My Fashion Finds at SM City Manila's 3-Day Sale

Sunday, September 02, 2012
First of all, let me warn you that this post won't be about food. Rest assured though that I don't plan on shifting to fashion blogging anytime soon. However, since I've shared the news about SM City Manila's 3-Day Sale earlier this week, I thought I might as well take you on a tour as I visit the mall and spend my Sunday afternoon window shopping.
SM Manila 3-Day Sale

Although I've spent about four years studying in Manila, I don't really frequent this particular SM mall. But with a promise of great discounts, I was enticed to give it a go and check it out. After all, I enjoy scouring through shops and items when there's a big sale. However, this is the first time I tried taking photos of stores and goodies inside the mall. And I'm thankful that my little sis lent me her point-and-shoot Samsung MV800 camera, or else I'd gain more weird stares and raised eyebrows if I used Candice instead.

SM Manila Sale

Since I timed my visit on a Sunday, I was already expecting the influx of shoppers, and I was right. Even upon entering the mall, I already saw multitudes of people checking out sale items by the hallways. Most stores are also packed so it was quite a challenge to take a photo of the shop facade, let alone enter them to check the discounted items.

Here are some shots I got to snap while I was looking and walking around the mall.

SM Manila Sale Ground Floor
Folded and Hung
Plains and Prints
Accessorize Link

As much as I'd love to buy something from the boutiques, I always find myself ending up in SM Department Store. I guess I'm really more of a department store kind of girl who likes everything and anything all in one place, minus the hefty price tag.

SM Manila Department Store
Colorful Wedge Shoes
Gibi Shoes
Parisian Shoe Sale
Solemate Shoes Janeo Shoes
Wallets and Stockings
Parisian Totes Parisian Satchels
Girls Teen Wear

Although I liked a lot of shoes, I spent most of my time in the Girls Teens' Wear (GTW) section. There were some really nice pieces from Red Head and Shopaholic, but in the end, I grabbed a printed sleeveless top and a lace back vest from Seventeen.

Printed Sleeveless Top from Seventeen P599
Originally priced at P599.75, got it with 10% discount at P539.78
Pink Laced Vest by Seventeen P699
Originally priced at P699.75, got it with 10% discount at P629.78

I know, I know. I should have gotten something with a bigger discount, say 50% off. However, I really fell in love with these dainty yet still casual pieces since I liked the fabric, print and quality, something which probably won't be easily worn out.

Tops from Seventeen
Here's how they look when worn together. Reminds me of my style back in college, just without the flabs!

After about two hours of roaming around SM City Manila, checking out stores and items on sale, queuing up to use the fitting room, and paying for my purchase, I decided to grab a drink before going home. I opted to try out Koco Tea Shop at the 4th floor, and ordered for their Large Silky Milk Tea (P85) -- a smooth and creamy milk tea concoction with a black tea base. Although I liked how this drink tasted, I found my order quite sweet after subsequent sips. Guess I should've asked for a lower sugar level.

Silky Milk Tea P85 from Koco Tea Shop SM Department Store Bag

Even through all the years, SM has still remained as my go-to destination when I'm up for some shopping session. SM Department Store on the other hand, has always been a reliable fashion source, especially now that they have a trendier set of brands in their GTW section -- my new fave spot in the department store. Anyhow, till the next SM sale!


  1. I love the top and the vest. Sale addict here. Dubai is rather generous in having mega-sales. :)

    1. I actually wanted to buy a dress, pero next time na when I get my waist back.. haha.. :D Ooh, would love to visit Dubai and catch their mega-sales in the future.. ^^

  2. Lovely choice of Aztec-print top Sumi! I like the styling too. I also frequent GTW whenever I go to Megamall. ^◡^

    P.S. Thanks for such a nice compliment on our blog! Love it! <3

    1. I think this is my first Aztec-print clothing! hahaha.. I'm so outdated.. XD

  3. I like the top. Sayang 10% off lang sya.

    1. Usually naman the really good ones have less discount, or none at all.. :( Meron din magaganda sa 50% off pero ubusan ng S/M sizes sa stock.

  4. I usually frequent SM Manila when I was studiying at Mapua, but I do that cause of the 15 pesos cinemas.. :) And the shoes are so beautiful, although I wish that it had a bigger sale percent.. :)

    1. Never got the chance to avail of the 15-peso cinema.. :D Ma-try nga next time!

  5. Even at my late 20's before, I used to grab good finds from GTW. They really have cute selections! Btw, that's a great choice of Aztec print! Can be a fashion blogger too! :)

    1. Thank sis! I don't have the confidence to do fashion blogging atm though XD

  6. WHAT FLABS??? hahaha I love SM GTW too. That's my favorite section in the mall coz the items there are more girly girl, which is my style most of the time. I find the stuff at the Ladies section too grown up for me hehehe :D Those satchels are super cheap! Wow!!!! Too bad our sweldo is not til the 10th of the month :( :( Sad mich :(

  7. Great find Sumi!! :) I love that sm dept store is keeping up with the modern times! :)

  8. I miss SM Manila. I always went there before when I was in college. I also met Mr. Ricly Lo there and asked me if I want to be an artist. :)


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