YummySoy: Singapore's Chilled Beancurd & More at The Fort

Most of my family and friends know me as a big soy lover. From plain soy milk to flavored ones, hot local taho with arnibal and sago to chilled taho versions, I'm one to go gaga over them all. And after getting a taste of different renditions since my toddler years, I'm glad that this time, I get to try the offerings from the Singaporean brand YummySoy.
YummySoy at The Fort Strip BGC

While Manileños were busy lining up for milk tea and donuts the past few years, chilled beancurd or taho had been creating a big buzz in Singapore. And while I don't think a big soy craze in Manila will be following suit any time soon, I do think the growing market for healthy snacks and soy-based products will be happy to see this addition. Founded last 2010 in Singapore, YummySoy which promises smooth and silky soy snacks, is now in the Philippines with an outlet at Robinsons Place Manila and a store at the Fort Strip.

YummySoy at The Fort Strip Bonifacio Global City
YummySoy Store at The Fort Strip BGC YummySoy Store at The Fort Strip Bonifacio Global City

Like most snack shops, YummySoy's stand-alone store in the Fort Strip only has limited seats. But since I'm the type who can easily devour my soy treat, this wouldn't pose a problem. If you decide to stay for a while though, I think you'll like the refreshing and hip atmosphere of the place. With red, orange and yellows, I feel like the store somehow invigorates and re-energizes and seems perfect for having a fun chat with friends.

Chilled Beancurd

YummySoy Chilled Beancurd

YummySoy offers different soy-based products, but the most sellable at the Fort Strip store are their chilled beancurds. And while I'm usually partial to our hot local taho (Who can resist the sweet arnibal and chewy sago?), I was more than happy to sample these YummySoy goodies which I think are perfect with our current bipolar but humid weather.

Chilled Taho YummySoy The Fort Strip BGC
Have your YummySoy Chilled Beancurd on its own or with add-ons!
I visited YummySoy last week with my friend and college eating buddy, Fel. I remember having chilled taho with her lots and lots of times at our university cafeteria. And while I was already satisfied with those cold beancurd treats, getting a taste of YummySoy's chilled beancurds opened up something more spectacular for a soy lover like me.

Chilled Beancurd Original (P75) Jiggly Chilled Beancurd from YummySoy
✓ Chilled Beancurd Original (P75)
Made from the highest quality non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) soy beans, YummySoy's chilled beancurd has got to be the smoothest, softest, jiggliest and most melt-in-your-mouth taho I've ever had. Even without any syrup or add-on, I seriously enjoyed this wonderful treat. I loved it so much that I think I'll be buying one every time I'm in the area! (Hopefully, YummySoy branches to the north to make it easier for me.)

Chilled Beancurd Dark Chocolate (P85)
Chilled Beancurd Dark Chocolate (P85)
We also got to sample the dark chocolate-flavored beancurd. At first scoop, we thought the dark chocolate was too tamed. However, upon getting more spoonfuls and actually scooping all the way down, we saw that there was more dark chocolate goodness at the bottom. So a tip to further enjoy this treat is to scoop all the way down to the bottom. As for enjoyment, both my friend and I had fun finishing this serving. It wasn't too sweet and with a mellow dark chocolate flavor sure to captivate kids and kids at heart.

Chilled Beancurd Almond (P85) with Pearls (P10)
✓ Chilled Beancurd Almond (P85) with Pearls (P10)
Next, we got to try the almond variant with pearl add-ons. It just took us one mouthful before agreeing that we love this serving. The almond flavor had just the right concentration and melded beautifully with the silky smooth beancurd. Even Fel who admits she's no almond fan, found herself devouring one spoonful after the other. The soft and chewy pearls also added texture which made eating this treat more fun.

Chilled Beancurd Almond (P85) with Coffee Jelly (P10)
Chilled Beancurd Almond (P85) with Coffee Jelly (P10)
We didn't have the same opinion about the almond beancurd with coffee jelly though. Although it still has that beautiful soft, silky and smooth taho, the strong taste of coffee jelly clashed with the almond flavor. We didn't hate the taste, but we can't say we liked it either. I think the mismatch in flavor just left us confused of what we feel for this serving.

Chilled Beancurd Strawberry (P85) with Strawberry Pop (P15)
✓ Chilled Beancurd Strawberry (P85) with Strawberry Pop (P15)
The most fun serving of chilled beancurd we had that day was the strawberry variant with strawberry pops. The strawberry-infused beancurd itself was good with just the right hint of sweetness and berry tartness. But add the strawberry pops that explodes in the mouth with strawberry goodness, and you get a more enjoyable treat. Fel and I were seriously having so much fun eating this, so I bet most kiddos will love this pairing too.

Slurppy: Beancurd on the go

While we enjoyed YummySoy's chilled beancurds served in a plastic bowl with a spoon, I'm sure there are those who'd prefer to slurp their beancurd treats. So to cater to the fast-moving chilled beancurd lovers, YummySoy came up with the Slurppy line.

YummySoy Slurppy in Original, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate
YummySoy Slurppy Original, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate
These are basically the same as the chilled beancurd offerings (same size too despite the packaging), but they're served in a cup and can be slurped using a straw. Remember that YummySoy's chilled beancurds are so smooth and silky that it literally melts in the mouth? With that quality, slurping it from the cup with a straw is no problemo.


Although there's already a line for slurp-able beancurd, there are soy lovers like me who still can't give up their soymilk. And with this, Yummysoy also carries different flavored soymilk drinks available chilled or hot, and with different sugar levels.

Cold Soymilk from YummySoy
Strawberry (P85) with Strawberry Pop (P15), ✓ Almond (P85) with Coffee Jelly (P10), Original (P75) with Pearls (P10), and Original (p75) with Grass Jelly (P10)
We had our soymilk all at 50% sugar level, and for the original, this level was a little too tamed. So if you're getting the Original Chilled Soymilk, I suggest to get it in 100% sugar level. Other than that, YummySoy's has got to be the cleanest tasting soy drink I've ever had. Just a single sip and you know you're getting the good stuff.

Remember our confusion towards the almond chilled beancurd with coffee jelly? Apparently, Almond Soymilk with Coffee Jelly is a good concoction. Since the almond flavor in the soymilk version is tamer, it didn't clash with the distinct taste of coffee jelly. Actually, it even enhances it. The Strawberry Soymilk with Strawberry Pop was also the same. The soymilk itself has a subtler strawberry flavor so the add-on made every sip even more enjoyable. (Tip: Better get 100% sugar if you won't have any add-ons.)

YummySoy's Menu

YummySoy has even more flavors for its chilled beancurd, slurppy and soymilk offerings. So here's a copy of their menu, something to help you plan which ones you'd want to try.

YummySoy Soy Milk Menu
YummySoy Chilled Beancurd and Slurppy Menu
YummySoy Six Chilled Beancurd for P400 Promo

Oh, and they have an ongoing promo. There's still no deadline for it, but you can buy 6 chilled beancurds (any flavor) for just P400! This is great for families, barkadas or workmates, or if you just want to try as many flavors as you can. I'm actually availing of this on my next YummySoy trip so I can share these beancurd treats to my family.


As a soy lover, YummySoy has truly impressed me with its high quality soy-based products. I'm especially in love with their chilled beancurds that I'm planning to hoard some when I return to the area. Although price is generally on the higher side, the quality of these treats definitely justify the price tags. And while I'm still not giving up on my P20-cup taho from Manong Magtataho, YummySoy will be a go-to place when I crave for the silkiest and smoothest melt-in-you-mouth chilled beancurd.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

YummySoy, The Fort Strip
The Fort Strip (beside K-Pub), 28th St. cor. 5th Ave.,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 555-8334
Singaporean Website
Facebook Page

Other Branch:
Robinsons Place Manila
3rd Level Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila
Adriatico St., Ermita, Manila


  1. I love soy anything too!! :))

    That beancurd looks amazing!! Couldn't wait to try this when we're in Rob Place or around The Fort.

    And yes, who can resist our local taho? Whenever I see a vendor on the streets, I swear, I couldn't help but buy a cup. I actually listed finding out how to make them on my to-do list, and thanks to you, I remembered. :D

    1. Haha.. I never even considered knowing how to make taho XD Anyway, give YummySoy a try! It's really good :D

  2. can't get over yummysoy hahaha! let's stock up na hahaha! :)) same tayo ng favorite flavors (original,almond and strawberry).. but i'd still stick to the original :)

    1. Same nga! :D I love the almond and strawberry pero yung original is still classic and will be a go-to order ;) Yes, let's hoard on Saturday!!! ^^

  3. Waaaah I love TAHO too and anything soy. I hope they'll have a branch here in the south too so it's easier for me to visit them often. This post made me crave for TAHO. I hope manong magtataho will pass by early this morning :D

    1. I think YummySoy is already planning to open more branches. Let's hope nga there'll be one there in the south, and another here naman in the north :D

  4. Oh it's another Singaporean soya chain! I hope they open in Rob Magnolia. Looks yummy.

  5. I think I had too much of the soy products here last Saturday haha. I had a great time thought and also blogged about it. :)

  6. woah! soy overload. @_@ Havn't tried yummy soy yet although lapit lang pala hehe. We always buy the one in a Japanese store sa cartimar pa where you see them make the soya milk and chilled soy in front of you from soy beans. They only have mango, barley and sago for toppings. Will try this para maiba naman hehe. I'm curious about the slurpy in almond or hazelnut flavors probably.

  7. Sooo cuuuttteee!! I like their packaging and sobrang yummy looking neto ah.. :D

  8. now this is what you call sosyal na taho! cute label, lets see if this will be the next craze in mla.

  9. I'm sure my kids would also love Yummysoy.

    At ang ganda ng interior ng place huh!

  10. I wish we had Yummy Soy here in San Pablo, too. My son loves taho, and he would definitely enjoy this place. :)

  11. I love soy milk and taho! I also love tofu! Hahaha! Finally, not another milk tea place. Its time for taho to shine! :D WIll definitely check them out when I renew my nbi clearance in Rob Place this month :)

  12. Now this place is definitely for me! Will visit this soon!

  13. Yehey! Malapit lang ako sa RobManila!! We'll definitely try this! :)

  14. love to try this one because i super love the taho eversince!! love to try the chilled beancurd dark chocolate with pearls looks yummy!!

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  17. I LOVE Soya,but haven't tried this though. Would definitely try this one..thanks for the blog!

  18. I love taho! I would love to try this one. I'm curious if it tastes different from Mr Bean in Eastwood.

    1. I've tried Mr. Bean in Eastwood as well, and I still prefer YummySoy's. Mr. Bean has an item I love though. Will be blogging about it soon. :)

  19. I love taho! I would love to try this one. I'm curious if it tastes different from Mr Bean in Eastwood.

  20. thanks for this recommendation! i've been craving chilled taho the past couple of days! my default is the one from Sinigang Express coz it's the one closest to work.

  21. I've tried their taho and it is one of the best taho I tasted! I didn't know that Yummy Soy has a store at the Fort Strip! I definitely visit their place! :) Super nice article Miss Sumi! :)

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