Baskin-Robbins: Now Open at Bonifacio Global City!

When it comes to desserts, I prefer ice cream and gelato over cakes and pastries. So when news hit that Baskin-Robbins is finally returning to Manila, I was one of 'em foodies who can't contain the excitement. You see, as much as I love ice cream, I never got to try Baskin-Robbins before they pulled out from the Philippine market. Luckily, they're now back to serve Manileños at their first branch in Bonifacio Global City.
Baskin Robbins Manila

Located at the upper ground floor of Central Square -- the new mall adjacent to Bonifacio High Street Central and yes, the one with the 4DX and ATMOS cinemas, stands the island kiosk of Baskin-Robbins. It officially opened to the public last July 2, but it was only this weekend that the beau and I got to try it. You know why? 'Cause there's always a crazy long line! I've even read from Mr. Awesome Planet that they had to line up for almost 2 hours before they got to enjoy their Baskin-Robbins treats. That's just crazy!

Baskin Robbins Central Square Bonifacio Global City
Baskin-Robbins kiosk on a Sunday morning, just after the mall opened
Come Saturday evening, we went to check out Baskin-Robbins at Central Square. And I can't believe what I saw. It's like seeing J.Co's crazy long line of customers all over again! And since my threshold for waiting is unfortunately only until 30 minutes (far from the estimated time we'll get to the counter should we decide to line up), especially in this case where I'd have to literally stand in line, we just decided to go back the next day.

Hurrah! Going to Baskin-Robbins on a Sunday morning was the best decision! At 10:30AM, we were one of the very first customers, the second group to order, actually.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Sizes BGC The Fort
Baskin-Robbins cups and tubs;
Half gallon, quart, pint, triple scoop, double scoop, regular single scoop, junior single scoop
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Price Manila
Baskin Robbins Menu Manila
Baskin-Robbins also offers sundaes, waffle bowls and ice cream cakes.
There were 31 different flavors to choose from, ranging from (mostly) ice creams, no sugar added ice creams, frozen yogurts and even sherbets and ice.

Jamoca Vanilla Love Potion #31 Rum Raisin
Caramel Turtle Truffle* Macadamia Nuts 'N Cream Chocolate Chip* Chocolate Chip
Cookies 'N Cream Cotton Candy Maui Brownie Madness Hokey Pokey
Chocolate Very Berry Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Royale Jamoca Almond Fudge
Gold Medal Ribbon Pistachio Almond Coconut Caramel Chocolate Crunch
Pralines 'N Cream World Class Chocolate Green Tea Mint Chocolate Chip
Mango Yogurt Blackberry Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Rainbow Sherbet
Orange Sherbet Citrus Twist Ice Mango Tango *No Sugar Added

Since there are a lot of flavors available, you can try out spoon-size samples before finally deciding which flavor/s to order. However, since the beau and I were feeling silly that time, we didn't taste test anything and decided to order by gut feeling.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream BGC The Fort
2 people sharing 5 scoops of ice cream... Ain't nothing wrong with that!
By the way, since we knew we wouldn't be able to come back to Baskin-Robbins again really soon, we went a little crazy with ordering. I got 2 regular single scoops, while the beau got 1 junior triple scoops. Hello sugar loading! We'll try to burn you this whole week!

Pistachio Almond (Regular Single P119)
✓ Pistachio Almond (Regular Single P119)
My first regular scoop was the Pistachio Almond -- light, smooth and creamy pistachio ice cream infused with lots of roasted almond slices. This is definitely a win! On its own, it's the perfect uncloying, just-right-sweet treat. Paired with other richer ice cream flavors, this is a good choice to balance their richness and sweetness out.

Love Potion #31 (Regular Single P119)
Love Potion #31 (Regular Single P119)
I also got the Love Potion #31 -- white chocolate and raspberry ice creams mixed with raspberry ribbon, chocolate chips and raspberry-filled hearts. Now, this would've been another win in my book. I just loved the combination of sweet, creamy white chocolate and sharp raspberry. Unfortunately though, after almost finishing my ice cream, I was left with loads of chocolate chips and raspberry hearts which were overly sweet.

Jamoca Almond Fudge, Maui Brownie Madness and Caramel Turtle Truffle (Junior Triple P195)
✓ Jamoca Almond Fudge, ✓ Maui Brownie Madness
and Caramel Turtle Truffle (Junior Triple P195)
The beau, on the other hand, got himself a big cup of junior triple scoops:

Jamoca Almond Fudge -- Made from Baskin-Robbins' custom blended java and mocha coffee ice cream with roasted almonds and a rich chocolate ribbon. Now, if you love coffee ice cream, then you'll dig this! We did. We just loved the rich but not overly sweet coffee flavor. The almond slices added depth and texture too.

Maui Brownie Madness -- Chocolate frozen yogurt with chunks of brownie, macadamia nuts and a ribbon of chocolate fudge. For a frozen yogurt, this blend is pretty darn rich! Every bite is an explosion of bittersweet chocolate, so I still can't believe this is actually froyo! On its own, this can be pretty overpowering, so best paired with lighter flavors.

Caramel Turtle Truffle -- Vanilla-flavored frozen dairy dessert with caramel, milk chocolate turtles and a caramel ribbon, no sugar added. For something without added sugar, it's hard to believe how rich and sweet this flavor was. Among the 5 flavors we got to try, this is our least favorite because of how cloying it was. If we got this on a separate cup paired with nuts and lighter ice cream flavors, we might've thought otherwise.

Tip: Go for the junior scoops, especially if you want to try more flavors.


Pinoys might have the tendencies to over-hype restaurants and brands, but I can say with Baskin-Robbins, it's well-placed. They really deserve the attention they've been getting 'cause they indeed serve good ice cream. And while I'm still not willing to wait in line for an hour or two, I'll be sure to get my fix once in a while, even if it means visiting the mall early in the morning. So, while I may not have any prior Baskin-Robbins memories unlike most of its patrons, I'm sure glad to have created one just recently. And of course, I'm bound to create more.

PS: Does Baskin-Robbins in BGC really not have free water for drinking nor sell bottled water? Since we downed 5 scoops, we were badly in need of at least a small cup of water. The beau asked the staff, but they didn't have any *daw*. HUUUUWAAAAT??!!!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 3/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Baskin-Robbins, Central Square (Cinema Bldg.)
UG/F Central Square, Bonifacio High Street Central,
5th Ave. corner 30th St., Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 570-5377
Official Website
Facebook Page
Twitter | Instagram


  1. Super curious with Baskin Robbins. I should give it a try soon! :)

    1. Go give it a try on a day they won't have crazy long lines, Michy! :) You'll love it!

  2. ahh Sumi your photos are killing me. I have such a weakness for ice cream :P
    So surprised they don't have any kind of water though. All that sugar...people are bound to be thirsty

    1. Ikr! We're not sure if they just didn't have water that time since we visited early, right after the mall opened. But if they really do not have it, then I hope they'll decide to offer or even sell water some time soon.

  3. We'll probably try Baskin Robbins too if wala ng line on a day time since we don't eat ice cream in the morning hehe. We used to eat baskin robins and auntie anne's before after we go bowling sa robinsons place Manila. I always order that Pistachio Almond and Mint Chocolate Chip but I can't recall the flavor na haha.
    I noticed you should single regular scoops instead of double (with savings of 39 php). Not a good idea to mix the flavors ba? Because you can save 60 php if you order the triple junior scoops than individual hehe.

    1. Yup, the junior scoops are more sulit than the regular ones. Parang di naman din ganun kalaki ang difference. XD I just ordered regular scoops since I wasn't sure how small the junior scoop ones. Btw, it's okay to mix flavors. It's better pa nga to create a more unique ice cream experience. Yun lang, I thought to order in separate cups to better judge the flavors and for photo op. Mas maganda kasi tingnan for the blog. Haha!

    2. Thanks for the tips! =) Wanna try it if we're eating there sa area para yan ang dessert hehe.

  4. No water? Waaaah over naman they could at least sell bottled water lol.

  5. Na-miss ko naman ang ice cream ng BR. I hope they re-open more branches soon.

  6. Good to hear it's back in Manila. People get to enjoy ice cream more because of the warm weather, I heard.

  7. I saw Baskin Robbins last weekend and the queue was really long so I opted to go another day. I think it's worth the hype too.

  8. If I remember correctly, Baskin Robbins had a branch in Katipunan Ave. QC before..that was like around 1999 (my college days). But sad to say, I was not able to sample it. Maybe this time around I'll have that chance. Layo lang kasi! =)

  9. wheew! I hoped they'd open somewhere here in the north coz I want to try their ice creams too.

  10. Hi Sis Sumi! It's been a while. Nice photos and great review as always. I wanted to try them all coz they look so yummy! Hope you remember me though we haven't seen each other in person yet. Hehe.

  11. I'm excited to try the Mint Chocolate Chip. Luckily, BGC is just a jeepney ride away from our house! :)

  12. i passed by this place a couple of times during its 1st week of operation and the line was super long.. I think the only time it wasn't was when it was near closing time but the it stretched to a 15 minute wait. hmmmm :D :D :D ... and water? hahaha Grabeee naman :D :D :D

  13. Hopefully they'll have a branch here up north! Bonifacio Global City is too far from me! I've heard of this thru my tito in Qatar and marami silang branches doon pero walang nakakapansin masyado! :)

  14. cant wait to try this one! heard a lot good reviews about it :)


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