Luna Breakfast & Coffee: A Cozy Cafe in Bonifacio High Street

Like most modern couples in the city nowadays, the boyf and I usually go on mall dates during weekends. The past few months though, we'd always find ourselves in Bonifacio Global City, strolling around, eating, checking out shops, snacking, grocery shopping, cafe-hopping, bookstore lounging, then eating some more.

And since some time last year, we'd always pass by this fairly new branch of a coffee shop and breakfast joint whenever we're in Bonifacio High Street.

Luna Breakfast and Coffee Bonifacio High Street BGC

Luna Breakfast & Coffee is no stranger to us though. We would always see their first store at the NAC Tower when we walk around BGC. However, even after passing by their cafe several times now, it wasn't until one particular weekend that we tried their newer branch at Bonifacio High Street.

There wasn't any specific reason that we chose to go inside Luna Breakfast & Coffee that day. I guess we just felt like we could try a new cafe this time, since we always hang out at either Bo's Coffee or Figaro when we're in High Street, or CBTL when we're in BGC Stopover. (And yes, we would walk to BGC Stopover even if we're parked at High Street.)

Homey vibe at Luna Breakfast and Coffee
Table number at Luna Breakfast and Coffee

Although we've always seen the storefront of Luna, we didn't have any expectations of what the interior would look like. We don't really peek in even if they have glassed walls. But I can say, we really dig it! It feels cozy with all the warm colors and wooden fixtures. The table numbers pasted on tinted glass bottles is also a nice touch, as well as the placeholders -- either Available or Taken.

While I usually get coffee or tea when we go to cafes, this time, I was already starving. So rice it is!

Kare-Kare Tofu (P330)
A vegetarian twist to kare-kare
Kare-Kare Tofu from Luna Breakfast and Coffee
Kare-Kare Tofu (P330)

While Luna's menu is not as extensive and is pretty straight-forward, it has a good set of pretty basic Filipino breakfast dishes, along with some interesting ones. And of course, if there's something seemingly unique on the menu, I'd be sure to order it. Like this kare-kare tofu.

It's somehow like a deconstructed vegetarian kare-kare. You have the veggies on one side, then there's the fried tofu, the kare-kare sauce, and the bagoong, along with the garlic rice. I'm not too picky with my kare-kare, so as long as the sauce is peanut-y and there's bagoong, I'm all set! And this dish, despite being simple, is pretty satisfying.

Binagoongan Omelette (P220)
Binagoongan Omelette (P220)

The boyf on the other hand, got this plate of pork binagoongan-filled eggs, topped with green mango strips, and served with flat pandesal and sweet potato fries on the side. Though I liked my order, I somehow got intrigued by this dish. And upon tasting, I think I'll have to order a whole plate of it for myself next time. I feel like this would be really good for breakfast, alongside a cup of coffee.

Pour Over Coffee - Matutum (P130)
Luna Brew Matutum (P130)

And speaking of coffee, the boyf also ordered a cup of Luna's pour over coffee, with the Matutum beans -- Arabica coffee from Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato. I sadly didn't get coffee during this visit since my tummy was already feeling acidic. But next time, I'll make sure to try either their specialty cold Luna brew, or one of their cappuccinos served in a bowl.


Our unplanned visit to Luna Breakfast & Coffee was an interesting one. Though we were pretty satisfied with our orders, I feel like we have to come back and try their other offerings, especially the specialty coffees and creative desserts with a Pinoy twist. We weren't able to hang out for longer too since we still had errands to run, which was such a shame. But I think their food's pricing will be of better value if we stayed longer to talk, read, or just tambay in the cafe, as the ambiance is very cozy and the staff friendly and chill.

Taste 3/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3/5
Overall Value - 3.5/5

Luna Breakfast & Coffee, Bonifacio High Street
B6, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 835-5774
Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


  1. Hmmm, must try! :) Pagdating sa food, naku bet ko talaga kain nang kain :)

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