Corniche: Culinaria Capampangan at Diamond Hotel

Food has always been my passion. But although I always try to keep an open mind and palate for different cuisines, I have a hard time appreciating our own Filipino food fare due to taste fatigue. Fortunately, a delightful gustatory wonder by the name of Corniche, one which I've already visited a few months ago, takes Kapampangan cuisine into the limelight and gives it an added flair. With renowned Chef Sau Del Rosario heading the kitchen, Diamond Hotel brings us Culinaria Capampangan Food Festival from May 10 to 19.

Diamond Hotel Culinaria Capampangan

Boasting a wide array of food selection, Corniche still carries its spread of international favorites -- salads, appetizers, fresh seafood, Asian cuisine and desserts. However, Diamond Hotel amps up the whole dining experience with Chef Sau Del Rosario's decadent masterpieces featuring genuine flavors from the culinary capital of the Philippines, Pampanga.

And to make dining at Corniche exciting, this luxurious hotel has partnered with Philippine Airlines to give diners a chance to win two round trip airline tickets to Bohol with complimentary accommodation for two nights. Now, that's one tasty cherry on top of an already great deal!

We were very fortunate to be one of the first few diners to grace the Culinaria Capampangan Food Festival with Chef Sau Del Rosario. And although I usually try to veer away from Filipino food, I honestly can't resist these tempting selection of Kapampangan goodness.

Whole Maya Maya Manyonesa, Chicken Galantina Roulade and Ceviche with Pomelo Whole Wheat Pandesal, Pan de Regla, Pan de Lemon, Malunggay Pesto Roll, Pan de Coco
Whole Maya Maya Manyonesa, Chicken Galantina Roulade and Ceviche with Pomelo
Whole Wheat Pandesal, Pan de Regla, Pan de Lemon, Malunggay Pesto Roll and Pan de Coco
Adobo Quesong Puti and Salted Egg Pizza Corn Soup with Crabmeat
Adobo Quesong Puti & Salted Egg Pizza, and Corn Soup with Crabmeat
Whole Baby Lechon with Stuff Curried Rice
Whole Baby Lechon with Stuff Curried Rice (Biringhe)
US Sirloin Bistek with Shiitake Confits Crispy Pata Kare-Kare with Steamed Local Vegetables
US Sirloin Bistek with Shiitake Confits, and Crispy Pata Kare-Kare with Steamed Local Vegetables
Pork Sisig, Foie Gras and Organic Egg
Pork Sisig, Foie Gras and Organic Egg
Lamb Chops Kaldereta, Local Vegetable Ratatouille Ox Tongue Cream of Mushrooms and Corn Pinakbet with Shrimp and Crispy Pata
Lamb Chops Kaldereta & Local Vegetable Ratatouille
Ox Tongue Cream of Mushrooms & Corn, and Pinakbet with Shrimp & Crispy Pata
Aligue Fried Rice
Aligue Fried Rice

There were still a few Kapampangan items I wasn't able to take photos of. I believe I also saw a serving of Fern, Watermelon and Prawn Salad in Coconut Vinaigrette, Lemongrass Escargot with Puff Pastry, and Camaru and Vegetable Springrolls on the buffet table.


Although there was an extensive array of dishes on the buffet spread, the Kapampangan food fare definitely stood out. So My friends and I first got a few meal starters included in Culinaria Capampangan -- Pancit Luglug and a platter of Chicken Galantina Roulade, Ceviche with Pomelo and Fried Catfish Fillet with Buru and Vegetables.

PancitLuglug Chicken Galantina Roulade, Ceviche with Pomelo and Fried Catfish Fillet with Buru and Vegetables

Despite being a common merienda favorite, the Pancit Luglug gave us a good start. It was tasty and definitely rivaled my seafood allergy. The Chicken Galantina Roulade on the other hand, was also flavorful. But if you'll ask me, the Ceviche with Pomelo and Fried Catfish Fillet with Buru and Vegetables were the winners for this platter. They weren't only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate.

I know a good pacing is needed when dining in a buffet. But with a lot of enticing Pinoy dishes displayed on the buffet table, we just threw the strategy out of the window and started digging in to our hearts' content.

My Plate of Campampangan Viands

Believe it or not, this plate was my sinfully indulgent main course for the night. I had a portion each of every single viand -- US Sirloin Bistek with Shiitake Confits, Crispy Pata Kare-Kare with Steamed Local Vegetables, Pork Sisig, Foie Gras and Organic Egg, Lamb Chops Kaldereta & Local Vegetable Ratatouille, Ox Tongue Cream of Mushrooms & Corn, Pinakbet with Shrimp & Crispy Pata, and Steamed Lapu-Lapu with Ginger Soya Sesame Sauce, along with some Aligue Fried Rice. Although I felt really bloated after finishing off this plate, I had no regrets. Every single one of these food items was phenomenal!


We might look crazy for still packing on cholesterol after already taking in quite a few cholesterol, but when you see a Whole Baby Lechon with Stuff Curried Rice (Biringhe), how can you simply say no? And let me tell you, this baby lechon albeit pitiful, was one succulent treat you don't want to miss.

Desserts at Corniche

After a hearty buffet adventure, we finished the night off with sweets. We got a piece each of Brazo de Maiz, Jaleya Ube, Piña and Mango and Tibok-Tibok from the selection of Culinaria Capampangan desserts, as well as samplers of Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse Cakes, Strawberry Panna Cotta and Tocillo del Cielo.


Although I started out quite skeptical, I ended up loving Kapampangan cuisine through Corniche's Culinaria Capampangan. Every single dish I tried was not only a feast for the eyes, but also a wonderful explosion of flavors for the palate. From the appetizers, main course and even up to desserts, Chef Sau Del Rosario made me a fan of Filipino food and his culinary prowess. So if you want to immerse yourself into the renowned chef's take on Kapampangan food fare, why not pay Corniche a sooner visit?

Taste - 5/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 4.5/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4.5/5

Culinaria Capampangan Buffet Rates:
Lunch & Dinner - P1,600++
With free flowing tropical juices - P1,888++

Corniche, Diamond Hotel
Hotel's Lobby, Diamond Hotel
Roxas Blvd. cor. Dr. J. Quintos St.
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 528-3000
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. Special thanks to Stacy for lending me her speedlite or else I won't be able to take decent shots.

  2. There's leaves dun sa shot, kasama sya sa table setting? Cool! And that lechon with stuffed rice looks sinful! :D

    Great shots as always :D

  3. ang sarap nung aligue fried rice. Kapampangan food is actually one of my favorites .they serve good food especially during special occasions like "Fiesta".The hotel food is so much pricey for me so I better eat on a resto or fast foods that serves kapampangan cuisine, mas mura kasi.

  4. I am drooling!

    Just like you, my palate used to be very picky. Until now, I do not like lechon but when it's turned into lechon paksiw, that's another story. I so miss pancit luglug and I want one right now.

    I love the plate of desserts except for the panna cotta :).

    As a chef here in Sweden, I usually force myself to be open minded and try every dish I meet along the way. A lot of times, it feels good that I now have the courage to try different kinds of cuisines however, there are really dishes that I can't take, blood pudding for example :)

    I will definitely visit the Diamond Hotel when in the Philippines for a vacation. I wish soon :)

  5. Kapampangan cuisine is one of the tastiest and yummiest I've tried. As in bow down ako sa galing nila magtimpla ng pagkain.

  6. @Hefty Foodie: The leaves were part of the table ornament, but I tried doing some food styling on the last photo.. hahaha.. :D

  7. New set of Menus! The Adobo Quesong Puti & Salted Egg Pizza looks weird but yummy and the lechon too! Amazing how they prepare the food! Looks interesting. I miss bumping here Sumi :)

  8. Capampangan food is definitely one of the richest culinary cultures, I can spend an entire day here at the buffet!

  9. Oooh, I love lechon and sisig so this is a definite win. Everything looks delish :D

  10. Your photos definitely made me HUNGRY! Hahaha. I also have a strategy when eating at a buffet.. but with that kind of FOOD and DESSERT.. wow.. panalo ang lechon!

  11. sinful! i just can't touch those food pero nakakapang-crave! :P

  12. Tsalap! Yum yum! Daya kasama si Stacy hindi nagyaya Hu hu hu! Pero ganda mo talaga mag picture! Panalo! Na met ko si Chef Sau sa Best Food Forward nag demo siya doon panalo! Galeng galeng niya. Siya din owner ng Sweet Bella Cafe sa The Fort.

  13. Wow. Just look at that lechon!
    It's screaming to be eaten! :)

  14. Oh my god you ate sooo much!!!! ahahahah But I can't blame you! If I had a feast like that laid before me, I wouldn't say no either! hahahaha It's great that they're giving Filipino cuisine a chance. Mostly kasi sa hotels puro foreign dishes. The lechon with the stuffed rice looks so good!!! Yummy!!!

  15. OMG!! ang daming foooood!:9 pero ang pinaka gusto ko ay yung desserts! nyahahahahaha <3

  16. I love pizza! The Kesong Puti and Salted Eggs Pizza, I've gotta try this!

    A sampler platter is always a great move during a buffet. Then a second round on the yummiest :D

  17. another mouth watering post of yours-is this Capampangan series? i remember i read one on this before. i love the dessert sampler esp. the Chocolote and Pistachio Cake - my two fave food!!

  18. @Sumi Go

    No need for thanks=) What are friends for hihi. Same with you I try to veer away from filipino because we eat them at home. But, chef sau really amped it up to a must try!

  19. My favorite desserts were Chef Sau's bibingka and Diamond Hotel's delicious homemade ice cream... <3

    It was nice meeting you there! :D

  20. It was definitely a treat for the tummy and eyes when I saw your shots, Good Job Sumi!

  21. i love the Kapampangan cuisine, maybe because I am a Kapampangan half-blood. I especially love their fish or rice buro, which is one of the things i look forward to whenever Mama went on a trip to Pampanga! How I miss those days!

  22. Food is one of my weaknesses as well! Those look scrumptious! :) Thanks for sharing!

  23. wow. hefty prices but it sure looks worth it :D

    I haven't tried Kapampangan cuisine but I heard good stuff about it :)

  24. aww I want to try this too! Everything looks so yummy, and you took great pics!

  25. Wow Lechon :D hehehe.. Lechon makes the everything so fabulous :D

  26. is it required to make some reservation ahead?

  27. Their pork sisig looks unique! Must-try! :)

  28. @Cha: As far as I know po, si Chef Cristina Santiago Rivera ang owner ng Sweet Bella. Villa Cafe ang kay Chef Sau :)

    @Chris|SeaBreezeCottagesMoalboal: It's better if you'll call for reservations 'cause Corniche gets packed especially during dinner.. :)

    @Lizzie: Yes! And in fact, the sisig doesn't only have pork. It also has the luxurious Foie Gras! :)

  29. Aw thanks for the correction Sumi, nalito ako ha ha ha!

  30. Ang sasarap ng nasa retrato! Kailan kaya ako makakatikim ng Brazo de Maiz, Jaleya Ube, Piña and Mango and Tibok-Tibok, Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse Cakes, Strawberry Panna Cotta and Tocillo del Cielo? hays!

  31. I love your shots! Nakakagutom! I haven't been to Diamond Hotel. Guess we should pay it a visit too.

  32. Sumi, which did you eat from those? Feast again...and here I haven't had lunch yet :( waaah...kakagutom!

  33. @Matsumoto: I actually ate every single one of those in the "what we got" part.. hahaha.. Plus a few Japanese items -- salmon sashimi (of course!) and some maki.. :D I also tried every ice cream flavor available that night. Diamond Hotel has their own blend of ice cream kasi in Corniche, so when you visit Pinas and decide to eat here, make sure not to miss the ice creams! ;)

  34. it me or is there really somethin' wrong with the swine? he looks awfully ridiculous and I can't quite put a finger at it... ...but there's definitely somethin' wrong with him... i dunno..was he butchered to death?? it seems as though he was indeed gruesomely murdered... lol

  35. @ Sumi, lol, I wonder what luxurious Foie Gras is... :)

  36. The food looks so good though the rates are pretty steep for ordinary eating Juan like me.

  37. @Lizzie: Foie gras is actually fat liver of duck and goose and it's a really expensive French delicacy.. :D

  38. Inst'd of s'ying fwa-gra, can I just say foy-gras? D'you think they'll kick me out of the rest'rant?

    Anyway, its actually banned in other countries like Israel, the U.K., Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. And by 2020, production will be banned throughout the European Union.. and so they say...well that's according to what I have read..

    So instead of eating foy gras, why dont we just eat our fav'rite meal... sodium erythorbate... nom nom nom nom!

  39. i want to try corniche's late night buffet, sana mag-offer sila sa group buying sites :)

  40. Nice review.. thanks for this... I love the foods.. looks good speacialy the bistek and sisig


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