How To Find The Perfect Gift For Your Partner

Friday, March 02, 2018
Gift giving is just one of the ways to show love. We give gifts to our family, friends, colleagues. And when we find ourselves with a partner, giving gift from time to time just becomes a part of the relationship -- whether it be for your partner's birthday, anniversary, or just because. If you've given your partner a gift many times now though, it can be quite tedious to think of what to give on the next occasion.

Gift Giving

The search for finding the perfect gift is made considerably easier if you have some understanding of what sorts of items the person in question likes. Since this person is your partner, there's a good chance you know what types of gifts they’ll love and which might not be their favorite. This person is special to you so you want to get them a gift that communicates how you feel about them while being one that they’ll cherish. Searching for the perfect gift isn't always as easy or straightforward as you imagined it would be, especially if complications arise such as item availability, and shipping and delivery times are far longer than you had anticipated. To avoid disaster, make sure you order or make your partner's gift well in advance.

Book Tickets

Booking tickets to see a comedy show, concert or theater production together is enjoyable since you're sharing the experience, and you'll be creating precious memories. You can find theater tickets by searching for theater tickets near me and then selecting which show you think your partner would most enjoy. Do remember in this scenario that if you're not one hundred percent sure, you can ask for the opinion of their family members or friends to help you choose the show your partner is going to love. If you're still up in arms about which show to see, it's always worth reading through reviews and, if you still can't decide, drop hints to your partner in order to determine which show they’d prefer.

Start Looking Early

The execution is in the planning, so if you don't plan with enough time to spare, you could end up bitterly disappointed, and at worst without a gift to give to your partner. If you are thinking of booking tickets for an event such as a music concert, then you might have to start looking as early as the year before. If you find the perfect gift before the special occasion, then you can relax in the knowledge that you've got time to sort other expects like throwing them a small party in time for their birthday, for example.

Ask Them

If you cannot settle on an idea for the perfect gift, then consider asking your partner what they would like. This might not be the most imaginative way to go about finding the perfect gift. However, you'll ensure that you're giving them something they really do want. If you want to make sure you're definitely getting them something they want, you can deploy your subtle investigative skills and keep track of comments they make in regards to liking certain items in shops and online some weeks in advance.

Personalize The Present

As a small token of your love for your partner, think about engraving an item they already own, like a pen for example. Engraving services can be ordered online or performed on the same day if you take the item to your nearest jewelers. Find out whether the jewelers will accept your request by taking in the article in question and having them assess whether the task is feasible. If you're crafty, you can also put your creative skills to good use and make the present yourself.

Whichever gift you decide to give, your partner will surely appreciate as you have them in mind when planning and picking out the perfect gift.


  1. Thanks for these tips, Sumi, I'm starting early na rin. I mean as early as ngayon, I'm planning my gift for my hubby na for his birthday and for Christmas. I usually look for things na kailangan niya, things he check out when we're at the mall, etc. :)


  2. Thank you for the tips. My boyfriend's birthday is upcoming on the 16th. I had a lot purchased, I am not sure which one to give on his birthday, especially that he just bought a sling bag just last week... and I was with him! I did not know how to stop him from getting that since I was planning to give him the same thing on his bday because I've been seeing his bag deteriorating. Anyway, thanks again.

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