Istituto Culinario: Real Culinary Art Begins Here

Saturday, February 25, 2012
Although I have already accepted that I have no talent in cooking, my curiosity and eagerness were stirred when I got the chance to attend the grand opening of Istituto Culinario, the Philippines' newest, most innovative institution for culinary arts.

Built on the strong foundations and solid reputation of the country's first specialized school for the culinary arts, the O.B. Montessori College Culinary Institute, Istituto Culinario is committed to nurture professional, creative, and passionate chefs -- a breed of true Culinary Maestros.

Istituto Culinario

Headed by Chef Chris Bautista, and assisted by Chef Jerome Valencia, Chef JA Ventura, Chef Ching Yoingco, Chef JP Anglo, Chef Hames Antolin (International Consultant) and Chef Cyrille Soenen (Primary Industry Partner), a chef-wannabe is assured to get the best training through Istituto Culinario's program.

Library Cozy Library

Although I haven't seen a lot of culinary school facilities yet, I am very positive that Istituto Culinario has one of the most advanced facilities and equipment. Just their library already looks so sleek, yet it's packed with a vast collection of traditional holdings, online resources, and the latest industry periodicals.

Classroom 02 Classroom 01

Istituto Culinario also has 4 soundproof lecture rooms, complete with audio-visual equipment. If you think these rooms are already conducive enough for learning, the school even takes it up a notch to ensure their students really learn and pay attention -- Istituto Culinario strictly implements a 15 students to 1 teacher ratio.

At the moment, Istituto Culinario is one of the few culinary colleges in the country which has a ladderized 2 year Diploma Program leading to a full 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree: 2-Year Diploma Program (TESDA) Culinary Arts and Food Service Management; and 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program (CHED) Bachelor of Science in Food Management, Major in Food Service.

Demo Kitchen Whole
Demo Kitchen Alcohol

The institute also has a Demo Laboratory with a state-of-the-art Rational Cooking Center and broadcast quality cameras. The whole room really felt like a cooking show kitchen set-up.

And of course, Istituto Culinario will not be a culinary school without its 4 kitchen laboratories with equipment carefully selected and designed to conform to world class, five star standards.

Student in action Spinach Ravioli Sample

We also got to see some students in action as they prepared and let us sample their self-made Spinach Ravioli. And being a pasta lover, this plate definitely scored high!

IC shortcourse FB

Aside from the 2-year and 4-year programs, Istituto Culinario also offers short courses. There's an upcoming one on March 3 -- Satay Asia. So if you love cooking, why not give Istituto Culinario's culinary classes a try!

Istituto Culnario
57 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
(02) 723-9064; 722-9720 to 27 local 234
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. WOW! I never heard OB has a culinary school till now.

  2. After looking at your photos, I think I may enroll sometime soon :D

  3. Now, upon reading this, it triggered my plan to eventually enroll and have my culinary degree even for a late period of study. I want to enhance and explore my unrehearsed talent in cooking. I know I have it. Thanks for the info! :)))

  4. the place looks really neat and classy, I'm sure they'll learn to become great cooks there...

  5. @Ivan Stewart Saldajeno: I actually didn't know that too.. :D But now, we know ;)

    @Juicy Jay: I envy you for having the talent and passion for cooking. I love food, but I think I'm too lazy to be a cook.

  6. I always wanted to study cul arts kung hindi lang mahal tuition fee. I hope they offer free scholarship :-)

  7. I always had a glance to this place whenever I’m in greenhills, and I would say that this place really looks excellent. The atmosphere of this school really helps the student to learn well and improve their skill.

  8. Ah wow! This looks very good. The facilities look very very nice. I wish I have enough time to squeeze in a culinary brush up course. Thanks for sharing this Sumi love! :)

  9. @Edmaration etc: They actually raffled a scholarship for the short course during the grand opening. Maybe they'll have another one in the future :)

    @michymichymoo: I don't have an idea eh.. :( I think the short course takes half a day lang. You can call them to inquire about the future short courses. I'm actually planning to enroll too :D

    @jssica wabbitty: You can take the short course if you don't have the time to enroll in their 2-year (or even 4-year) program.. ;)

  10. maganda sana to e, kaso di afford sa budget. kaya lutong bahay arts na lang muna :)

  11. Hehe nice! Yung tour namin medyo fast pace na =)

  12. Oooh cool! I wonder how much classes there cost. I have a brother who's really into cooking but he's still currently in my home town Zamboanga where classes like that arent really offered :(

  13. This is a good info. Sana affordable ang short course fee nila. I'd love to try. lapit lang sa min eh. :)

  14. I've heard so much about the place. Thanks for sharing photos coz at least I get a visual naman, all the others are just kwentos. My brother in law I think is considering to enroll here. Will share your post with him.:)

  15. The place looks really nice. Ang ganda ng library! Very impressive. :)

  16. I don't really cook. And I hardly have any experience in the kitchen hehe But I must say that Instituto Culinario's program sounds impressive. Your post would be very useful for those who want to go into culinary arts :-)

  17. I have been planning on studying cul arts. Instituto Culinario looks impressive.

  18. wow.. nkaka inspire mag study dyan..

  19. May I know how much is the Tuition fee for the BS in Food Management, Major in Food Service? Thanks :D

  20. You are looking at 700k for the entire program


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