The Food Circuit: Northearn Eats & Treats at SM The Block

As a northie, I don't really have many choices for dates and shopping sessions. While I like going out and about, there's a sense of security to just staying somewhere near my place. And while SM North EDSA isn't exactly located within my city, it's the nearest major mall from where I live. Can't have myself all contented with SM Center Sangandaan now, can't I? You might not have even heard of it if you're not from Malaboon-Caloocan area!

Food Circuit at SM North EDSA The Block

The only problem with always frequenting the same mall? One can hardly find something new. I felt this with SM North EDSA, especially towards their restaurant choices.

But there's been good news for months now. Foodies will now be treated to a wider, more diverse roster of restaurants as SM North EDSA opens The Food Circuit at the lower ground floor of The Block. And I'm not talking about a few new resto cafes here. Not even ten! There'll be a myriad of delectable flavors enough for embarking on a culinary adventure with 27 new dining destinations. Yup, you've read that right. Twenty seven!

Food Circuit at SM North The Block

I've been excited to see all these establishments unveiled one by one over the months. But last Sunday, June 19, The Food Circuit was formally launched as almost all the restaurants have already started operations.

And to make things even better, there'll be a week-long food celebration right smack at The Food Circuit. From June 19 to 26, everyone can sample the goodies and noms from this new food haven's tenants with the Taste Flairs Food Fair. There will also be chef discussions by the masters in the culinary world from June 25 to 26 at 3PM and 5PM. And to make the space more lively, the ground floor will be filled with rhythm and beats from live musical performances from June 25 to 26 at 5PM and 6PM.

And just to give you a taste of what to expect...

Almon Marina

Food Circuit Almon Marina


Food Circuit Amici

Casa Italia

Food Circuit Casa Italia
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Cafe Shibuya

Food Circuit Cafe Shibuya

Gyro V

Food Circuit Gyro V 1
Food Circuit Gyro V 2

Grind Burger

Food Circuit Grind Burgers


Food Circuit Gringo 1
Food Circuit Gringo 2
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Mr. Pizza

Food Circuit Mr Pizza
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Tokyo Bubble Tea

Food Circuit Tokyo Bubble Tea 1
Food Circuit Tokyo Bubble Tea 2
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Osaka Ohsho

Food Circuit Osaka Ohsho
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Rock & Seoul

Food Circuit Rock & Seoul 1
Food Circuit Rock & Seoul 2

Nadai Fujisoba

Food Circuit Nadai Fujisoba 1
Food Circuit Nadai Fujisoba 2
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Food Circuit Tamarind 1
Food Circuit Tamarind 2
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Bistro Remedios

Food Circuit Bistro Remedios

Cafe Adriatico

Food Circuit Cafe Adriatico

King Chef

Food Circuit King Chef 1
Food Circuit King Chef 2
Food Circuit King Chef 3

Eat City

Food Circuit Eat City


Food Circuit Kumori 1
Food Circuit Kumori 2
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Sweetea's by

Food Circuit Sweetea's by daUde 1
Food Circuit Sweetea's by daUde 2

Costa Coffee

Food Circuit Costa Coffee
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La Lola Churreriaa

Food Circuit La Lola Churreria 1
Food Circuit La Lola Churreria 2

GoNuts Donuts

Food Circuit GoNuts Donuts 1
Food Circuit GoNuts Donuts 2

Baskin Robbins

Food Circuit Baskin Robbins 1
Food Circuit Baskin Robbins 2
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There are other establishments which didn't showcase in the Taste Flairs food fair but are part of The Food Circuit -- Conti's Bakery and Cafe, BonChon, La Macaronerie, and Tous Les Jours.

So come down to SM North EDSA The Block and visit The Food Circuit! Join the fun at the Taste Flairs food fair until June 26, and enjoy the live music and also learn from the culinary masters on June 25 and 26. Rediscover #NorthEats as this SM mall brings us a whole new level of dining to the north!

For more information, visit SM North EDSA's pages:
Official Website | Facebook | Instagram

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