M&M’S® Elections 2016: Vote for your Candydate!

This year's Presidential Election 2016 is heating up. On my social media feeds, in real-life social gatherings, and even at home and at work, there's no shortage of debates and at times, even heated arguments, about the upcoming election. But today, I'm not here to add more fuel to the fire. Instead, I bring you exciting news as M&M’S® brings their own brand of spontaneous fun to the elections.

Vote MMS 2016

This summer, you have the power to cast your vote for any of the three M&M’S® candydates for a chance to win cash prizes and M&M’S® merchandise.

Will you support Matapang and Magaling Red?
A fearless leader, Red is the candydate who will see you through tough times.

Will you vote for the Kabarkada ng Bayan Yellow?
The friendliest candydate, Yellow is always seeing the sunny side of things.

Will you rally for the Confidently Smart Bae-yani Green?
The epitome of Girl Power, Green is a magnetic candydate who has both charm & intelligence.


If it isn't too obvious yet, my pick have and will always be RED. But if you still can’t decide who to support, then don’t miss the chance to see all three candydates as they go around Manila to campaign for your vote.

Choose Brave. Friendly. Confident.

Be a part of the Miting de Avance, happening on April 22 at the Makati Coliseum. Meet and greet the three candydates and hear them out as they rally for your vote. Get your photo taken at the photo booth and cast your votes for a chance to win fun prizes!

Or catch the M&M’S® Motorcade happening in selected barangays and more fun M&M’S® Vote activities at selected LRT Stations happening this summer. Cast your vote, play fun games and win M&M’S® products!

M&M Teaser

For the schedule of activities, visit the M&M’S® Philippines Facebook page. And if you want to vote at your convenience, simply post the caption of your choice - I vote Red! #mmsred, or I vote Yellow! #mmsyellow, or I vote Green! #mmsgreen, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (set publicly) to win prizes weekly!

Voting period is from 15th April to 15th May 2016. Then watch out for the announcement of the M&M’S® winner of the Vote M&M’S® 2016 Campaign on 20th May 2016 online.


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