5 Reasons to #LevelUpYourRice with Doña Maria

Sunday, November 29, 2015
Being a foodie, my tummy and my palate have always been out and about exploring good food. When I taste something amazing, I'd dream about it for days. And when I taste something as awesome but for half the price, I'd crave for it for weeks! However, although I squeal in the inside whenever I have a good find that's friendly on the pocket, I have to admit that when it comes to a good number of food items, going cheap just won't cut it.

And for me, that includes rice.

Dona Maria Jasponica Rice

Carbs have been a great part of my diet, or my whole family's diet for that matter. And while we love breads and pasta, there's no denying that rice is at the top of our list. It's a staple in every meal, a regular cast on our dining table for as long as I can remember. And through the over 20 years that I've been eating rice, I can say that I've already come across different varieties, brands and qualities of this Asian food staple.

Believe me, I've had rice that's good, decent, and some that are just plain bad!

Furikake on Dona Maria Jasponica Rice
Doña Maria Jasponica White with some furikake (Japanese rice seasoning)

However, through trial and error -- trying out different kinds and brands of rice throughout the years, thanks to my mom, we've found the perfect grains that fit all our carb needs. And as you guessed, it's obviously Doña Maria Premium Quality Rice.

And nope, I'm not saying this to merely promote the brand. Ever since my mom bought our first bag of Doña Maria, we've been loyal users of their line of rice!

But if you haven't tried out the brand yet, or have not considered much the quality of rice that you have been using, then I hope this post can somehow try and urge you to give it a go. 'Cause hey, it might be high time to #LevelUpYourRice!

Katsu and Egg with Rice
Pork katsu and egg with Doña Maria Jasponica White

1. Premium Quality = aroma, taste and texture

Have you ever had rice so dull, so hard, and so unenjoyable that it puts the viand you're pairing it with to shame?

Well, I did! And I never want to experience it again. I want my every rice meal to be satisfying that it doesn't just fill my stomach, but also my soul. And this is where quality comes in the picture.

Being of premium quality doesn't only say something about its cultivation -- lovingly cared for by the farmers and developed by state-of-the-art technology, but also has something to do with the actual product. The rice is naturally fragrant, exceptionally delicious, and has soft texture that pairs well with almost anything!

2. Proudly grown in the Philippines

Something we can be more conscious of is supporting homegrown brands. Although our pantry is not 100% local, we're proud to help support local agriculture and our hardworking Filipino farmers by patronizing a rice brand that proudly grows quality rice here in the Philippines. It's high time that we support a brand of our own!

Salmon Onigiri with Dona Maria Jasponica
Salmon Onigiri using Doña Maria Miponica White

3. Variety is fun and functional

We may be heavy white rice eaters, but it's always nice to know that your rice brand carries other rice varieties either to shake it up some time, or for dietary reasons.

Dona Maria Rice Variants

It's also a good thing that Doña Maria offers different sizes -- two, five, ten and twenty five-kilo packs, to suit different product needs and budgets.

4. Hybrid grains, NOT genetically-modified

You probably already know how non-GMO foods are better for the health and the environment, and it's a great feat that Doña Maria has naturally cultivated their hybrid rice.

For instance, Jasponica White combines the fragrance of Jasmine rice and the excellent texture of Japanese rice. The Miponica White, on the other hand, is a combination of the translucent, long grain quality of Milagrosa and the soft, chewy texture of Japanese rice. For brown rice counterparts, Jasponica Brown and Miponica Brown, there's the added health benefits of brown rice to their Jasmine-Japanese and Milagrosa-Japanese rice mix.

Katsu and Egg on Dona Maria Jasponica Rice

5. It's not expensive. It's good value for money!

One thing I've learned from the novel and movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, is how price is relative. And somehow, this holds true for our chosen brand of rice.

Although it's more expensive compared to other brands in the market, the quality and enjoyment we get from our meals makes it reasonably, or even affordably, priced.

If I may say so myself, it's definitely great value for money!

Dona Maria Rice

The next time you're pairing a saucy Chicken Adobo on your rice, stop and think for a second if you're really enjoying your rice. If not, maybe it's time to #LevelUpYourRice. ☆(*ゝω・*)v

Anyhow, I'll be posting a recipe soon using Doña Maria. And it's definitely one which benefits from using good quality rice! (っ˘ڡ˘ς) But for now, I hope you've had a great weekend. And here's to wish you an even better week ahead! (o^∀^o)

For more information, visit Doña Maria's official website
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  1. I heard a lot of good reviews about Doña Maria! Anyway, I'll try their brown rice :)

  2. Never tried Dona Maria before. But this looks like a good product.


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