Ramen Bar: Noodle Soup for the Hungry Soul

Monday, October 17, 2011
Even if I love Japanese cuisine, I don't have a great fondness for ramen. This is also true for other Asian noodle soups. I guess despite how comforting hot noodle dishes can be, I still haven't learned how to appreciate them yet. However, upon spotting the newly-opened Ramen Bar in Eastwood, I didn't think twice and just went in to give it a try.
ramen bar at eastwood ramen bar menu

Since the date and I visited Ramen Bar during a lazy afternoon, we got to enjoy the relaxing ambiance and easy-going atmosphere of the cozy ramen house. The restaurant has a Japanese ramen stall-inspired interior with a soft yellow lighting. Its walls are also adorned with cute drawings which were created by the talented Ms. Pearl.

Although Ramen Bar may seem like a humble ramen destination, our server shared that it can get packed during lunch and dinner hours. Some customers even line up outside just to dine in the restaurant. Good thing we're quite lucky to get a good seat when there were barely any customers yet. However, by the time the clock struck 5pm, we were quite surprised to see a lot of patrons coming in.

kakuni buns chahan fried rice

And although I personally don't line up just to eat in a restaurant, I do understand why regulars of Ramen Bar do so. The resto's ramen is indeed good, and they also serve other items like appetizers, rice bowls and even dessert. For the 2 instances we've visited Ramen Bar, we already got to try their Kakuni Buns (P180) -- 4 pieces of pork belly goodness wrapped in a special white bun. Among the small plate offerings, we also ordered a serving of Chahan (P80) which is fried rice with eggs and leeks.

Nicer Sapporo Miso Ramen sapporo miso ramen

But of course, being in Ramen Bar, the true star of the establishment is their ramen offerings. For our 2 visits, we've got to sample the Sapporo Miso Ramen (P320) which is my personal favorite. This big bowl of hearty noodles has a miso-infused tonkotsu ramen with tamago, naruto, negi, chasyu, butter and corn.

shoyu ramen

The date on the other hand, ordered the Shoyu Ramen (P280) on our first visit. This one has a soy-infused tonkotsu ramen which makes it a little salty and more flavorful than my miso-based bowl. Topped with tamago, naruto, negi and chasyu, this hearty bowl of shoyu is perfect for a rainy or even a chilly weather. Another version of shoyu ramen that we got to try was the R.B.S 1 (P380) which comes with kakuni.

tempura ice cream

From what I know, Ramen Bar currently offers only one item for dessert and it's their Tempura Ice Cream (P120). This sweet treat has a creamy vanilla ice cream encased in a deep-fried batter, and is served with a chocolate wafer stick and chocolate syrup on the side. For one who's an ice cream lover, I definitely dig how this sweet and crunchy treat tastes like. And after a very filling bowl of ramen, this is truly a great meal ender.


As someone who's not too fond of ramen or any other noodle soup, Ramen Bar has successfully converted me into a believer and a ramen lover. For a simple merienda session, or even for a full meal, the ramen selection at this ramen house can truly satisfy taste-wise and portion-wise. Prices of ramen items may seem steep in general, but that's because the noodle soups come in a really big bowl good enough for 2 people to share. However, for someone who has a big appetite like mine, it's only good enough for myself. I say no to sharing my bowl of ramen.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Ramen Bar, Eastwood Mall
G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 570-9457


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  2. Hi, I'm the one who made the drawings and no, I'm not "the restaurant owner's daughter".


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