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Monday, September 28, 2015
Oh -ber months... Although Christmas itself is still 3 months away, September already felt like a legit beginning to the Christmas season. However, I personally feel like it's not just the cheery vibe, the traffic, and the Christmas songs played in public, that screamed holiday season. I mean, all of them create this happy, exciting Christmas mood. But another thing that I always associate with the season, is SHOPPING.

S&R September
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Truth be told, I'm not much of a spender. If it's for food, then you can get me to splurge. But if it's for other things like clothes or gadgets, I tend to be the more frugal type. However, Christmas season is one of those times (the other is my birthday), when I feel okay to spend a little. Or a lot. And with the build up to December, I can't help but browse around and start creating a long wishlist of things I'd be buying for family and friends, and for myself.

S&R Membership Shopping
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While I haven't been to S&R for a while now, I've always loved the nice finds I can get from this members-only shopping center. And seeing how they offer "healthy deals" which are right up my alley, for this month of September, I figured I'd share with you some of the items I'm planning to buy on my next trip to S&R.

Call me lame or what-have-you, but I'm all for kitchen accessories and food storage. 'Cause hey, self-confessed foodie here! (。≖ˇェˇ≖。)b

S&R Kitchen Servers

So far, I already have my eye on Snips Tropicana Salad Spinner. I haven't been a good eater these months, but I've decided to limit my simple carbs and eat more greens, so something that aids me in making salad would be perfect! I can make a big batch with this, before placing the salad in single portion containers. Saves time and makes salad prepping easier!

The Buy 1 Take 1 deal on the Rove n Flight Tumbler and Rove Sleek Travel Mug is tempting too! I'm currently in need of a good sized tumbler since I haven't been drinking enough water when I'm out. But while the 20oz. tumbler seems the perfect size, I can't help but gravitate towards the 16oz. travel mug. They have it in purple! PURPLE! (ლ `Д ́)ლ Haha! I always find it hard to decide between function or aesthetics. Which do you think should I go for?

S&R Bed and Bath Linen

The SPA Elegance Bath Towel seems like a pretty neat gift to each of my family members too. And if you ever know about Rebecca Robeson, whom I'm a big fan of, then these towels aren't just for drying one's self, but a perfect accent to the bathroom too! ヽ(。ゝω・)ノ☆

As for the parents who love being surrounded by tons of bed pillows, I'm thinking of getting them either the Hypoallergenic Bamboo Down Pillow or the T300 Down Around Pillow. I may not be knowledgeable enough with the differences and pros and cons of these types of pillows, but I think I'll know the answer when I visit S&R and check these 2 in person.

Anyhow, I hope my virtual wishlist or will-buy-list, has helped you in one way or another. But for the meantime, I'll just be waiting for my next trip to S&R. ৲( ᵒ ૩ᵕ )৴♡*৹

How about you? Do you have anything in particular that you love at S&R? Or if you have any recommendations on items I should check out, please do let me know! #loveSnR

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