It's a homemaking May with #loveSnR!

It's the last month of summer in the Philippines. But while it's still pretty hot and humid during the day, it's also very apparent that the rainy season is almost upon us. The past few weeks, I've actually expected evenings to be rainy, and it have been without a doubt! What a bipolar weather, right?

That's why as much as I want to go on a night out, I usually prefer to just stay indoors.

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And staying in is made better with TV series and movie marathons, with good noms on the side. And after a trip to our favorite members-only shopping center, S&R, we're mostly set for a night of entertainment and food.

We're a little unconventional though, my little sister and I. Instead of grabbing chips and cookies, we usually go for the more savory treats. Actually, it's been a routine of ours to go anime or movie marathoning after a trip to S&R, and with a few slices of Garlic Shrimp Pizza (P99 Slice; P549 Whole). Sometimes I'd also order a Chicken Ceasar Salad (P169) from the food service center, other times we'd devour a whole Rotisserie Chicken.

But if you got a sweet tooth, take advantage of this!

Buy 1 Take 1 on US Creme Ring Cakes (P299 95)
Buy 1 Take 1 on US Creme Ring Cakes (P299.95)
Vanilla Strawberry, Vanilla Marble, Apple Raisin
Buy 1 Take 1 on US Loaves (P169 95)
Buy 1 Take 1 on US Loaves (P169.95)
Rhum Loaf, Coffee Cinnamon Loaf, Red Velvet Marble Loaf

'Tis a real treat for those who are regulars at the baked goods section of S&R. Actually, even those who don't have breads and pastries as staple grocery items, kids and kids-at-heart alike, are sure to find this deal pretty sweet!

Royal Norweigan Skin-On Salmon Fillet (P499 95 per kg from P619 95)
Royal Norweigan Skin-On Salmon Fillet (P499.95 per kg)
Regular: P619.95 per kg

As for me, I can't help but be attracted to the discounted price on salmon. It has and will always be a staple in my diet. I love it baked, fried, smoked, even raw. Though don't eat this salmon raw, please. I just want to make a point of how I enjoy salmon sashimi. ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

Those who prefer chicken than salmon, are also in for a treat!

Bountry Fresh Chicken Breast (Buy 1 kg free 500g)
Bountry Fresh Chicken Breast (Buy 1 kg free 500g)
Price: P152.95 per kg | Cebu Price: P124.95 per kg

Chicken breasts from Bounty Fresh will come with free 500g within a limited time. So if you eat a lot of chicken breast, this is the best time to hoard! If you're worried you'd get tired of it, there are actually a lot of ways to prep chicken breast. Enjoy it steamed if you're a weight-watcher, have it adobo-style then shredded, cook it Hainanese way, make a chicken katsu, grill it with lemon and thyme, and many more.

Montana Sinigang Cut and Pork Chops (Buy 1 kg free 500g)
Montana Sinigang Cut and Pork Chops (Buy 1 kg free 500g)
Sinigang Cut Price: P174.95 per kg | Cebu Price: P148.95 per kg
Pork Chops Price: P213.95 per kg | Cebu Price: P182.95 per kg

Pork lovers are also not left out! For a limited time only, there's also free 500g with every kilo of Montana sinigang cut pork and pork chops. Not bad especially if you like making big batches of pork sinigang! Or if you have a big family or a party coming up, pork chops can easily be included on the menu.

Now I wish next month there will also be a good deal for beef. Haha! I know S&R already had a few from before, but it doesn't hurt to wish for more, right? ヾ(^∇^)

Zip Dishwashing Liquid Lemon 4L (P279 95)
Zip Dishwashing Liquid 4L (P279 95 from P379 95)
Zip Dishwashing Liquid 4L (P279.95)
Regular Price: P379.95

Anyhow, as with all these meat up for cooking, it's nice that S&R also has a good deal for dishwashing liquid. I know for sure that our household go through liters and liters of dishwashing liquid like it's just water. Haha! (≧∇≦ゞ

S&R May Promos

I'm not sure if there are still deals for flowers at the moment, 'cause when I visited the S&R Congressional branch, I didn't find the flowers anymore. But if you do, it would make for a nice touch in the house! 'Cause hey, having fresh flowers at home can give off the message that you got all your shit together.

Or if you're not keen on keeping fresh flowers for display at home, it would be a nice gift to mom, dad, sister, brother, your special someone, or anyone you want to surprise this sweet gesture with. You can wait for a special occasion, but it's also nice to surprise people even on a random day from time to time.


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