Let's Talk Drinks: Food and drinks pairing that work

Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Food and drink go together naturally, like salt and pepper, sun, sand and sea, or Hall and Oates. Whether you are serving pink champagne as drinks for special occasions, or red wine at dinner, choosing food that compliments the flavor of the drink – and vice versa – will up the pleasure you can take in both. Certain textures, weight and flavor of drink pair naturally well with particular foods. As a general rule, you want to serve a beverage that roughly corresponds to the weight of the ingredients you are using. So, for instance, pink champagne suits oysters because they are both light and fresh, while sweeter wines suit desserts as the sugary taste of each match with one another. So whether you are looking to match non-alcoholic drinks with food, or out to find the perfect partner for an alcoholic tipple, let me share with you some food and drink pairings that actually work.
Food and Drinks Pairing

Mussels and Muscadet

Traditionally mussels are cooked in dry white wine, with onion and a dash of cream, so it makes sense to drink a similar kind of wine when savoring them. And to that, a Muscadet is ideal. Mussels can also be cooked in beer or cider, and the same rule applies –- match the tipple to the cooking liquor.

Steak and Stout

A thick slice of steak is a robust meal, and so deserves a similarly stout bedfellow –- making stout, a dark beer made from roasted malt or barley, hops, water and yeast, the perfect choice. The heavy weight and texture of the ale has a similar feel to the red meat.

Chardonnay and Caesar Salad

The tanginess and creamy texture of the dressing in a Caesar salad demands a wine that will cut through it, so you should look for a dry white with a full body. An oaked Chardonnay makes the perfect partner.

Chocolate and Cognac

Both these flavors have a depth and complexity that only means they'd suit each other well. A rich chocolate dessert or even sponge cake served with a small glass of cognac can provide a fitting conclusion to a meal.

Lemonade and Pretzels

There’s always a time to break the rules, and this is one of them. Sweet, tangy lemonade twinned with salty pretzels? Don’t knock it until you’ve actually tried it!

Chocolate and Cognac Pairing

Pairing appropriate drinks with certain foods can enhance the flavor of not just one but both. With a little bit of planning, you can serve meals with drinks that will add another dimension to the overall taste. And I guarantee, your taste buds will definitely thank you.

How about you? Do you have a favorite food and drink pairing?


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