How to Stay Active and Avoid Fitness Setbacks While Traveling

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
When you're on a fitness journey and have started to set a routine that works for you, it can sometimes be frustrating to run into setbacks. Especially when the cause of said setback is something you love as well.

Many will be able to relate to this. You follow a meal plan religiously. You set a good number of hours per week for exercise. But you have a trip coming up, and you're afraid it will throw off the health and fitness routine you've invested on.

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Truly, when you’re interested in travel and adventure, traveling often and being healthy while you do it is seen as a tall order. Most of the available food on-the-go isn’t the highest of quality. Not to mention, it's usually loaded with salt and other additives, and lacks the freshness you should be looking for. Keeping up with your exercise and fitness is also difficult to achieve for many people because there may be no local gym and your home gym equipment doesn’t come with you.

Still, it can be done. Here are a few ideas for how to stay active and eat better when traveling at home or abroad.

Create Blocks of Separate Time for Exercise.

When you don’t use private blocks of time to separate out the parts of your day that’s inviolate and cannot be altered, you’ll tend to use excuses why exercise wasn’t possible on the first day. The second day will see a different excuse and soon enough a negative pattern emerges that’s difficult to break once it’s started.

It doesn’t matter what time you have available every day. Just find 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes to exercise. Take a shorter lunch break if you have to, get up earlier, or pass on an optional group trip to keep to your fitness goals. It does take some discipline but it can be done. And when you’ve reached your target weight and level of fitness, you’ll be glad you made the necessary sacrifices to achieve it.

Staying in a Pet-Friendly Hotel? Bring Your Dog with You.

There are plenty of pet-friendly hotels now. It’s a simple matter of performing a quick search to find the best pet-friendly one in the city or town that you’re traveling to. Not only will there be a safe place to keep your dog while you’re in a meeting or checking out the stores but Fido will be there waiting for you when you get back.

If you’re noticing that your dog isn’t managing the travel as well as he or she used to do, then you might want to try introducing them to some Canna-Pet products.

Hotel Gym Nearby?

While your chosen hotel may not have its own gym, it’s possible that they have a deal worked out with either another hotel nearby or a private gym. You can also check the information pages on their website or give them a call to check with their receptionist before placing a booking. Alternatively, be prepared to perform body weight exercises in your hotel room when there are no other facilities available nearby.

If there is a gym in the hotel, depending on how well equipped the gym is, you may have to be flexible about what exercises you perform. Bear in mind that what’s most important is the amount of calorie burn achieved rather than whether you keep to your planned-out fitness routine while traveling.

Be Prepared.

Avoiding health and fitness setback is all about planning first before getting in the car or on the plane. Did you bring healthy snacks or know where to buy some where you’re going? Do you know the location of the healthier food eateries and have them pinned in Google Maps? Did you include a lot of walking in It’s easy to prepare well before traveling to avoid the temptations and laziness that comes from a break in your normal routines.


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