Thai BBQ Original: Family-Style Dining from LA Now in Manila!

Every month, new and exciting restaurants open their doors to tickle the fancy of foodies. And late last year, a beloved franchise from the United States has made its way to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig!

First launched in 1978 in Los Angeles, California, Thai BBQ Original is the brainchild of Pat and Tammy Ngamari who wanted to introduce the flavors of the East to the growing number of foodies and gourmands in the US. And thanks to Mr. George Pua of No Limits Food Inc., the same team behind Tony Roma's, Modern Sichuan, KPub BBQ, Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant and Oppa Chicken, we can now enjoy the same authentic flavors and experiences of Thai BBQ Original here in the metro without flying to LA.

Thai BBQ The Fort Strip BGC

Thai BBQ Original in BGC is located at The Fort Entertainment Complex in the same area of The Fort Strip. And despite only being open for less than a year, the Manila store has already been given a Thai Select award for authentic Thai cuisine by the Ministry of Commerce Thailand. If this doesn't say something about their promise of authenticity, then I don't know what will!

Thai BBQ Original of Los Angeles in The Fort Strip BGC

Heading inside the restaurant will welcome you with a soothing interior that doesn't intimidate. Table seating typically comes in fours and sixes, and there's definitely a reason why. Apart from serving traditional Thai food that many Filipinos love, Thai BBQ Original actually specializes in offering generous family-style House Specials which are perfect for families, friends and big groups to share and enjoy.

Tom Yum Goong (P380)
✓ Tom Yum Goong (P380)
This smaller bowl was already a portioned serving. Full-size serving is good for sharing.

To start off our lunch, our group of food bloggers and media shared a generous serving of this hot and sour Thai prawn soup. And despite the similarities of this Thai favorite to our Pinoy sinigang, this doesn't taste the same as the latter. Every spoonful, you can really taste the seafood goodness along with notes of the lemon grass, galangal and other fragrant herbs.

House Specials

Although most of the items on Thai BBQ Original's menu are good for sharing, these House Special Dinners are a complete meal in itself which are also perfect to communally enjoy.

House Special Sate Dinner Chicken P580, Pork P580 and Beef P720
Chicken Sate Dinner (P580), Pork Sate Dinner (P580), Beef Sate Dinner (P720)
House Special Sate Combination (P620)
✓ Sate Combination (P620)
Comes with 2 chicken, 2 pork, and 3 beef sates.

For sate lovers, the restaurant carries three kinds of sate -- chicken, pork and beef. All are good, especially with the accompanying peanut sauce; though my personal favorite was the chicken. And for those who would prefer to get a taste of them all, there's a combination platter with all three kinds of sate.

Gaiyang BBQ Chicken Dinner (P530)
Gaiyang BBQ Chicken Dinner (P530)

Another specialty of Thai BBQ Original is this serving of sweet and spicy BBQ chicken. I think this is definitely a good introductory dish to someone not entirely used to the aromatic and complex flavors of Thai cuisine.

BBQ Spareribs Dinner (P580)
BBQ Spareribs Dinner (P580)

For pork lovers, rejoice as the restaurant also carries a juicy and meaty lip-smacking spareribs dish! Perfectly grilled and coated with a sweet honey glaze, this is a dish meat-loving kids and kids-at-heart will truly enjoy.

New Menu Items

Since we were invited to come in a few months after the restaurant's opening, we were fortunate to got introduced to new offerings from Thai BBQ Original's kitchen. I won't be writing about all of them in detail anymore, but I assure you, every item is good!

Crispy Duck Dinner (P680)
✓ Crispy Duck Dinner (P680)
Honey Duck Dinner (P680)
✓ Honey Duck Dinner (P680)
Garlic Scampi ala Thai Dinner (P640)
Garlic Scampi ala Thai Dinner (P640)
Scampi ala Thai Dinner (P640)
Scampi ala Thai Dinner (P640)
Teriyaki Salmon Dinner (P520)
Teriyaki Salmon Dinner (P520)

Among the new offerings, my ultimate favorite would have to be the Honey Duck Dinner. Definitely worth ordering on our next visit! It's nice that they added more seafood items for sharing too. Lenten season or not, there's always seafood lovers in a group.


As much as I love the soups, salads and noodle dishes of Thai cuisine, one thing I'd always have space for (despite how full I already am) would be Thai desserts!

Sticky Rice with Mango (P280)
✓ Sticky Rice with Mango (P280)

I used to not be a big fan of this traditional Thai dessert. However, this serving of sticky rice in coconut milk with slices of sweet ripe mangoes on the side is definitely a treat you won't want to miss.

Ruamit Thai Halo-Halo (P420)
✓ Ruamit or Thai Halo-Halo (P420)

However, if you're already too full and can only order one dessert to end your meal, then this is definitely the one you should pick! Served in a luxurious and Instagram-worthy cup, this treat is filled with generous heaping of taro, kaong, sweet potato, jack fruit and Thai red rubies (water chestnuts) then topped with two scoops of ice cream. And don't just look at the price tag! Despite being seemingly expensive, it's very big and good to share even for four or more people! How I wish they'd roll out a smaller serving in the near future though for the sake of diners coming in in pairs or even alone. I would love to order and actually finish this in one sitting, with or without a date's help! v(*’-^*)b

Thai BBQ Original at BGC


It's not been too long since the first time I fell in love with Thai cuisine. And although I would dine Thai whenever I get the cravings, my experience would usually be a non-sharing one with whomever I'm with when it comes to the food. With Thai BBQ Original in the picture though, I believe I'd have no excuse anymore not to share my Thai food orders. With generous servings priced reasonably (especially when splitting the bill), Thai BBQ Original will encourage diners to enjoy food with good company.

And while we've tried quite a lot during our lunch, I'm raring to go back for more! Would love to try their salads, noodles and curry next, along with an order of their Thai Halo-Halo and Thai Milk Tea!

Taste 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Thai BBQ Original, Bonifacio Global City
The Fort Entertainment Complex, 28th St. cor. 5th Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 846-0000
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