Toro Restaurant & Bar: 4-Course Mother's Day Degustation

April draws to a close, and before you fret that summer is about to end, don't forget that another special day should be celebrated. No, it's not Labor Day. It's the special Sunday where we give honor to our beloved mothers, mum, mama, nanay -- Mother's Day.

4-Course Mother's Day Degustation

There's still almost 2 weeks before her special day, but if you're having trouble what gift to buy, why not take the most special woman in your life and bring her to Toro Restaurant & Bar for a sumptuous 4-course degustation?

Toro Dining Area and Bar Toro Geisha Interior

Conveniently located in one of the hippest places in the Metro -- Bonifacio Global City, Toro Restaurant & Bar offers an interesting fusion of flavors from spicy Tijuana, Mexico to subtle Okinawa, Japan. And although this Jap-Mex resto is only a year old, its cozy interiors, beautiful geisha-painted wall and ambient lighting will surely captivate you and even your mom.

After appreciating the visual treat of Toro's inviting atmosphere, it's time to enjoy the 4-Course Mother's Day Degustation which is a bountiful set menu of soup, salad, maki, and main entrée, with a glass of wine and a dessert shot compliments of the restaurant.

Degustation Menu

To start off the special Mother's Day degustation is the Sopa De Ostiones, a light and smooth comforting soup of oysters and tomatoes with beans, noodles and some greens.

Sopa de Ostiones

Although I'm not a big fan of runny soups, I really liked how subtle and delicate this bowl tasted. Chef Ronald Malayao claimed this soup is mostly Mexican, yet I'd say he really did a great job creating a harmonious balance of the tomato and oyster's strong flavors.

Cranberries and Bleu Cheese Salad

After the light meal starter, the degustation kicks off with a more interesting feast for both the eyes and the palate through this beautifully-plated Cranberries and Bleu Cheese Salad. Made with organic greens, cranberry jelly, generous chunks of bleu cheese and candied walnuts, drizzled with sweet yet pungent strawberry balsamic dressing, this salad is truly a work of art -- a mix of varied textures and flavors.

Scallop Maki

For some carbs, a plate of Scallop Maki follows suit. Although not a typical maki item on other restaurants' menu, this original tempura batter-coated marinated scallop maki with melted cheese, mayo and spicy sauce is phenomenal! The crispy outside and chewy inside makes every piece interesting to munch. However, it's the spicy coating and delightfully savory scallop that made this dish very memorable.

Pescado in Verde Ribeye Tepanyaki

One may find himself confused which main entrée to go for since both the Pescado in Verde -- pan-grilled kingfish drenched in a creamy savory sauce, and Ribeye Tepanyaki -- grilled beef and buttered vegetables in sweet teriyaki sauce, are equally tempting. However, I personally prefer the Pescado in Verde a little bit more since the sauce is rich, creamy and very flavorful. And yes, I'm a sucker for anything savory.

Complimentary Beringer White Zinfandel Complimentary Snicker Doodle Dessert Shot

To complement the gustatory delights of the 4-course menu, Toro gives out a complimentary glass of Beringer White Zinfandel, a sweet and refreshing rose-colored wine which I very much enjoyed. They'll also serve a dessert shot on the house, like the tequila-infused butterscotch schnapps called Snicker Doodle.

All these delectable dishes are part of the sumptuous 4-course degustation which you, your mom, and even your dad can enjoy all throughout the month of May. But if you're like me who can't always pay a trip to The Fort because of geographical circumstances, then I guess it wouldn't hurt to go all out and try Toro Restaurant & Bar's best-selling dishes like this generous platter of Toro Caesar (P270).

Toro Caesar P270 Toro Caesar

Made up of 3 big pieces of ebi tempura, a quarter of fresh romaine lettuce, some cherry tomatoes and a zesty herbed caesar dressing, the Toro Caesar is the way to go when you want to enjoy the best of both the veggie and the seafood worlds.

Nori-Chos P250

Another famous star on Toro's menu is this plate of Nori-Chos (P250) -- crispy nori chips, topped with sweet-spicy glazed ahi tuna and Toro's signature yellow sauce. Although I don't have high tolerance for spicy dishes, I enjoyed the crunchy and chewy texture of this original meal starter. If only I live next door, I'd have Nori-Chos as midnight snack everyday!

Ebi Ahi Guacamaki P290

Although not a total head-turner, the Ebi Ahi Guacamaki (P290) which is a roll of prawns and tuna with cream cheese and shiso guacamole, is another interesting original from Toro. I admit, I find the rice roll too thick and too sticky to pop into the mouth, but the sweet and salty blend of cream cheese and guacamole saved it for me.

Volcano Roll P410

Saving the best for last, we had Toro's famous and hot-selling Volcano Roll (P410) -- tempura batter-coated makimono of salmon, jalapeño and spicy mayo, stacked to a triangle and topped with more salmon and spicy sauce. Being with spicy food lovers, these savory and definitely hot treats were gone in just a few minutes!

Chilled Mint Apple P140 Nojito P140Toro Smoothie P140

For refreshments, our group had some cocktails. I'd love to brag how we never got tipsy even after finishing our glasses in a few gulps, but what we had were actually non-alcoholic beverages. I had a Chilled Mint Apple (P140) which is a refreshing concoction of apple, mint leaves and soda. My friends on the other hand, had Nojito (P140) -- a blend of fresh lime juice and mint leaves, and Toro Smoothie (P140) -- a mix of strawberry, yogurt and orange juice.


Toro Restaurant & Bar surprised me with an unconventional fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisines. Although I consider myself as mostly a purist when it comes to my favorite Japanese treats, I actually enjoyed every single dish that we got to try which I think came from the harmonious balance of Mexican's flair and Japanese' simplicity. With an alert and courteous service, lovely ambiance, great-tasting food, and a 4-course Mother's Day degustation menu for the whole month of May to boot, I'm sure I'll visit Toro again soon.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Toro Restaurant & Bar, The Fort
Unit 6, G/F One McKinley Place, 26th cor. 4th Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
(02) 846-9681
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. yummy, I hope somebody will treat me here.I like all the 4 courses they're serving on the mothers day special.Mint apple is my choice for refreshment.

  2. I'm not a big fan of Japanese cuisine but I like ebi tempura and I want to try the Nori-Chos!

  3. Wow, looks like a great place to take mom to... esp my mom who loves Japanese food. Now if only my mom were here... she's based in the US. :/

    I like the interiors and the food looks yummy!

  4. Food looks so yummy!

    As always, a very nice presentation of the new restaurant/bar.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Ditto on that. ^^

    If only my Mum were here, I'd love to take her to a place like this on Mother's Day. Or even if it's not Mother's Day. :)

  6. WOW...everything looks good, rib-eye teppanyaki and volcano roll, yummy!
    I especially like the Beringer White Zinfandel -- this is my favorite wine, and have a bottle in the ref right now! ;)
    Their degustation price is also much more affordable than The Goose Station.

  7. MYgowd!! the food... i like it the way of the presentation,,

    nagutom ako,.,,

    tas 1k+ lang yun.. sulit na sulit ang date with ur mother dito...

  8. wow fine dining!!! sana matreat ko rin mom ko dito soon hehehe

  9. i like their food presentation :)

  10. They all looked delicioso, wish I can be treated there to.. lol..

  11. Wow! looks like a good place to eat for mother's day nga.. i'll ask my mom first if she likes mevican food.. my mom is over 60yrs old na kasi e.. thanks for sharing sumi

  12. Any mother would be delighted to have those. I hope people will consider this for their mother

  13. I just had to say this, I really admire how to take photos.

    Now on the food part, I think you have a good taste! The all look delicious!

  14. The degustation menu by itself hooked me. Just reading the description of the dishes on the menu was enough to make me hungry. Then you added the photo and your own descriptions - I was sold! The Nori-Chos in particular (though not part of the degustation menu) is something I would definitely try. It's so interesting and looks like something I would enjoy. The soup too is something I would like plus all the makis! :D

  15. Nice photos, the ambiance and the food look great too. never tried Japanese cuisine though. base on your rating Sumi, I guess I have to try their food. :)

  16. The food looks yummy! :)

    Great photos. It is a perfect place for a date with my mom. But the location of the resto makes me think twice. I live from Manila and I think it is a little too far. My mom hates car rides. Lol.

  17. It's Mother's Day again and I'm really grateful for having herin my life (cheesy)...

    Anyways, I agree with you Sumi,this resto is unconventionalle'. Didn't thought, at first this Sopa De Ostiones is a soup, hehe.

    Would love to try that Cranberries and Bleu Cheese Salad. Is it same with Cordon Bleu?

    As usual, your photos are amazing and I'm thankful I found your blog. Your posts are awesome(nest)! =)

  18. @Jerome Ibuyan: Thanks Jerome! :) Cordon Bleu is different though, 'cause that's fried roll of chicken/pork with ham and cheese. The salad here on the other hand, is made out of chunks of bleu cheese (a kind of cheese), cranberry jellies, walnuts, cucumber and lettuce.. :)

  19. Looks really yummy! Ang ganda ng plating nila. :)
    Oh, is that a wall painting? I like it!

  20. The volcano roll looks exotic and yes inviting. would love to try this restaurant soon

  21. Mother's day or not, this is definitely one place to go to! I'm eating now and my food got yummier just looking at your photos! ^_^

  22. yummy food plus reasonable prices! i want to try it too!

  23. I wish I can treat my mom to this place! Hehe. Looks really yummy!

  24. Aww, Mom's Day is near. Ang sosyal ng place. :)

  25. This just reminded me I'll be missing Mother's day in RP. *Sigh*

  26. Toro would really be a great place for mother's this may :)

  27. the food are great!>
    they look really tasty.. yum yum!

    Oh thanks! this post reminded me that Mother's Day is fast approaching.. ooooh! almost forgot.phew!
    its not that I don't give too much credit to my mother,its just that im truly busy...
    Can't wait to surprise her! ≧♥◡♥≦

    Ps. Nice blog eh! followed yah.
    care to visit mine (

  28. wow looks like a good place to dine! :) This is a good treat for the moms!

  29. SUMI! I love your photos! Grabe haha! I miss dining at Toro tuloy XD

  30. The place looks really good. And that painting of a woman in the wall, amazing! me and my mom both loves japanese food. Too bad, BGC is just too far from our place. I will recommend this to my friends who's near the area. :-)

  31. The place looks nice. I want to treat my mom on mother's day there. Sana kaya ng budget.

  32. Every dish is delectable and well presented.
    The way they are plated adds flavor to the foods.

  33. napa google ako sa degustation hehe, as always, fantastic food photography!

  34. wow, great photos! thanks for suggesting this place. malapit lang kami sa BGC. :)

  35. your pictures are mouthwatering especially the salad and chips :)

  36. i want to try the Maki!!! it intrigued me!

  37. Great review and shots! :)

    A worthy menu for awesome moms everywhere :)

    Will try it out one of these days since BGC is quite accessible.

  38. as much as i want to bring my mom somewhere, i just can't due to her allergies on some ingredients which is very difficult to find out :-)

    Toro's Mother's Day menu is interesting. I think the price is reasonable too. Would like to try the Toto Ceasar :-)

  39. Seems so appetizing. It's rare to find a fusion of Mexican & Japanese Resto!

  40. nakakagutom naman!!! ebi maki looks delish!!! yummmerzz

  41. I must try Pescado in Verde, Ribeye Tepanyaki, Toro Caesar, Ebi Ahi Guacamaki and Toro Smoothie. I'll be going to BGC on the 15th. Let me bring my grandma here ^^

  42. A great food! for mother's day!


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