Best Card Games for Families

Friday, April 27, 2018
Dating back to 9 th Century China, card games have passed the test of time and have been widely popular in our world for centuries. Reaching Europe in about 1360, they have taken the world by storm and card games are a favorite pastime of families worldwide. If you are looking for more
family-friendly fun ideas, check out – we are sure they can provide you with all the inspiration you need!

Card Games
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#1: Crazy Eights

This is a classic family-friendly card game and the objective is simple: you need to be the first player to offload all his or her cards to win. It gets everybody involved and keeps you on your toes!

Cards are dealt one by one, face-down, until each player has five of them. When each player has five cards, the rest of them are placed face-down in the center of the table. Then, one by one, the dealer will up-turn the first card at the top of the pile, placing it face-up besides the face-down pile. This single face-up card is the ‘starter pile’ and each player, one by one, places a card face-up on the
starter pile.

Each card placed down on the starter pile must match the card facing up at the top of the pile, unless it is an eight; an eight can be placed down regardless. The first player who does not have any cards left will win the game.

#2: Slapjack

Each player sits in a circle around the table and cards are dealt clockwise, with the cards kept face-down. Then, around the circle, each player will draw a card from the top of the deck and places it in the center of the circle. Each player does this until a ‘Jack’ card surfaces. When this happens, you need to be the first player to ‘slap’ it and cover it with your hand.

If a player slaps a card which is not a Jack, the card at the top of his or her pile is surrendered to a player who placed the card which was slapped. If multiple people slap the Jack, the person whose hand is most covering the card will win and add all of the cards to his pile.

If you lose all of your cards, you are out; the aim of this game is to be the person who wins all the cards or the most cards.

#3: Concentration

Concentration really tests your memory and it is a classic family-friendly card game. The game is very simple – place all of the cards on the table face-down in rows of seven, flipping them over two at a time in turns. If the cards are the same, you keep them. If not, you turn them back over and the game carries over to the next player.

This game tests your memory as you will need to remember the cards which have been flipped over and use it to your advantage. When the cards are all gone, the person with the most is the winner.

Card games are an often-overlooked way to have fun and enjoy some quality family-time. Although cards are often associated with gambling, there are plenty of family-friendly games which can be enjoyed by children (and even adults) of all ages.

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