Get ready for BIG SAVINGS at S&R!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016
If you've been following this blog for quite a while now, you probably know how much I enjoy spending my time doing groceries and shopping for food and home-stuff. And just like many of my friends and acquaintances, I've been a member and a fan of one of the biggest members-only shopping center in the country, S&R.

S&R September Sale

Not being biased here, but S&R is a really good place to get imported products and in bulk, at good prices. So although I used to not get the appeal of members-only shopping places, I ended up being a convert. 'Cause hey, apart from the actual shopping at S&R, I'm a big fan of their food service!

Big S&R Sale on September 30 to October 2

But if you think the good things already end here, then you're definitely wrong! Although S&R already offers good treats with good price tags, something BIG is well under way.

Stay tuned!

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