Seattle's Best Coffee: A Morning of Perfect Pairings

Friday, February 24, 2017
It's no secret that I used to be a night owl. My closest friends would even joke around that if they'd message me even in the wee hours, they can expect a response. Or if I don't, I'm probably busy doing work, or just idling the night away. However, this year became a witness to my gradual change. From being a really late sleeper, I now enjoy waking up early without the added eye bags. Breakfast isn't an optional meal anymore. It became my signal to start the day right.

For someone who used to skip breakfast for a few more minutes (or hours) of Zs, I can't stress enough how this meal really helps set the tone for the whole day. Actually, even if you eat breakfast food for brunch or merienda, it can help perk your day up. So when Seattle's Best Coffee invited me over to try out their new Perfect Pairings promo, I had to say yes!

A Morning of Seattle's Best Coffee's Toasties

Last Saturday, along with select food and lifestyle bloggers, we got to know more about SBC's Perfect Pairings. And what else pair perfectly, you say? Of course, toast and coffee!

Seattle's Best Coffee Dela Rosa Makati

For a limited time only, Seattle's Best Coffee is offering its original creation -- the Toasties, which are open-faced sandwiches served with a side of crispy potato chips, exclusively at SBC's full cafe setup. When ordered with hot, over-iced coffee or mocha drinks, it counts as a Perfect Pairing and is eligible for a sticker on the Perfect Pairings Frequency Card. With this card, you get a free pasta after your 3rd order, and even a P300 gift certificate after your 6th purchase. What a treat!

For SBC Kiosks, the Perfect Pairings of hot or over-iced drinks with Panini can be enjoyed at a special 15% discount.

SBC Perfect Pairings

There are 4 variants of Toasties: Bacon Tomato Mozzarella, Spam and Eggs, Sausage and Eggs, and Salmon and Cucumber. During our visit though, we were not only in for a taste, but also for a hands-on workshop where we got to stack, layer and garnish our very own Toasties!

Spam and Egg Toasties Ingredients
Making the Spam and Egg Toasties
Spam and Egg Toasties (P210)
Spam and Egg Toasties (P210)

Ain't she a beauty? It was pretty easy to make too! And just when we thought we're done for the day, we also made a second variant of Toasties.

Sausage and Egg Toasties Ingredients
Making the Sausage and Egg Toasties
Sausage and Egg Toasties (P210)
Sausage and Egg Toasties (P210)

Toasts and coffee truly belong together! Even if I usually find myself drinking tea these days, I don't think my Toasties will be as enjoyable without the coffee. And if you're a sucker for breakfast food and your dose of caffeine, then give the Perfect Pairings a try.

This Perfect Pairings promo will only be available until April 9, 2017. For more details, visit Seattle Best Coffee Philippines' Facebook Page or follow them on Instagram.


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