Vikings Luxury Buffet: #EatLikeAViking at SM Megamall

If there's one buffet place my family and I consider as our go-to eat-all-you-can restaurant, it undoubtedly, most certainly goes by the name of Vikings Luxury Buffet. For years now, we've been celebrating birthdays and ordinary pig-out days at this joint which started the luxury buffet concept outside of a hotel. Heck, even one of the first ever posts on this blog, way back in 2011, was about Vikings Luxury Buffet!
Vikings Luxury Buffet SM Megamall

It has almost been three years now, and Vikings Luxury Buffet has proven to be a great success with the addition of its SM North EDSA, SM Marikina and SM Lanang Premier (Davao) branches. However, three Vikings restaurants within Metro Manila still seemed insufficient. And so, catering to more foodies and buffet enthusiasts is the new Vikings Luxury Buffet in Mega Fashion Hall, the equally new wing at SM Megamall.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Megamall
Vikings Luxury Buffet SM Mega Fashion Hall
Vikings SM Megaqmall Interior
Vikings Luxury Buffet SM Megamall Interior
By the windows... The best seat in my opinion!
Being a regular at the SM Mall of Asia and SM North EDSA branches, I can definitely say, and with conviction, that Vikings in SM Megamall has been my favorite so far. Among the three Metro Manila branches I've been to, it's the only one that exudes both luxury and modernity. The interior feels young with counter table seating, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city, and even paintings hung on the ceiling. The place just screams fresh and artsy, quite a leap from the mature and sophisticated look its siblings sport.

The Buffet Spread

Even after eating at Vikings for the nth time, I still get lost in the sea of smorgasbord this buffet joint offers. They have sections for appetizers, salads, cheeses and breads...

Cold Cuts

A section dedicated for ready-to-eat and design-your-own pizzas and pastas...

Carbonara Pizza and Tutta Carne Pizza
Carbonara Pizza and Tutta Carne Pizza
Design your own Pizza and Pasta!
A variety of toppings for your very own customized pizza
Moussaka -- a Mediterranean baked eggplant dish layered with ground beef sauce and bechamel
Vasilico - Penne with Greek sausage, sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes in pesto cream sauce
Vasilico -- penne with Greek sausage, sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes in pesto cream sauce
Truffle Penne and Cheese
Truffle Penne and Cheese
Pasta station
Freshly-made pastas... They even have ones made from pumpkin and squid ink!

Then, there's the Japanese section with my comfort food, sashimi and sushi! Although I didn't get to take decent photos since this area was too crowded with many of my fellow Japanese food lovers... You can also get your sukiyaki or ramen fix here.

Some sushi rolls
Ramen and Sukiyaki station

Beside the Japanese food area is a section dedicated to meats and seafood for grilling.

Grilled meat skewers
More meat for grilling
Seafood selection for grilling
More fish for grilling

The hot foods section, if I'm not mistaken, combines Filipino, Spanish and a little of American cuisine.

Spanish Tapas
A selection of Spanish tapas
Caribbean Pork Ribs in Brown Sugar Guacamole and Fried Plantain
Caribbean Pork Ribs in Brown Sugar Guacamole and Fried Plantain
Beef Steak in Madagascar Sauce
Beef Steak in Madagascar Sauce
Indian Vegetable Curry
Indian Vegetable Curry
Spicy Jambalaya Rice
Spicy Jambalaya Rice
Crispy Sisig
Pork Asado
Sweet and savory Pork Asado(?)
Lemon Chicken Picatta
Lemon Chicken Picatta
Clams, mussels, oysters and crabs in Louisiana
Clams, Mussels, Oysters and Crabs in Louisiana Gumbo
Rellenong Bangus
Seared St Peter's Fish in Lemon, Capers and Peppercorn Sauce
Seared St. Peter's Fish in Lemon, Capers and Peppercorn Sauce
Seafood Kare-Kare

The Chinese section on the other hand, offers a selection of hot dishes and dimsum, both of which are very popular with guests as this area tends to easily run out of food.

Hot and sour soup
Boiled Suahe
Salt and pepper spareribs
Sweet and sour pork

There are also some Korean dishes in the area.

Galbi Chin

Of course, the carving station which is probably star of the buffet, is busy as always.

Carving station
Vikings Boneless Lechon
Vikings Boneless Lechon
Deep-Fried Cajun Turkey
Deep-Fried Cajun Turkey
Anchovy and Rosemary Baked Leg of Lamb
Anchovy and Rosemary Baked Leg of Lamb
US Prime Rib Eye Steak
US Prime Rib Eye Steak

Before I go to the desserts, let me just write ahead how happy I was to see Vikings' new beverage selection. Aside from the staples -- iced tea, softdrinks, draft beer, fruit juices, hot tea, coffee and fruit shakes, they now offer a wider tea selection -- both hot and cold. Oh, and they have cold milo for the kiddos and kids-at-heart too!

Beverages at Vikings
Love the Twinings Apple-Cinnamon Tea, and the Mint and Lemongrass-Infused Tea!
Tea selections

For desserts, there are cakes, more cream and egg-based treats, chocolate fondue, fruits, frozen yogurt, ice cream, a crepe station, local taho, and our local kakanin.

Cakes at Vikings
Candies, mallows, ice cream toppings and mini-cakes
Desserts at Vikings
Minicakes and Chocolate Fondue Vikings SM Megamall
Fruits and Frozen Yogurt Vikings SM Megamall

Dishes I Got

I normally have a strategy whenever I eat at buffets. However, since I was excited seeing new offerings at Vikings, my plans ultimately got thrown out of the window.

Hotpot at Vikings SM Megamall
Shabu-shabu serving
Shabu-Shabu or Hot Pot now available at Vikings!
This eat-all-you-can restaurant may have been offering sukiyaki for a while now. However, I still prefer my hot pot, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out they now offer shabu-shabu. You can choose your soup base and toppings at the Chinese station.

Sashimi and sushi plate
Salmon sashimi, assorted sushi and California temaki
My buffet dining won't be complete without these!
Chawanmushi Vikings SM Megamall
Chawanmushi...Another one of my Japanese comfort food.
Chinese food
Siomai, hakaw, chicken feet, jelly fish, and spareribs
Just a few of my go-to items from the Chinese section.
Fresh squid ink pasta puttanesca
Squid Ink Pasta Puttanesca
Baked oysters with cheese
Baked Oysters with Cheese
Grilled seafood
Grilled fish, squid and mussels
Strawberry crepe with caramel sauce
Strawberry crepe with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce
Mango crepe with chocolate sauce
Mango crepe with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce
I may have missed trying out the design-your-own pizza, the hot dishes and the meaty treats at the carving station... But I have to say, my lunch buffet dining experience already left me more than satisfied!

Oh, I just ate with my family at the SM North EDSA branch two weekends ago, and it was nice to find out that they also offer the same new items there. All the while, I thought that the fresh pastas, customized pizzas and shabu-shabu are only available at SM Megamall. Thank goodness it's not exclusive! *whew*


Even though I've already shied away from feasting in buffets, eating at Vikings still gets me all giddy. Just when I thought I've already tried every single item from their spread, they now come out with new offerings that perfectly align with my tastes. Freshly-made pastas, customized pizzas, and shabu-shabu... Actually, even their old spread is now gone and replaced by an improved one; some with same dishes but better flavor. And with a modern yet sophisticated interior, courteous and thoughtful service, and a lower weekend rate (P888 from the old P1,088), I can say Vikings Luxury Buffet will still remain as our family go-to eat-all-you-can destination.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Buffet Rates:
Weekday Lunch
Kids below 3ft - Free
Kids between 3ft to 4ft - 188+
Kids between 4ft to 4ft6in - 388+
Adults - 688+
75 y/o & above - 50% Special Discount
Weekday Dinner, Weekend & Holiday Lunch & Dinner
Kids below 3ft - Free
Kids between 3ft to 4ft - 288+
Kids between 4ft to 4ft6in - 588+
Adults - 888+
75 y/o & above - 50% Special Discount
Prices are subject to 5% service charge.

Vikings Luxury Buffet, SM Megamall
4/F Mega Fashion Hall, Bldg. D, SM Megamall,
Julio Vargas cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong,
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 656-3888; 656-4888; 656-5888
Official Website | Facebook Page
Twitter | Instagram


  1. Thank God, they have now a price reduction from 1088 now its 888php! I haven't been to their megamall branch and its true from the pics I can honestly say that it is one of the best interiors! Thanks for the review Sumi!

    1. So nice that they reduced the weekend rate, no? :) I think the SM MOA branch still follows the old pricing though.

  2. Wow vikings has really upgraded since my first visit when it opened its pioneer branch 3 yrs ago I'll try to visit it again after crossing out other non-hotel buffets I haven't tried like sambo kojin and la fiesta (so far yung nalang ata hehe)

  3. what i love the most Viking restaurant for eat-all-you-can buffet is that the good ambiance, nice place and the food itself. all in one package service.. Nice and Great

  4. soon, Vikings will open here at SM Jazz.. at last, it's near to our place.. i'm really looking forward to eat at vikings.

    - Mariellen Cruz -


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