Ippudo: The New Hakata-Style Nikusoba

If you've been following me on Instagram, you would've known that I'm trying to eat cleaner and healthier these past month or so. But of course, being a foodie first (before a health buff-wannabe), I'm still up for cheat meals every now and then. And while we actually had a cheat day (rather than just meal) during the Robinsons Place Manila Bloggers' Fashion and Food Crawl, I made sure to save some tummy space for Ippudo's newest item.

Ippudo at Robinsons Place Manila

Ippudo has been in the country for two years now. And although I've blogged about it before when it first opened, I'm still as excited to dine here for the nth time. Who wouldn't? Ippudo already has over 100 stores worldwide, and with the founder, Shigemi Kawahara, revered as Ramen King, at that!

Ippudo Robinsons Place Manila

With the philosophy -- to continuously innovate to remain true, there's no way one wouldn't be excited for any of Ippudo's classics and new items.

Hakata-Style Nikusoba

Ippudo's new Nikusoba
✓ Hakata-Style Nikusoba (P490)

I've always loved Ippudo's ramen, but since it's been a while since I had ramen, my first mouthful of this nikusoba left a really strong impression. We had the noodles cooked hard which is always a good option if you'll be taking photos of the dish before eating. Anyhow, this bowl of ramen really oozes with light, creamy, meaty and comforting tonkotsu flavors perfect for Manila's rainy weather. It also has thin slices of pork belly, thin flat noodles, stewed onions, sweet chili soy sauce, green onions and nori.

Hakata-Style Nikusoba (P490 ala carte; Add P40 for Onsen Tamago; Add P50 for Onsen Tamago and Rice)
Add P40 for Onsen Tamago
Add P50 for Onsen Tamago and Rice

Slurping the Hakata-style nikusoba on its own is already filling and extremely satisfying. But for a more authentic experience, you can also order Ippudo's soft-boiled onsen egg which goes very nicely with the ramen (and with rice). And when you're done with the noodles, you can also opt to dump in the rice and enjoy it with the flavorful tonkotsu broth.

This is how most people enjoy their ramen in both Japan and Korea, from what I know. It might be a little to carb-heavy for me. But if I were really famished, I won't know for sure. Haha! ☆⌒(*^-°)v

Wagyu Maki Onigiri

Ippudo's new Wagyu Maki Onigiri
✓ Wagyu Maki Onigiri (P320)

Apart from the new Hakata-style noodle dish, we were also introduced to a new side dish (or main, if you prefer). This new rice roll has thin slices of Wagyu beef glazed with Yakiniku sauce, encasing a Japanese rice ball. And while I normally (nowadays) shy away from appetizers or side dishes with rice, I just can't help but succumb to this item's beefy-rice goodness. Seriously, if I weren't already full from all the eating we did at the Fashion & Food Crawl, I'd be more than happy to finish a whole serving or two of this!


Ippudo Philippines has always been consistent in providing amazing ramen experience to slurpers in the metro, and I'm sure glad I had another one of that amazing-ness in a bowl. Like my previous trips to this ramen franchise, service and ambiance (despite being a different branch) is A+. Really, I cannot fault anything during this Ippudo trip (and my many others), except the fact that frequent visits would not only be detrimental to my wallet but also to my fitness goals. Haha! But I guess, if it's with Ippudo's flavorful and highly-satisfying offerings, then I'm willing to just work more hours on the treadmill.

Taste 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Ippudo, Robinsons Place Manila
G/F Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila,
Pedro Gil cor. Ermita, Manila, Philippines
(02) 353 0701
Official Website | Facebook | Instagram

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