Roboto San: Japanese Grill Buffet in Bonifacio Global City

Update: Roboto San Japanese Grilled Buffet in BGC is now closed.

After SumoSam, John and Yoko, Marciano, and Mr. Kurosawa, a new icon in the name of Roboto San, comes to town. Set in the year 2089, Tokyo is under attack by alien robots and only the ultimate robot -- Roboto San, can rescue the world from destruction.

Robotosan interior Roboto San Japanese Grill Buffet

In the war against alien invasion, Roboto San doesn't only fight for the world and the humanity. Aside from being the ultimate robot of the future, he also puts up a great buffet spread for everyone to feast upon. Strategically located in Crossroads, Bonifacio Global City, Roboto San will generously offer anyone a feel of the future with its sleek and sharp interiors, purple walls, white interlacing panels and servers in white and silver uniforms.

TV at Robotosan

Born from restaurateur Ricky Laudico's love for robots, this mother ship also has LCD screens featuring some of the most well-loved mecha anime -- Voltes V, Astro Boy, Mazinger Z , Voltron, and many others that can both catch the attention of kids, and bring nostalgia to kids at heart.

Of course, Roboto San is not only a place for a visual feast but also a destination to please both the palate and the tummy. Although this mother ship is still on its soft opening phase, food selection comes aplenty.

Sushi and sashimi
Assorted maki, sushi and sashimi
Chicken feet siomai and dumpling
Selection of chicken feet, siomai and dumplings
Salmon sashimi dumpling siomai maki
My plate of salmon and tamago sashimi, maki, siomai and smoked salmon
Miso Soup
My hot bowl of miso soup

Roboto San may be a Japanese concept restaurant, but it also offers Chinese meal starters -- dimsum. For more appetite whetting, the mother ship also carries a variety of both healthy and filling salads.

Salad Station

There are also a decent selection of cooked food items. Some which caught my attention were the gyoza, salt and pepper spareribs, chicken pandan, fried rice variants and the buffet favorite -- tempura.

Cooked Foods

Cooked Viands

Chicken and Tempura

Fried Rice

Roboto San also has some Italian food items -- pasta and pizza. But if you like some warm bowl of noodles, the space cadet servers can whip you up either a flavorful shoyu (soy sauce) ramen or a subtle miso ramen.

Shoyu Ramen Miso Ramen

Although there's a decent amount of variety in Roboto San, a trip will never be complete without trying its most notable feat -- the smokeless grill. With slices of pork, beef, chicken, seafood, corn and some veggies beautifully laid on the buffet table, even frustrated cooks like myself can't help but grab items for grilling.

Some items for grilling

Robotosan for Grilling

Items for Grilling

Robotosan Smokeless Grill

After enjoying an interactive dining experience, every meal should end with desserts. For our trip, there were small slices of chocolate cake, brazo de mercedes and brownies, along with fruits and mousse in shot glasses. There was also a halo-halo section, as well as a variety of BigScoop ice cream flavors with assorted toppings.

Ice cream

Ice cream toppings

Roboto San may be new, but its kitchen is led by 3 notable chefs -- Corporate Chef Christine Nicole Nicolas, Executive Chef Benjamin Gonzales, and Chef Consultant Florabel Co-Yatco.

Roboto San rates


Roboto San is a unique concept restaurant offering a buffet spread coupled with Japanese smokeless grill. But being in a soft opening phase, this sleek mother ship is not yet there when it comes to my kind of flavor. Although there was a decent selection, my taste buds were not tickled the way I want to. However, give it a few months in the scene and I'm sure Roboto San will be one famous robot in the food industry.

With a smokeless grill concept, a buffet table, and a visually appealing ambiance for a fairly affordable price, Roboto San is still a restaurant worth a try.

Taste - 2/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 3/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 3/5

Roboto San Japanese Grill Buffet, Bonifacio Global City
2/F, Crossroads, 32nd St, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 823-6988
Facebook Page


  1. Minsan masarap nga maggrill feeling cook. =)

  2. Looks like Sambokojin has another competitor.haha. :) My brother loves robots too, and I think he'll love this place. :)

  3. mukhang ok nmn.. but d gnun kdming choices? pwede ndn since may shrimp! :)

  4. Maliit ba talaga servings nila? Gonna try this one out soon

  5. ang ganda ng place.. matrytry ko na to... baka dito ako kumain sa 26 after the dpp event....

  6. The place looks nice and very clean.
    I looove Maki!

  7. Sa sashimi pa lang sulit na ako dyan. Hahaha!

  8. the cube-shaped food above(first picture), aren't that satisfying but Im still curious on how it tastes.... hmmmm

  9. aahh sa crossroads! ayos, trry ko jan! thanks sumi!

    naks, umaabot ka na sa taguig! hirap umuwi pag galing jan no? jan ofis ko. hehe

  10. wait lang, wala kang ratings? 5/5?

  11. Omg! Nakakagutom! Ang ganda ng place plus ung mga pagkain parang ang sarap lahat, esp ung maki! My fave! :)

  12. oh wow! what a nice concept! Goodluck sa competitors! Prang patok tong roboto san! :D ano ratings mo dito sumi? :)

  13. @Herbert: It's a buffet naman sir so pwedeng bumalik at kumuha ulit.. ^^

    @Chyng: Yes ate Chyng! Nakakarating na rin ako ng Taguig kahit malayo. Hirap nga lang umuwi lalo na 'pag gabi. Bilib ako sa commuting powers mo! Btw, I didn't post my ratings since feature 'to dapat. But I'll add na rin ;)

    @WANDER SHUGAH: I initially thought na di ko lalagyan ng ratings since feature lang 'tong post and not a full-fledged review, but will add na rin ;)

  14. thanks for the review sumi! i just bought the roboto san vouchers from cashcashpinoy :)

  15. oh my, don't let my Hubby see this because he loves anything Japanice. On those days budget is tight, I buy do-it-yourself-sushi hahaha

    I especially love the chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. they offer that too at my favorite Thai restaurant.

    Nice restaurant concept huh =)

  16. wow, looks great...btw, i'm craving for sushi!!!


  17. gusto ko kumain dito kaso ang layo! pero gusto ko talaga! hahaha! need to find a willing companion! XD

    wait, i'm on a diet nga pala. hahaha! :P

  18. The first that come in my mind when i saw the 1st to picture is the song ♪♪ domo arigato mr robato♫♪ i don't know if the lyrics is correct. LOL

    They have a different set of food, pure Japanese... love it.

  19. @Gellie Abogado: Try this on your cheat day sis! ;) Agree that malayo saten 'to, but give it a go when you're in the area :)

    @Sweethestia: Actually sis, the food items are not entirely Japanese. There's a mix of Chinese, Korean and even Western dishes.

  20. wow, eat all you can, gusto ko yan... lalo na sashimi!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  21. this robot place looks so cool! and now i'm really hungry

  22. Super yum! For sure my bf will love the assorted maki, sushi and sashimi. Unfortunately, we're not frequent @ BGC.

  23. Another Japanese yummy resto! I envy those who can enjoy such everytime they want...I guess I really live in a city far from the sea :(

  24. Wow the interiors alone would make this worth a visit! My hubby and kids would enjoy this, plus the Japanese food! :)

  25. Seems like places like this are the rage these days. I like the robot theme of this one though, I hope the food is as nice as the interiors. :)

  26. oooh those assorted maki and ice cream looks soo amazing!

  27. I heard about this last weekend. Your post is very, very timely! Hahahaha Ugh I want to goooo. This is so my kind of place. I will convince my friends to go! :)))

  28. A very catchy name for a mixture or cuisines they serve. Cute interiors too! Still hoping to try that out when i get home. :D

  29. And I am officially drooling! I just had pancakes and all these foods are making me hungry again! Love the fact that their price is not that expensive. I hope to visit the place soon!

  30. kulit ng concept haha, sayang 3/5 lang ang average. :)

  31. Sorry for the late visit, Sumi. Better late than never, though! :)

  32. ang cute naman dito - how much yung regular buffet nila?

  33. Haven't try Robotsan yet but patiently waiting for it's opening at Lucky Chinatown since it's much nearer to our place of residence

  34. I've been here last year! I had a great time eating here. My fave is the salmon sashimi!!! and their ice cream corner hihi =D I will definitely comeback here hihi..

  35. roboto san is not as famous as yakimix nor sambokojin but is sure does know how to whet my appetite!

  36. may story pa ang resto ha, kayuwa si roboto san :)

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