regarding the coupon and they will honor it with at least P399 dine in and of course the service charge of 10%. They suggested that I get the unli sushi of P399. But after much thought, I decided not to eat there, because of the comments of how slow the unli sushi will be served and they said that I cannot choose the first unli sushi platter that they will serve. What if they served me with stuffs that I don't like, then i will be forced to eat it. And I think that I will be full with all the rice in the sushi. Just ate somewhere else

  21. Several bad experiences here. Looks like the management needs to do a revamp to improve :|

  22. Ang layo lang :( But if it's sashimi, then I'm game! Japanese food is also a fave of mine. Have you tried Yaku in Podium?

  23. I am looking forward to try their unlimited sushi but read quite a number of negative feedbacks, I am happy to hear through their fb page that they are improving their service. Possibly overwhelmed with the clients they got. Will wait for a few months before visiting them. quite far eh but thank you for sharing this post. I have an idea what else to order.

  24. I love Japanese foods so much, I tried so many Japanese Restaurants & Japanese Food Section of some hotels but I never tried Genji M: Eat-All-You-Can Sushi and Sashimi in Makati. Hope to try it soon too.

  25. Im n ot a picky eater but this food is one of the few things that everyone seems to enjoy yet I do not

  26. Nagkain kami dyan ng ate ko using their coupon discount. Masarap naman and affordable. Saka ok po ang service nila. Thumbs up! :)

  27. 399 is so sulit! The food looks delicious!

  28. Hi. Is this still usable? Planning to go there tonight

  29. havent tried this restaurant yet, My hubby and I loves korean food we should visit this soon.

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