Planning a Vacation to Dazzling Acapulco

Saturday, June 02, 2018
Whether you’ll plan on going all out on your next trip to Acapulco, or you’ll choose a more sedentary and relaxing beach holiday, the city that comprises one of Mexico’s most famous and sought-after seaside destinations offers fun, frolics and adventure galore for the adventurous traveler looking for a unique and beguiling holiday a little further from home. From beach-bumming to all-night partying, you’ll be able to extract whatever it is that you want from your trip to Acapulco, so have a look through this list to get you off to the best start when planning your trip.


Flights to Mexico from the US are remarkably cheap and should be booked as early as possible to avoid additional costs. That said, if you’re someone who loves a last-minute holiday, then flights into Acapulco may well be some of the cheapest on offer if you’re looking to spend some time outside of the US somewhere a little more tropical than Canada. Flights go directly to Acapulco’s airport, though other cheaper flights will pass through major inland airports such as that in Mexico City. Be sure to book flights at the best time of year to ensure the best deals.

Places to Stay

As one of Mexico’s oldest and best-developed tourism hubs located on picturesque white beaches, Acapulco has a real mix of resorts and hotels on offer that’ll cater to any and every taste. Whether you choose to rest your head in a high-rise modern and chic hotel or an out-lying beach hut complex, you’ll find what you’re looking for by searching Hoteles Baratos en Acapulco and checking out the variety that’s on offer. Some resorts offer incredible deals on all-inclusive buffets and free drinks, while others boast an array of wonderful facilities for any keen golfers or spa-dwellers.


Just as the Four Tops sang, there are several ways of going a little bit ‘loco’ in Acapulco. This, of course, depends on what you’re keen to extract from your time there - maybe quiet cocktails in the orange haze of sunset is your kind of thing, or maybe you’re an all-night raver who’ll be ready to hit the sack after a shimmering yellow sunrise. Whatever you’re after, Acapulco will have it in spades, and checking out beforehand where to go to suit your desires will stand you in good stead to enjoy the nightlife while on your vacation.


Some restaurants in Acapulco boast tremendous views, others incredible traditional seafood fare, and others still the sort of romantic, intimate atmosphere in beautiful surrounds that’ll have you coming back for more and more. Doing your research beforehand and ticking a few of the best eateries off while you’re away on your holiday is an excellent idea so that you don’t miss out on the frankly mind-bogglingly tasty food on offer in Mexico’s beach resort jewel, whether you’re looking for the world’s best fajita or a fashion dish with exotic and unlikely flourishes.

It’s clear that Acapulco offers all the delights of a fabulous beach-based destination; plan your trip there now in order to sample its many and varied highlights.


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