Cooking for Mom: A Little Something for A Special Someone

I know I don't post a lot of personal things on this blog. However, I figured I should share this here. It's the least I can do compared to all the love and sacrifices of all the moms in the world. And yup! As obvious as it is, this post is all about my love for my mom.
Baby Sumi with Mama

Before I decided to blog about this, I thought I was a daddy's girl. But the more I think about it, the more I realized that I've actually shared more about my life, emotions and aspirations with my mom. It's also with my mom that I showed all my faces -- happy, sad, clumsy, even being bratty! And despite all that, she still listens to me, cares for me, and loves me. She has been there to guide both me and my little sis ever since day one.

Selfie with mom Mom helping me food blog
Our first mother-daughter selfie taken 2 months ago;
Yup! My mom also helps me with food blogging.
I know my mom carrying me and my little sis for nine months and giving birth to us is already tough. But even after that, she continued to work hard to help our dad provide for us, for the whole family. She has also been the one cooking our meals everyday even when she's already tired, or even when she's not feeling well. I can still vividly remember the time when we both had the flu, she still cooked me porridge, helped me take my meds, and waited for me to fall asleep... Even when she herself was also as sick.

There are even more things my mom did for me, for my little sister, for the whole family. She has been our Super Mom, and a Super Wife to our dad, and we can never thank her enough for all the sacrifices she has endured, and all the love she has given us.

The Little Something

I wanted to give back to my mom in my own simple way. She's not really into fancy surprises and prefers the little things, so I decided to cook her breakfast. What better way to wake up than to see there's already a hearty first meal waiting for you, right?

Breakfast for Mama Happy Mother's Day

So I usually cook dinner for the family as part of my "experiments" in the kitchen. But I realized that when it comes to breakfast, I only cook for myself as evidenced on my IG posts. So, I chose to cook breakfast for my mom as I want her to start the day right.

Breakfast for Mom Mother's Day Electrolux
Chicken sausages, Angus beef tapa, sunny-side up egg, tomatoes and garlic fried rice;
diced mangoes with banana slices, chia seeds and goji berries; Red Light by Juice Hut
Mom eating breakfast

So I made a filling yet well-balanced breakfast for the most special woman in my life. And I just loved how she looked so happy going out of their room and seeing there's food already waiting for her on the table. "Ang dami naman niyan! Baka di ko maubos," she exclaimed. And as the loving mom that she is, she even shared the meal with my lil sis.

And the little something didn't stop there...

Most of the time, my mom is out in the late afternoon, so she never gets to eat whenever I cook merienda for the family. And since she didn't have any plans of going out today, I figured I should make her something!

Kung Pao Chicken Pasta with Electrolux

Armed with the trusty Electrolux induction cooker, my little sis and I made a Kung Pao Chicken Pasta for merienda. And of course, the first bowlful goes to our mom!

Kung Pao Chicken Pasta Merienda for Mom Kung Pao Chicken Pasta for Mom

To my ever-so-loving mother:
Ma, thank you so much for everything. You have given up so much for our sake. You have never failed to be there for us, even at times we're being brats. Despite being grown-ups now, you still care for me and my lil sis like we're still your babies. You have given us more than what we could ask for, and we can never be more thankful.

Ma, from the bottom of our hearts, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

I know this is just a very simple gesture compared to what our mom has done for us. No matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, there's just no way we can ever outdo what she has given us. Truly, we are very, very lucky to have our mom!

And I'm sure, you are too! So why not show your mom how much you love her? Even in simple ways, you can say thanks to the most special woman in your life. Actually, by doing so, you can even win an Electrolux kitchen showcase for your mom!

Electrolux Delightful-E

To join, just like the Electrolux Little White Book page, follow the mechanics and accomplish the form at Electrolux: Your Moments with Mommy.

To all the moms in the world, HAPPY HAPPY M♥THER'S DAY!!! <3


  1. Lovely post:) So sweet! I also cooked for my Mom yesterday, breakfast din: fried eggs and pancakes:)

    1. Belated Happy Mother's Day to your mom and to all the moms in your family! ^^


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