Ramen Bar: New and Improved at The Hub Greenfield District

The cold, rainy, bed weather days is here, and so is the noodle soup-slurping season. So today, let me tickle your Japanese noodle soup craving as I share with you my most recent visit to one of my favorite ramen places in the metro, Ramen Bar.
Ramen Bar The Hub Greenfield District

Long before ramen houses from Japan have opened doors in the country, I was already a patron at Ramen Bar in Eastwood. However, when the authentic ramen craze hit Metro Manila, I was one of those foodies hopping from one ramen house to the other, checking them out and making a ramen ranking in my mind. As a result, I wasn't able to go back to eat at Ramen Bar any sooner. Fortunately though, I received a timely invitation to try the new and improved ramen (broth) at one of Ramen Bar's newest branches. So with the beau in tow, off we went to The Hub at Greenfield District.

Ramen Bar at The Hub Greenfield District
Photo from Ramen Bar Greenfield's Facebook
Unlike the cute doodles and bright red walls Ramen Bar Eastwood sports, this branch at The Hub took a more minimalist approach to its interior. The place mostly donned whites, with wooden tables and chairs. And while I still hold a bias towards the Eastwood store, which is one of the first dating places the beau and I frequented, I can't deny I find the minimalism refreshing. Especially at day time, Ramen Bar The Hub looks super inviting!

The Food

So enough about my rambling, and let's start with the actual food review.

Ebi Tempura (P380)
Ebi Tempura (P380)
This is the first time I've had Ebi Tempura at Ramen Bar, since I don't normally order this item (if available) at ramen places. However, I have to admit it's pretty darn good! There were 5 big pieces of prawns coated in crunchy tempura batter, served with a sweet-salty dipping sauce. So if you love tempura, no worries, this wouldn't disappoint!

RBS #1 (P360)
✓ R.B.S. #1 (P360)
The beau has always been fond of the R.B.S. #1 which is a bowl of tonkotsu (pork bone broth), shoyu (soy sauce), chasyu (marinated braised pork belly), kakuni (braised pork belly), negi (long green onion) and naruto (fish cake). And with an improved broth, this bowl oozes large doses of hearty, savory flavors than its older, lighter counterpart. Not to mention, the variety of toppings also makes this one very filling ramen!

Bikkuri Ramen (P380)
✓ Bikkuri Ramen (P380)
I got to try the Bikkuri Ramen back when it was still part of the seasonal menu, and I'm so happy that this became a mainstay! This is probably the only miso-based ramen on the current menu, but it tastes as hearty as I can remember. With chasyu, chili-infused minced pork, negi, naruto and aji tamago (marinated soft boiled egg), every mouthful gives a blend of balanced, comforting flavors with a sudden bikkuri (surprise) of spice.

Seafood Ramen (P380)
✓ Seafood Ramen (P380)
When this bowl of Seafood Ramen was first served, we were a little disappointed to not find a lot of actual seafood peeking from the broth. However, upon diving our spoons and chopsticks in, we found not just a decent number of perfectly-cooked shrimps and squid pieces, but even an explosion of seafood goodness. It had a hearty blend of shio (salt) and seafood broth made of boiled shrimp heads and probably other seafood carcasses. Chillies are also thrown in which gives this already-tasty broth even more depth.

Super Chasyu Ramen (P380)
Super Chasyu Ramen (P380)
We also got to try this bowl of Super Chasyu Ramen, a shoyu and tonkotsu-based ramen which is almost identical to the R.B.S. #1, but with more of the chasyu and without the kakuni. And while I can't deny how tasty this bowl was, I slightly prefer the R.B.S. #1 since there's more variety with the pork toppings. Plus, too much chasyu was a little overwhelming for me. If you love chasyu though, then this is perfect for you.

Tempura Ice Cream (P150)
✓ Tempura Ice Cream (P150)
I already met this Tempura Ice Cream when I first ate at Ramen Bar. However, it looks nothing like this back then. The tempura batter was denser, almost dough-like before. Now, the fried vanilla ice cream is encased with actual tempura batter, and presented with more appeal. Normally, I don't find ramen place's desserts, if they have any at all, special. But at Ramen Bar, this is definitely a must for my sweet ending!

Tempura Ice Cream and Iced Vanilla Yuzu Latte (P130)
✓ Iced Vanilla Yuzu Latte (P130)
It's only recently that Ramen Bar started offering coffee supplied by Craft Coffee Workshop. And after seeing this unique blend on the coffee menu, I just knew I had to try it. Iced Vanilla Yuzu Latte, it's a light and creamy blend with hints of bright and refreshing yuzu (Japanese citrus) that really impressed me upon first sip. So yeah, this is another favorite I'll be sure to order again the next time I visit Ramen Bar!

New and improved ramen broth at Ramen Bar Greenfield District

For now, the new broth is only available at Ramen Bar The Hub, Greenfield District.


Ramen Bar has been one of my favorite restaurants back when I still wasn't blogging. I admit back then, my palate isn't as sensitive and I wasn't as picky. However, as I become more choosy when it comes to food, Ramen Bar has done its part, continuously improving as the market gets more competitive. And after this visit, it has sealed the deal. With evolving old dishes, better noodles and a tastier tonkotsu broth, Ramen Bar proves to still be one heck of a competitor in Manila's ramen battle.

Taste - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Ramen Bar, Greenfield District
Unit 14, G/F The Hub, Greenfield District,
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 570-5377
Main Facebook Page
Greenfield Branch Facebook Page
Twitter | Instagram


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    1. Hope you get to try Ramen Bar out when you find yourself in the area though. :)

  2. Oh I love ramen, I am really pleased I stumbled onto your site. Lovely images :) I have never been to the Philippines but I hope to visit soon. A friend and work colleague of mine wrote a story about a restaurant in Manila she visited so I was enticed to look at what other bloggers in Manila are enjoying.
    Thanks for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you visit Manila soon. :) I'm sure you'll have a great time checking out what the city can offer. ;)

  3. everything look so yummy!:Q___ xx

  4. This place looks pretty awesome! They look authentic!

  5. The ramen bar is perfect for the rainy season to keep as warm during their weather.

  6. Whoah! The Chasyu looks delish! Maybe I should take a visit sooner ;) malapit lang sa work place ng friend ko

  7. Love Ramen and some other ingredients; the place looks awesome for Ramen.

  8. I was searching for a ramen that would satisfied my cravings. I tried ramen in Chowking and in one restaurant but none of those were good enough to satisfy me. I think this Ramen Bar is what was i looking for. Thanks for blogging this! :)

  9. Hindi pa ata nakatikim ng ramen in my whole life bigla tuloy nacurious at natakam na matikman din to.


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