Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatment at Piandre Salon The Fort

When it comes to hair, I'm one of those weird people who'd prefer my dream hair color and style than a perfectly healthy set of locks. As expected, my hair philosophy has left my hair pretty much fried. Apart from getting my head digipermed a while ago, I've also been continuously dyeing my hair. Not to mention, I've bleached it twice too! So when I received a timely invitation for a hair treatment, I figured I should grab the opportunity.

Piandre Salon The Fort

Even before going to the Macadamia Muse Party at Piandre Salon, I already did my own research and found out that the Macadamia Natural Oil line of products is geared towards healing, especially dry and damaged hair. And as its name suggests, it contains Macadamia Oil which rejuvenates dry and brittle hair, as well as Argan Oil which is another valuable oil for hair (and even skin) replenishment. So yes, expect this product line to be effective as it contains not just 1, but 2 of the most important oils for hair care.

Benefits of Macadamia Oil
  • Contains the highest amount of Omega 7 which closely resembles the hair sebum
  • Mimics scalp’s natural oil production to provide nourishment and moisture
  • Penetrates hair from inside out
  • Lightweight, non-greasy and without any buildup
  • Ideal for all global textures -- from the finest to the coarsest hair
Benefits of Argan Oil
  • Contains Omega 9, antioxidants and Vitamin E
  • Renews damaged hair while improving hair strength
  • Restores shine and softness to dry, brittle hair
  • Helps reduce hair frizz and fly-aways
Macadamia Natural Oil Event at Piandre Salon The Fort
Macadamia Natural Oil Product Testers

Entering Piandre Salon on the day of the event felt like immersing myself deeper into what the Macadamia Natural Oil line of products can offer. Every nook of the salon has Macadamia Natural Oil products displayed. And I was actually surprised to find out that they don't only carry products for Care and Treatment, but also for Hair Styling.

Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatments and Products
Menu of Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatments and Product;
Click the photo to enlarge.
After getting treated to drinks and light snacks, I was ushered to a seat and was asked to choose which Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatment I wanted to try. Among the four, you can already tell which one I badly needed.
  1. Damaged No More Treatment
  2. Never Again, Unruly Hair Treatment
  3. I'm Salon Beautiful Treatment
  4. Hot and Protected Treatment
Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatments
Rejuvenating Shampoo, Deep Repair Masque and Healing Oil Treatment for Damaged No More
Yup! I went for the most perfect treatment to replenish my dry and brittle hair, which was especially damaged at the ends. From what I was told, this treatment brings back the hair's natural shine and softness, while still protecting my current hair color.

STEP 1: Rejuvenating Shampoo

My stylist for the day, Rocky, ushered me to the hair washing area (which was very comfy, by the way) where he used the Rejuvenating Shampoo. Props to Rocky for being careful with the hair washing. No shampoo went into my ears. All that was left after the rinse was the gentle but addicting scent of the shampoo!

Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo and Deep Repair Masque

STEP 2: Deep Repair Masque + Head Massage

While my hair was still damp, the Deep Repair Masque was applied, from the hair ends first up to the roots. I was also given a head massage which helps relax the scalp and get the product absorbed.

STEP 3: Waiting + Back Massage

After a few minutes, Rocky put a shower cap of my head to let the masque be thoroughly absorbed by my hair and scalp. Then, just when I thought I'd be left alone for a whole 30 minutes, I was given a back and arm massage instead. I asked if this is a protocol when it comes to giving hair treatments. And yes, I was told it was. Every hair treatment at Piandre Salon has a bonus of back and arm massage. Bongga!

Piandre Salon The Fort Blowdry

STEP 4: Rinse + Blow-dry + Healing Oil Treatment

I was again ushered to the hair washing area for a rinse before my hair was blow-dried. After the styling, it was when the Healing Oil Treatment in spritz form was applied to the ends of my hair. By the way, I was told the Healing Oil Treatment can be applied either before or after blow-drying the hair. It's also said to reduce the drying time of damp hair.

Sumi The Purple Doll after Macadamia Damage No More Treatment
Will be sporting colored BUT healthier hair for next 2 weeks!
TA-DAAAA! After over an hour of hair pampering, here's how my tresses look like. Although I don't have "before" pictures to show here, I can attest to how my hair, especially the ends, became soft and shiny after the treatment. Before I went in to Piandre Salon, my hair ends were dry and didn't feel like hair at all. They felt like thinner walis tambo for the most part. But when I walked out from the salon after the Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatment, my hair, even the ends, felt like strong, healthy hair.

Macadamia Natural Oil Products
A shelf-ful of Macadamia Natural Oil products for sale at Piandre Salon
I can never be happier to discover Macadamia Natural Oil. The treatment really did my hair wonders. And while it's been 5 days already since I had the treatment, my hair still looks as nourished. So for everyone out there who has dry, brittle or damaged hair (or those with healthy hair who wants to make their tresses look and feel better), try the Macadamia Natural Oil line of products. You can have the treatments done at Piandre Salon, or even buy the products so you can do it in the comforts of your own home.

For more information, visit Macadamia Natural Oil PH's Facebook and Instagram.

Piandre Salon, The Fort
G/F Two Parkade Building, 30th corner 7th St.,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig,
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 553 4014; 519 9962
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. How much does this treatment cost? I'm looking for a good treatment and might come here :)

    1. Hi Anon! I'm not so sure how much the Damaged No More Treatment cost at the salon, but you can call up Piandre's hotline above to inquire. :) They have 4 kinds of Macadamia Natural Oil hair treatments available as far as I know.

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  3. I love your new hair! Looks more healthier! :)

  4. i want to treat my hair too,thanks for this post

  5. Looks nice and all but how much was the treatment? Would love to know cost so I could treat my wife to this pampering treatment. Have tried hair loss treatments satisfying but would love to check out other stuff.

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