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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Filipino Christmas starts early. And although I already felt the holiday vibe with all the happy Christmas décor and cheery Christmas songs playing in malls since the beginning of the -ber months, it wasn't until this November that everything felt more real. After the Halloween décor was taken down, more Christmas lights and ornaments are put up. And how can I not mention the grand Christmas trees that tower in malls, hotels and other buildings?

Beef Baked Rol from S&R

Even in S&R, one can't help but notice the holiday spirit! I was there earlier this week to grab some takeout from their food counter, and it really helped cheer up my mood to see tons of Christmas décor lined up just by the shopping center's entrance. The Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments, albeit for sale, definitely lifted up the place's mood. It's bright, cheerful and very inviting!

Festive Yuletide Trimmings

I love Christmas décor, even though we don't pimp up the house that much nowadays. And it definitely didn't hurt to check them out and buy a few. Teehee!

Holiday Chair Cover (P549 95)
Holiday Chair Cover (P549.95)
24-inch MS Wooden Nutcracker (P999 95 from P1,299 95)
24-inch MS Wooden Nutcracker (P999.95)
Before: P1,299.95
30-inch KT Christmas Cuddles Assorted (P609 95 from P849 95)
Christmas Cuddles
30-inch KT Christmas Cuddles Assorted (P609.95)
Before: P849.95

Holiday Baskets

Nothing says Christmas better than seeing holiday gift baskets in groceries and shopping centers. It's a great last minute family gift for relatives and friends to enjoy. And at S&R, I've spotted different sets perfect for every kind of gift receiver.

S&R Holiday Baskets
Click photo to enlarge and see inclusions per basket
Holiday Bounty (P3,499 95)
Holiday Bounty (P3,499.95)
Merry Mix-Up (P1,999 95)
Merry Mix-Up (P1,999.95)
New Year Tidings (P1,499 95)
New Year Tidings (P1,499.95)
Santa's Savories (P1,499 95)
Santa's Savories (P1,499.95)
Yuletide Cheers (P1,999 95)
Yuletide Cheers (P1,999.95)
I wasn't able to spot the last holiday gift basket, Sweet Surprises (P999.95) which has Royal Dansk Cookies, Jacobsen Cookies, C&H Fruit Candies Jar, Belgian Butter Waffle Crisps, B&H Dark Roca and Royal Dansk Oat and Cranberry Cookies, that I myself would love to buy for my sweet tooth. Haha! Or, for my godchildren too. v(。^∀^。)✧♡

Ready for Gifting

Apart from food items, usual prospects for gifting are bath products. And at S&R, they already have sets ready for gifting. You can just pack them inside paper bags, or give them as is!

S&R Ready for Gifting
6-Piece Bath Set with Storage Box
6-Piece Bath Set with Printed PVC Bag

When it comes to gifting for Christmas, I personally prefer personalized presents -- carefully choosing which gift your loved one will be most happy to receive. I usually choose either something they want so bad, or something they need. 'Cause hey, it will mean more to the receiver if he/she knows you've put through a lot of thought and effort. However, for something last minute, or if you're gifting an acquaintance, it would be best to go for the more generally likable gift.

But in the end, it's all about spreading the spirit of Christmas through giving! d(=^・ω・^=)b

And with this, I hope you guys are already feeling the cheery vibe of the upcoming holiday season! Happy November!

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