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Wednesday, December 23, 2015
Ahhh... The holidays. The season where traffic is a little too unbearable, and crowds can be suffocating at times. Yet, 'tis the perfect opportunity to reunite with the whole family and get together with old friends. However, as I grow old and age up, I've found that staying in is not only a lot more convenient, but can also be more enjoyable, especially when your place is decked in holiday cheers and you got company.

Holiday Home
Photo sourced from Dekoration
Unfortunately though, I still live at my parents'. And while I enjoy freeloading from their pantry, I don't have the full authority to change things up at home. Luckily, my folks enjoy the benefits when I shop around for home stuff. And at the moment, I'm really into kitchen basics and small appliances. Well, they're the only things I can buy as of now anyway.

Bella Aluminum Cooking Set
12-piece Bella Aluminum Cookware (P4,299.95)
Regular: P5,499.95
Some of the things that caught my eye on my last trip to our favorite members-only shopping center, S&R, are the 12-piece Bella Aluminum Cookware. (The other elements of the set weren't displayed though.) Sadly, the copper variant which I really dig was already out of stock. But hey, these stainless steel set is still a great addition to any foodie's dream kitchen!

Philips Breakfast Bundle
Philips Breakfast Bundle (P5,629.95)
Regular: P7,984.95
Another on my will-buy list is the 3-piece Philips Breakfast Bundle which includes a 1.5L electric kettle, a toaster, and a coffee maker. It's a pretty sulit bundle, especially for a start-up home. I'm actually thinking of getting the set for when I move out some time soon. This seems like a really nice wedding gift to young couples too.

American Home TV
American Home LED 32" TV (P9,999.95)
Regular: P13,905.95
And speaking of moving out, I actually already have plans of doing so. It's still on the earlier stages -- looking up units and apartments for rent online. But hey, it's never too early to be planning for the decor and furnishings! And it's nice to see there are affordable electronics and appliances at S&R. At the moment, I'm eyeing on the American Home LED 32" TV and the GE Refrigerator. The Fabric Storage Chaise Sofa seems nifty too, since additional storage space is always welcome, but it might take a while before I can invest in one.

Lifestyle Furnishings at SnR

Anyhow, I can't wait till I can have my own place to call home. And if the holiday traffic gets worse year after year, I think I'd really have to start a different holiday tradition -- regularly inviting friends over for catch-up sessions instead of spending them in cafes and restaurants. 'Cause if I can get away from the traffic and the crazy holiday crowds, while spending precious time with loved ones in the comfort of my holiday-decked home, I'd take it any time! d(。ゝд・)


  1. wow! good luck on your plans of moving out to have your own house,so nice naman nag iipon ka na ng mga things pang house seems that you're still young to do it..

    1. Hi Leny! Thanks for dropping by. :) I don't I'll be able to buy a place yet in time for moving out. At the moment, I'm looking into renting lang muna. ^^ And the collecting home stuff comes naturally. I love small appliances and home decor eh! :D


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