Hard Rock Hotel Macau: Rock 'N Roll Lifestyle at City of Dreams

Last week, I received a good news that I was so excited about. And if you've been following me on Instagram, you might've noticed my crazy and very rare IG posting streak. I was blessed to join the media fam tour of a premier leisure and entertainment resort in Macau -- immersing in its city-inspired beauty, enjoying its electrifying entertainment, and indulging my palate with outstanding food the place offers. And it's none other than at the integrated entertainment destination of Macau, City of Dreams.

Hard Rock Hotel Macau

While the Cotai Strip in Macau, where City of Dreams is located, houses a good number of hotels, City of Dreams Macau is actually already a home to three -- Crown Towers, Grand Hyatt Hotel, and Hard Rock Hotel. If it isn't that obvious yet, I got to stay at the latter, which while not as luxurious as the other two, is still as chic, stylish and indulging. And actually, among these three, I'd say Hard Rock Hotel oozes with the most attitude. If the mere sound of its name or its widely-known logo aren't enough to convince you, maybe its promise of a rock 'n' roll-themed lifestyle (and hopefully, my blog post) can.

So our group of four bloggers and one media personality arrived at City of Dreams Macau last Wednesday. While I was as giddy as a little kid who'll be going to Disney Land, I got to admit that at that time, there were a lot of things in my mind. And let me tell you, the words "excited" and "anxious" (about work and other personal matters) don't leave a good feeling when combined together. Or, at least in my book.

Hard Rock Hotel Macau Standard King Room
Standard King Room
(Double occupancy with two queen beds are also available.)
But the sight of this room, especially that king bed which I have all for myself, immediately took my worries away. Coupled with the warmth and hospitality of everyone I've met the day we checked in, the storm in my mind sure started to calm down. "I'm here for (depends on how you look at it) work and leisure, and I'll enjoy myself," I thought.

Hard Rock Hotel City of Dreams Macau Standard King Room
Study area with multifunction iPod docking station and 42-inch flat-screen HDTV;
King-sized bed with "Sleep Like A Rock®" bedding, 350-thread count Egyptian cotton
Dining Table
Red-top table that adds a retro-chic touch
Hard Rock Hotel Macau Standard King
Counter and drawer by the door
Mini-bar at Standard King Room in Hard Rock Hotel Macau
Mini-bar with coffee and tea maker
Mini-bar at Hard Rock Hotel Macau
More goodies and a designer "Mix-Me" station
Alcoholic drinks from Hard Rock Hotel's mini-bar
Drinks for mixing
Bartending Tools at Hard Rock Hotel
Be your own bartender with these bartending tools!
Closet in Standard King Room Hard Rock Hotel Macau
Closet with safe deposit box, iron and board
Toilet and Bath in Standard King Room Hard Rock Hotel Macau
Separate toilet room, and bathtub and shower
with Hard Rock’s signature Rock Spa bathroom amenities
Hard Rock Hotel Macau Standard King Bath Room and Selfie
Sink and makeup counter with complete set of toiletries and other grooming essentials;
Shameless bathroom selfie is shameless.
Toiletries at Hard Rock Hotel
I'm in love with the bath and body toiletries' sweetgrass scent... So soothing!
Hard Rock Hotel in City of Dreams Macau
Hard Rock Hotel's cotton bathrobe available for purchase;
View of Grand Hyatt Hotel City of Dreams Macau from my room
While it was my first time in Macau, I've never felt more at home. This Standard King Room at Hard Rock Hotel was really comfortable! Spacious, especially for one, very clean and even smells nice. Spending time inside the room doesn't sound so bad too. There's the audio and/or video entertainment, an engaging "Mix-Me" station, fast and reliable complimentary WiFi, and a tub for that nice and relaxing bubble bath. And don't get me started with the bed! It has a bedding called Sleep Like A Rock® for a reason.

The Other Rooms

I didn't get to check out the other room types, but these photos from the hotel's website are enough to convince me that Hard Rock Hotel is sure a gorgeous place to stay at.

Hard Rock Hotel Corner Suite bed
Hard Rock Hotel Corner Suite living area
Hard Rock Hotel Corner Suite bathroom
Corner Suite
Room Details
  • Spacious layouts with retro chic touches
  • King-size bed
  • Sleep Like A Rock® bedding with 350-thread count Egyptian cotton
  • 42” flat-screen HDTV with plug-and-play technology
  • Wireless internet
  • Personal mini-bar offering a unique selection of upscale goodies
  • Designer “MIX-ME” station where you can be your own bartender
  • Cotton bathrobes
  • In-room safe
  • Daily newspapers
  • Alarm clock with MP3 connection
  • Complimentary music streaming channels
  • Wide selection of high definition on-demand movies and games

Hard Rock Hotel Rock Star Suite bedroom
Hard Rock Hotel Rock Star Suite living area
Rock Star Suite
Room Details
  • 180-degree views
  • DVD system with surround sound
  • Luxurious barware
  • Lavish floral arrangements
  • Lighting and ambience controls
  • Imported designer rugs
  • Soaking tubs with a panoramic view
  • Spacious layouts with retro chic touches
  • King and Queen-bed configurations
  • Sleep Like A Rock® bedding with 350-thread count Egyptian cotton
  • 65” flat-screen HDTV with plug-and-play technology
  • Wired and Wireless internet
  • Personal mini-bar offering a unique selection of upscale goodies
  • Designer “MIX-ME” station where you can be your own bartender
  • Cotton bathrobes
  • In-room safe
  • Daily newspapers
  • Alarm clock with MP3 connection
  • Complimentary music streaming channels
  • Wide selection of high definition on-demand movies and games

The Corner Suite is already beautiful, but the Rock Star Suite is really something! If only I were swimming in cash, I'd definitely check myself in and throw a hotel room party!

The Amenities

Okay, from this point onward, I'll share with you the amenities and even restaurants and bars inside Hard Rock Hotel Macau. Truth be told though, I wasn't able to personally check them out, so there's a dash of regret here, if you can't tell.

Rock Spa
Rock Spa at Hard Rock Hotel
Rock Spa
While I was very fortunate to have experienced a super relaxing massage at Crown Tower's Crown Spa, which I'll blog about soon, there's no denying that the Rock Spa at the hotel's 3rd floor seems like a very nice place to get pampered. They have single rooms and couple's rooms equipped with jacuzzi, sauna and their own washroom, where one can enjoy massages, body treatments and facials done by trained therapists.

Hard Rock Hotel guitar-shaped pool
Hard Rock Hotel Wave
Swimming Pool
Also at the 3rd floor is Hard Rock Hotel's guitar-shaped heated pool that even has a jacuzzi. Even though I dread the thought of myself sporting a bikini (Yup, I'm self-conscious like that!) I was really, really tempted to bare it all here just so I can enjoy this awesome-looking pool. Too bad though I decided to trade my pool trip with a few more hours of sleep, which I thought is what I wanted even more at that time.

Now, I feel like I've made the wrong decision. *sigh*

Oh, and if you're curious, there's also a fitness center at the 3rd floor.

The Restaurants, Bars and Shop

The whole complex of City of Dreams is sprawling with restaurants, cafes and shops, and Hard Rock Hotel also has its own set guests and even visitors can choose from.

Hard Rock Hotel R Bar
R Bar
Located at the ground floor is the R Bar which is Hard Rock Hotel's own lobby lounge. Unlike most lobby lounge I know though, R Bar doesn't feel like a laid-back cafe, but a laid-back bar (duh!) instead. And they serve international and pan-Asian favorites on top of the expected bar chow and cocktails.

Hard Rock Hotel Wave poolside
A pool would be too barren without a poolside bar, so to cater to guests wanting a bright-colored drink with fancy garnish in their hands while they lounge beside the pool, there's Wave, which serves international favorites, light snacks, barbecue and an array of drinks.

Hard Rock Hotel Flame Bar
Flame Bar
While City of Dreams has its casino at the ground floor, Hard Rock Hotel also boasts of its own smaller-but-nice casino at the second floor. And beside it is Flame Bar, the hotel's tiki bar that carries an extensive rum selection, and serves cocktails in collectable tiki mugs. I would've really loved to visit the Flame Bar, though I don't drink much.

Hard Rock Cafe Macau
Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe store
Rock Shop
Also located at the second floor is Hard Rock Cafe, the place-to-be should you crave for authentic American food with live music, on top of its collection of precious rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia. But if you want to take a piece of Hard Rock with you, then there's the Rock Shop beside it, selling souvenirs and knickknacks with rock 'n roll attitude.

Sound Of Your Stay™

If there's one thing I really regret during my stay at Hard Rock Hotel Macau, it's not checking out this one. The spa, the pool, the restaurants, bars and shops -- they all make me feel quite regretful. But I knew of their existence, and it was my decision to extend my affair with the Sleep Like A Rock® bedding than visit them. However, with this one, I was totally oblivious. I didn't know much about Sound Of Your Stay™ until we checked out.

Mix Picks Tracks at Hard Rock Hotel Macau

Since Hard Rock as a brand is music-oriented, it's just natural that the hotel also boasts of music amenities. And Sound Of Your Stay™, it is. A free all-encompassing music amenities program that gives every Hard Rock Hotel guest access to experiences you can't get anywhere else but here. And these three are reasons enough to make me cry that I missed them!
  • mix.™
    Free use of a Traktor S2 DJ controller and an accompanying laptop, so you can be a DJ even if it's just inside the room
  • picks.™
    Free use of any from the hotel's 20 Fender guitars (and bass guitars), a Fender Mustang floor amp and a pair of Nixon headphones, so you can feel like a rock star
  • tracks.™
    Free music download program where guests can download playlists curated by celebrities and music pros (You get a code or password upon check-in.)
Can you feel my pain??? I've always wanted to try mixing tracks and be a DJ for a day. Or, pose with a Fender guitar and take hundreds of photos so I could feel like I'm awesome at playing guitar, although I'm really not. (If anything, I used to play the guitar, so I do know how to use it.) But the chance has already flown away. *sob* I didn't even get to use the code for the free playlist download...

If only I knew earlier that a quick call to the concierge can give me an awesome-r experience at Hard Rock Hotel, I definitely would've made full use of it!

Hard Rock Hotel City of Dreams Macau

City of Dreams is such a fun place to be (will be posting a separate blog about it), and I'm glad I was able to experience it. But I think my stay was made even more memorable because of the comfort and novelty the Hard Rock Hotel so generously provided. The room itself became my safe haven; gotta love the ultra-comfy bed and the tub... Oh the tub! And the amenities, while most of which I wasn't able to make full use of, are enough to convince me to choose Hard Rock Hotel when I visit Macau again.

So thank you for the rockin' 2-night stay, Hard Rock Hotel Macau! I can't wait to see you again soon and rock it out with your free-to-use Fender guitar! \m/ \m/

Hotel Rates:
Standard King Room - 4,988 MOP
Standard Queen Room (Double Occupancy) - 5,238 MOP
Corner Suite - 5,988 MOP
Rock Star Suite - 58,888 MOP

Hard Rock Hotel, City of Dreams
Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau, China
(853) 8868-3338; Fax: (853) 8867-3338
City of Dreams Website
Official Website


  1. You're so lucky to have had this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hard Rock Hotel Macau rocks!

    1. It would've been more "once-in-a-lifetime" if I was able to borrow the DJ controller and a Fender guitar for free.. XD Haha! But yeah, Hard Rock Hotel really rocks!

  2. Wow! The place looks amazing inside and out. I've never been to Macau before, but would love to visit someday. :)

    1. You should! It was my first time in Macau, but I'm already planning to go back. Need to explore more of the city. :)

  3. Wow! Sosyal!!! I hope I'll have the privilege to be there soon!

    1. Visit Macau when you get the chance! And don't forget to drop by City of Dreams Macau, and syempre Hard Rock Hotel! ;) BUT, if it makes things easier, we'll have a City of Dreams Manila na rin this year! Woot!

  4. Omo! That's so nice! & you're so lucky too! Hahaha i've never been outside the country and if I will, Macau is one of my destination. That Hard Rock hotel sure will rock your world~!! The rooms are just so cozy and well, rock!

    1. Haha! True! Rock talaga kung rock! :D Do visit it if you go to Macau, but we'll have City of Dreams Manila din soon -- something nearer but just as great. ;)

  5. I haven't been to Macau but the hotel, itself, is kind of rnough to lure you into going! I love the idea of the "Sound of Your Stay," totally cool. Glad to know you had a blast in Macau! :D


    1. Thanks Gellie! Actually, even if I don't see the photos of the rooms, their "Sound of Your Stay" program is already enough to make me decide to book there. Haha!

  6. What a lucky girl! I would stay in that room the whole day hahaha I love the king size bed.


    1. I would've stayed in the room all day too if we didn't have an itinerary! XD Haha!

  7. Wow, that's a really nice place. Love the interiors. You're so lucky! ^_^

    1. Indeed! Their corner suites have even flashier interiors. And of course, the rock star suite! ;)

  8. All I can say is WOW! Lucky to visit Macau and stayed at Hard Rock Hotel :) The hotel is so posh, I love your room. If I'll be staying there for free, I could not ask for more!

    1. True, lucky me! ^^ But free or not, I'll definitely be staying at Hard Rock Hotel again. Saw photos of Hard Rock Hotel in Singapore, ganda din! So far, it's my first choice of hotel 'pag natuloy ang plan ko. :)

  9. I've been reading http://www.jeromeibuyan.com/2012/10/filipino-bloggers.html and it leads me here...
    You rock...stay cool and blessed as you are!

    1. Thank you for dropping by my blog, Annie! :) Checking out your blog too. Cheers!

  10. Oh wow! How gorgeous is that bedroom? With my previous job, I used to travel and stay at hotels we worked with a lot and it was amazing! I've only really seen Macau in K-dramas (like Fated to Love You) LOL but it looks like a fab place. xx


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  12. Oh myy!! Ang ganda ng hotel nila!! sobrang sosyal! and ang swerte mo siiis! hihhihi :D

  13. Nice and helpful article. I've been there in Macau last 4 years ago with my family but I think Hard Rock hotel is not yet constructed at that time. I love the Venetian too it's one of the nice place to visit in Macau also. Thanks for sharing this nice article.
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