Cafe Enye: Spanish Brunch Cafe in Eastwood City

Sunday, April 17, 2016
Though totally coincidental and unplanned, I always end up visiting cafes to grab meals from for the past year or two. Whether I'm by myself or with company, the forces of nature (or just my biases) would put me inside a resto-cafe -- either new or trusted. And recently, I found myself yet again in one of them. This time, inside Cafe Enye in Eastwood City.

Cafe Enye Eastwood

Whenever we're in Eastwood, the boyfriend and I would see this fairly new establishment at the Excelsior Building. We initially had no idea what they served here though, and would always be full already when we pass by this part of Eastwood. But a few weeks ago, we spent most of our time checking out the establishments along this side of Eastwood Ave. And luckily, we still haven't had breakfast nor lunch, so off to brunch at Cafe Enye we went!

Unlike most resto-cafes in the area though, Cafe Enye doesn't just offer continental favorites and the usual fare. Upon checking their menu, we found out that they serve Spanish colonial cuisine with a modern twist. Hmm... Interesting.

Cafe Enye in Eastwood
Cafe Enye Eastwood Interior

More interesting was their choice of decor for the interiors. A bit rustic, a bit quirky, but very Instagrammable. The place comes with different table setup for whatever suits your style -- cushioned booth seating, table for fours with mismatched chairs, lower cafe couch-style seating, and even something more communal. And amidst the warm wooden tones, the pop of colors at Cafe Enye really adds a touch of fun.

But of course, as much as we enjoy restaurants and cafes for their ambiance, food is still our top priority. Going in, we thought we'd be able to try their Paella Brunch Plate offerings. But sadly, we went in at almost 12 noon already, and the brunch plates were only available from 7AM to 11AM. Sigh.

Enye Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables (P490)
✓ Enye Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables (P490)
Instead, I just ordered for this big serving of slow-roasted garlic, herb and orange chicken, with roasted sweet potatoes and served with flavorful Sofrito aioli. My order also came with a cup of light and fluffy Enye rice. Although it seemed simple, this dish won me over. The flavors are all on point, and the cook on the chicken and even the rice were superb. I also wasn't able to finish the whole thing 'cause portion is very generous, so I was more than happy to take home more than half of the plate.

Bacalao Puttanesca
Bacalao Puttanesca (P275)
Bacalao Puttanesca (P275)
The boyf on the other hand, was contemplating between getting the puttanesca or the Lechon Carbonara (P250). In the end, he went for the tangy and salty classic puttanesca with homemade Bacalao chunks. Although cooked al dente and had nice balance of flavors, this dish didn't impress me much. I think we should've went with our gut and ordered the sinful carbonara pasta.

Blended Kamias (P90)
Blended Kamias (P90)
There's no arguing that summer 2016 has been terribly hot. And to help me cool down a bit, I went with a blended kamias shake as my beverage of choice during our visit. I don't consume kamias much. Actually, now that I think about it, I've only had it in sinigang. But as an ice blended shake, this is a refreshing, slightly sweet, very tangy and quite tannic drink.

Spanish Tablea (P120)
✓ Spanish Tablea (P120)
As for the boyf, he went with a hot chocolate drink despite the summer heat -- sweet, smooth, and chocolatey melted Spanish tablea with steamed milk. Yum! (It was written on the menu that this is supposed to be served with steamed milk on the side. I think it's high time they check and edit their menu descriptions.)

Good food, good meat, good friends at Cafe Enye


Despite being a resto-cafe junkie, I appreciate how Cafe Enye specializes on Spanish colonial cuisine, which makes the place more unique and stand out from most of the restaurants and cafes in the area. Its food, albeit a little pricier, offers good value flavor-wise and portion-wise. And with service that caters nicely and courteously, and ambiance that has successfully charmed us, we're sure to visit Cafe Enye yet again. Hopefully, next time we'll make it in time for their Paella Brunch offerings.

Taste 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Cafe Enye, Eastwood
G/F Excelsior Building, Eastwood Ave., Libis,
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 671-3230
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