Daily Quickie: Jimm's Cafe Clara with El Maca

It's been raining constantly for the past month or so, and it's these times that call for hot dishes and drinks while enjoying the bed weather. While a hot bowl of ramen or a cup of hot fragrant tea sounds nice, recently, I've found myself enjoying a good cuppa from Jimm's.

Jimm's Herbal Coffee Mix by Goldshine Pharmaceuticals Inc. isn't a stranger to me. My mom and aunt have been regular drinkers of a number of their herbal coffee mixes. As for me, I've been trying out a recently-launched coffee product from them -- Jimm's Cafe Clara with El Maca.

Jimms Cafe Clara Review

What separates Cafe Clara from Jimm's other herbal coffee mixes is the inclusion of Maca Extract which helps drive cellular functions in the body including sexual arousal. Other benefits include improving energy and athletic performance, memory, and even aids in boosting the immune system.

While I can't attest to the efficiency of the Maca Extract (I'll test it out once J and I live under one roof), I can definitely say that it tastes nice. It has a hazelnut-y flavor with berry-ish undertones, which is good news for those who aren't used to drinking bitter coffee. Every sip is sweet and creamy, so this wouldn't be a problem even to the non-coffee drinkers.

Jimms Cafe Clara Coffee Panna Cotta
Coffee Panna Cotta Recipe using Jimm's Cafe Clara

I also actually found that Cafe Clara works well in desserts. I've recently made a coffee panna cotta using this instant coffee mix, and it actually tastes really good. So give it a try and surprise your SO with one! I'm sure this thoughtful gesture will be greatly appreciated. v(*’-^*)-☆

Jimms Cafe Clara El Maca Review

Jimm's Cafe Clara with El Maca comes with 30g of instant coffee mix per sachet, just the perfect amount to make a nice cup. Each packet is also priced at only P16, and available in major supermarkets nationwide.

So why not give it a try and taste the urge for that sudden romantic feeling with Cafe Clara?


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