O'sonho: A Portuguese Fusion Discount Dining Experience

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
As a frugal foodie, I already found myself very much into groupons ever since the advent of group buying sites. And today, I'm sharing my recent groupon redemption experience for a set meal for two at O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar courtesy of Ensogo.
Complimentary bread and tomato salsa

I purchased my groupon from Ensogo for P600 back in April, but we only got to use it late last month. I've never dined in O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar prior to this trip, so does the beau, so we were very excited to try out the bestsellers included in the P1,200-worth set meal. And since our visit was honestly unplanned, we didn't actually call up the establishment for reservations. Fortunately, since we found ourselves in Eastwood on a Tuesday night, we were easily welcomed and given a table for two.

O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar's Eastwood branch is just beside Ramen Bar and a few blocks away from Cafeccino by Dome. It has a sleek and simple interior with a warm ambient lighting. Pardon me for the lack of restaurant photos, but since O'sonho has an L layout shape, it was quite embarrassing to take photos especially since there were dining customers. Yes, even as a food blogger I still feel shy to snap shots at times.

Curried Pumpkin Soup Vasos Abobora P160

Upon being seated, we were given complimentary garlic bread and tomato salsa which were the perfect meal starters to whet our appetite. The bread slices were flavorful and crunchy, and didn't only go well with the tomatoes, but also with our bowl each of thick, creamy, earthy and rich-tasting Curried Pumpkin Soup (Vasos Abobora).

House Greens Casa Salada Verde P220

Next on our table is a serving each of House Greens (Casa Salada Verde), a colorful ensemble of fresh romaine lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, glazed walnuts and quezo de bola drenched in a sweet balsamic dressing. Although this salad seems so simple, I love the balance of sweet and tangy flavors, as well as the play on different textures.

Fish Fillet in Saffron Broth Peixe em Caldo Acafrao

After a very satisfying start, we were then served with our main course. I gladly chose to go with the Fish Fillet in Saffron Broth (Peixe em Caldo Acafrao), a perfectly-cooked fillet of fish in a delicate saffron broth with shallots, leeks and mixed bell peppers. In all honesty, this plate was really flavorful and very pleasurable taste-wise. However, I found the serving of white rice too much for the meager viand portion.

Peri-Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice

The beau on the other hand, had the Peri-Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice. While I was already a little upset with the small portion of my fish fillet dish, I was more than disappointed when I saw how little the chicken piece they included in this solo plate. I literally shared portions of my already-small fish fillet to the beau 'cause I was embarrassed at what they served him. Taste-wise though, the beau gives a high mark for this chicken dish as it was cooked to a perfect tender and juiciness, with a lot of herby, savory goodness. If only the chicken piece were bigger. *sigh*

Custard Tart

For dessert, we were served a piece each of the Custard Tart (Pasteis de Nata) which is an egg custard pie encased in a flaky dough. Although I wasn't too happy with our main course, this sweet treat definitely made me one happy gal. The custard was creamy-tasting and not overly sweet, while the dough was simply a delight to eat. The next time we'll visit O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar, I'll make sure to have this again.

Coffee Strawberry Banana Smoothie P130

Since drinks weren't included in the set, the beau decided to order a cup of Malonggo brand coffee (which price I fail to note), while I on the other hand, enjoyed my refreshing and well-blended Strawberry Banana Smoothie (P130).


Our discounted dining experience at O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar is a mix of both good and bad. While we enjoyed the rich flavors of every dish we got to try, we were sorely disappointed with the portion size of the main dishes. Good thing, service during our visit was prompt and courteous, making our stay comfortable and still enjoyable. However, O'sonho can still expect a future visit from me as I'm curious to see and experience their standard-sized food servings.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Promo Price - 3.5/5
Original Price - 3/5
Overall Value - 3.5/5
(Note: Overall Value rating is for the discounted voucher amount we paid.)

O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar, Eastwood
1880 New Eastwood Mall, Libis,
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 470-1768
Facebook Page


  1. We ate here to celebrate the end of our Portuguese class. I love their spinach soup and peri-peri chicken!

    1. I'd love to try their spinach soup and standard-sized peri-peri chicken next time :)

  2. awww... sayang naman at bitin ang portions ng food. But I noticed that on some of the groupon deals.

    I also bought one just like that but a different resto..super bitin din yung portions, I decided not to blog about it na lang....

    1. In fairness to O'sonho, only the main dishes lang naman yung bitin sa portions. But I guess, this happens talaga with groupon deals.. :( Anyway, sana ate Peachy you blogged about that particular resto.

  3. wow! those foods looks amazing~ and the photos and how you too it is just amazing dear! xx

  4. I havn't tried portuguese.. I wanna try pero sad nga serving size nyan.

  5. I can't believe you just called yourself "frugal". LOL. I don't mean it in a negative way ha? You've been to countless restos na that you must have spent a fortune already. I really really really envy you for that. If only I could do what you're doing. *le sigh*

    1. Haha.. I still consider myself quite frugal, 'cause I don't pay naman for each and every meal I eat in a restaurant.. :D Sometimes, I'm with the family, the beau, or in a food tasting events.. :)

  6. never tried Portuguese cuisine before. however, I always find O'sonho enticing whenever I pass by it. good thing you introduced it first, might give it a try soon. :)

  7. aww.. nku! bka d kami mbusog dito a.. hahaha! sa makati kami sana mas malaki serving nila dun hehe! :)

    1. Balitaan mo ko how it goes ah! :) I'm curious if it's really the Eastwood branch who does this to voucher holders, or if it's the resto's protocol to scale down the portion sizes for their deals.

  8. The rice dishes do look kind of small. Next time they offer something on a discount site they should warn people that everything's been scaled down. :/

    1. I don't think they'd do that though.. haha.. With my voucher dining experiences, there are a few times nga I've observed they really scale down the portions :(

  9. In fairness, the food looks unique. I especially like the looks of the house greens.

  10. Sayang naman. Panget na they scale it down dahil lang voucher. You still paid for it.

  11. I frequent eastwood but haven't tried it yet. Will do! Though sad naman if konting portions lang.

  12. They downgraded because of the a groupon? That's kinda mean. But haven't tried Portuguese food. Will try this soon. :)



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