Healthy Options Personal Care Products: Haul and First Impression

And just like that, we're now almost into the fourth month of 2017! Sometimes, I wonder where did the days, weeks and months go? Anyhow, if you've been following me on Instagram (@thepurpledoll) for a while now, you might have noticed that I've implemented changes in my life. And it all just started this year.

While I've always tried my best to look after myself, it's only this January that I've actually started to get my shit together. After reading the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo, I've begun decluttering not just my things, but also my life, which includes my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and well-being. I'm planning to write a separate post about what I learned from the book. But for this post, let me just say, I learned to value quality products more -- be it with food, clothing, home-stuff, personal care, among others.

Healthy Options Personal Care Products

I've tried to be kinder to my stomach by not overeating as much as I did, and by choosing more nutrient-dense food to fuel my days. When it comes to buying things, I make sure that I really need (note: will really use) that something and it's of durable quality, before I even think of purchasing. I've also started to get more active by choosing walking over riding a car or hailing a cab whenever I can, and squeezing in a 40-minute workout every evening. Let's just say, I'd always consider the kindest option to my body and my environment, as much as possible.

And as if the stars had aligned, I've received a package from Healthy Options just two weeks ago.

If you didn't know yet, Healthy Options is a premiere source of quality products -- from natural food, snacks, supplements, and other lifestyle necessities. And the store has never been a stranger to me! In fact, it's at Healthy Options that I always get my epsom salt from, as well as some of my favorite teas, and the first time ever that I bought quinoa and chia seeds from.

Personal Care Products

If the title didn't give it away yet, today I'll be sharing about the personal care products that Healthy Options carry, and which were sent to me to try out.

Healthy Options Nature's Gate, Dr Woods and Spry
Shower and bath necessities
Xylitol Spry Cinnamon Toothpaste
Spry Cinnamon Xylitol Toothpaste

I've not really been picky with my toothpaste, may it be with the brand or the flavor. However, I have to tell you that I really enjoyed using this Spry toothpaste! It smells and tastes like cinnamon, which is amazing! It makes brushing my teeth more enjoyable, and leaves this nice cinnamon-y after-taste even after rinsing. It's also paraben-free and sorbitol-free, and made only with natural and non-GMO ingredients. So yes, if ever you can't help it, it's actually safe to swallow the toothpaste.

Dr Woods Coconut Milk Soap
Dr. Woods Coconut Milk Soap with Vanilla Beans and Papaya

Although I'm not picky with toothpastes, I definitely am when it comes to soaps. Since I have atopic dermatitis, I try to only use soaps made from natural, moisturizing ingredients. I stay away from scented soaps too. And thankfully, this Dr. Woods Coconut Milk Soap fits the bill just right. It's all-natural, very moisturizing, unscented, and gets a thumbs up from my problematic skin.

Nature's Gate Shampoo
Nature's Gate Hair Defense Shampoo
Nature's Gate Conditioner
Nature's Gate Hair Defense Conditioner

Even if I only use unscented soaps for my body, I love nice-smelling hair products! These Nature's Gate Shampoo and Conditioner smell really fresh, fruity, zesty, tropically and energizing. They're made from a unique blend of Pomegranate, Sunflower Seed Extract and Vitamin E, ideal for damaged color treated hair, which my hair clearly falls under. Hello dry, fried, bleached-multiple-times hair! The shampoo doesn't lather as much as I'm used to with more commercially-produced shampoos, but it definitely cleans the hair and does it gently. I guess I still have to get used to it.

Healthy Options Nature's Gate Lotion and Lafes Crystal Rock Deo
Skin and underarm care
Nature's Gate Lotion
Nature's Gate Lotion

Along with the shampoo and conditioner, I also got a lotion of the same brand and same scent. I'm not too picky when it comes to lotions as long as it moisturizes my skin and I don't get any reactions from it. And this lotion does that and more. I use it in the day and in the evening after showering or a bath, and I also use it as a hand cream throughout the day since I just love the scent! Keeps my hands from drying too after every hand-wash.

Lafe's Crystal Rock Deodorant
Lafe's Crystal Rock Deodorant

For underarm care, there's also this really cool crystal rock deo. I've always been curious about using crystal rock or tawas for my underarms. But this product and packaging makes it easier to use, easier to bring when traveling, and more hygienic.

Healthy Options Derma E CoQ10 and Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner
Facial care
Derma E CoQ10 Super Repair Cleanser
Derma E CoQ10 Super Repair Cleanser

I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to cleansers. There are a few brands which work great for my friends and family's skin, but make me breakout. It wasn't the case when it comes to this Derma E CoQ10 cleanser though. It does a good job of cleaning my face off of oil and dirt, while keeping my skin soft and moisturized. I haven't tried using it yet with heavy makeup on, but I'll update this post when I do.

Dickinsons Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner
Dickinsons Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner

After cleansing, it's off to using a toner. I'm very basic when it comes to toners. As long as it can help clean my face further, I'm all for it! And I'm really liking this Witch Hazel toner. It smells like tea but with comforting earthy tones -- no fragrances and all natural. It also refreshes the skin while further removing excess oil, dirt and makeup residue. About its pore-refining abilities, I'll have to use it for longer to see the results. But this product is definitely promising!

Derma E CoQ10 Super Repair Creme
Derma E CoQ10 Super Repair Creme

Last but definitely not the least is the repair cream from the same Derma E brand with CoQ10. I first thought this was just an ordinary moisturizer, but after researching a bit, I found out that it's mostly used as an eye cream. I still use it all over my face though, as it promises to help support healthy elasticity and firmer-looking skin. A little goes a long way too! But I'll do an experiment soon using it just for my eye area, as its Pomegranate and Green Tea antioxidant ingredients claim to calm and soothe the delicate eye area.

Products that care for you and the environment

Even though this is my first time to use these brands and products, I'm actually very happy to have tried them. And I'll definitely keep on using them!

These products are all natural, cruelty-free, sustainably-sourced, and made with certified organic ingredients which make them not only kinder on the skin and body, but also to the environment.

Healthy Options Online Giveaway

If you're interested to try out one, two, or all of these personal care products available at Healthy Options, you're in luck! They're actually holding an online giveaway contest, so join when you can!

Win a Bathroom Makeover Love all-natural personal care products? Take a photo of your own Healthy Options personal care product/s and tell us why you love it on your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed. Make the photo public, tag us (@healthyoptionsph), and don't forget to include the hashtags #HealthyOptionsPH #LoveHealthyOptions #KnowTheWholeStory in your entry. Winner takes home a set of Healthy Bathroom Essentials. This contest is open to all Healthy Options Facebook and Instagram fans. If you're not yet a fan, just follow us and like our page. The photo with the most number of LOVES wins, so ask your friends to hit the HEART button. 😊 You may upload as many photos as you like, but we will base the number of LOVES on a single photo. You may post your photos from March 16, 2017. All entries must be in no later than March 30, 2017 by 6PM. Announcement of the winner will be on March 31, 2017. Note: There will only be one winner from both Facebook and Instagram. #Beauty #BeautyEssentials #PersonalCare #Healthy #Allnatural #Organic #Bathroom #Makeover #SkinCare #BeautyCare #BodyWash #NaturalProducts #NaturalIngredients #ChemicalFree #OrganicIngredients

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Anyway, my 2017 has been great so far. Of course, there will always be problems and challenges. But with an optimistic mind, a healthy body, a strong spirit and a grateful heart, we'll be happier and will surely triumph over anything! And this is my wish for you too this year. It may already be the end of March, but it's never too late to change for the better and to be kinder to the environment, to others, and most importantly, to yourself. ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

Stay happy, and be happier!


  1. I guess I need to do a little decluttering too haha! Your products are really enticing, dear! I never thought there are cinnamon types and other toothpastes haha. Now I guess I need to try this one. And that toner for the pores! Hmmm! I want. Time to join that giveaway hehe.

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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  2. Thanks for the great review! I've just bought the face oil and hydrating day cream from Derma E and I cant wait to use them! I too have a very sensitive skin (dry patches on my forehead, nose and eyebrows - literally dry flakes are visible, almost similar to dandruff but on the face) and I've tried tons of moisturizers from high end to drugstore ones and none have treated my skin :( looking forward to the effects of the derma e line. We also have the same resolution by the way - to eat healthier lol :) By the way, I bought the refined coconut oil by Spectrum from Healthy Options as well. I read great reviews about coconut oil as moisturizer as it deeply removes make up/dirt etc. Thanks again and GOD👑 Bless you!🙏🏻

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