King Chef: A Royalty Feast

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Being born from a Chinese dad and a Chinese food-loving mom, I tend to veer away from Chinese or Cantonese restaurants for fear of taste fatigue. However, last night was a special case as I went out with my dad and a few of our family friends.

We were supposed to meet up with a few more people, but since most of us were already hungry, we decided to grab something to eat before hitting the road. Since we were already in Banawe Quezon City, we stopped by at King Chef for some dimsum.

King Chef signage along Banawe Street
It was my first time at King Chef, so I was overwhelmed by the really happy crew who greeted us in. (Yes, he was smiling SO BIG.) He courteously led us to a table on the restaurant's 2nd floor since all of their smaller tables at the ground floor were full. We were just a group of 4, so their table which can sit up to 12 people was too big for us.

We initially planned to just order some dimsum. However, we ended up ordering soup, some viands and a bowl of plain rice. Most of the food items we ordered were recommended by our server. And while waiting, we enjoyed their complimentary peanuts and house tea -- a staple to any Chinese restaurant.

Complimentary Peanuts and House Tea
The servers in King Chef were surprisingly really alert. They fill our teacups even if they're just half empty. And this is something I don't normally see in Chinese or Cantonese restaurants.

After a few minutes, our Seafood with Spinach Soup (P220) was served. The soup's color was a lovely cross between forest and moss green. I like how the Spinach flavor was not too overpowering. I can also feel the seafood bits in the thick soup.

Seafood with Spinach Soup (P220)
Next up was this pork with vegetables dish. I didn't catch the name so I asked our server. He told me that this is their Shanghai Stir-Fry. I looked up for this dish's price, but to no avail, it was not on their menu. I'm not sure though if there is another name this pork dish goes by.

Shanghai Stir-Fry
Anyway, the pork was tender yet a little crispy on the outside. My dad even complimented the way it was cooked, and let me tell you that he's really a tough critic. However, after chewing a few more pork pieces, my dad noticed that it had a weird taste -- those of food nearly spoiling. So we called up their manager's attention and told them about the pork's unpleasant taste. It was nice how they courteously apologized and asked if we want any replacement for the dish. But as much as I loved the Shanghai Stir-Fry, we just opted to have it scratched off from the bill.

I asked my dad if the pork was really bad. He told me that the dish was freshly cooked, but the raw pork was probably not as fresh. For someone with a strong and healthy stomach, eating it would not be a problem. However, for my dad who has a sensitive stomach, it's better not to take any risks.

After the scene we made, we were served Fish Filet Taosi with Tofu in Hot Pot (P270). This was a really savory dish, the fish filet was perfectly cooked and the sauce was flavorful. I loved eating it with my bowl of rice.

Fish Filet Taosi with Tofu in Hotpot (P270)
We were then served with their bestseller Squid with X.O. Sauce (P290), a slightly spicy take on the perfectly-cooked squid. And I loved it!

Squid with X.O. Sauce (P290)
Our Spareribs with 8 Spices (P280) was served as soon as we started digging in at the tasty squid dish. But I have to say that as much as I love the Squid with X.O. Sauce, I love this spareribs dish even more! The meat was perfectly cooked in a spicy yet flavorful mix of 8 spices. I can't really tell what spices they have used, but I know one thing -- the crispy yet slowly-cooked garlic tasted heavenly! I am not a big garlic eater, but I can munch on these toasted garlic all day.

Spareribs with 8 Spices (P280)
The light merienda we planned turned to a full meal. So still having to hit the road, we skipped dessert and asked for the bill. While the elder ones were busy talking about business, family and their life in general, my eyes were roaming around the place. And I took a few pictures before we headed out.

King Chef's bar counter and an interesting divider on the 2nd floor


Although we hit a bumpy start with the pork dish we returned, it will be unfair not to admit that the food we tried at King Chef were all delicious. All the viands we sampled were not soggy or hard, they were cooked perfectly and seasoned really well. And how can I forget the tasty Spareribs with 8 Spices which totally blew me away! With food as good as King Chef's and a great service to go along with it, this trip will definitely not be the last.

Taste - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

King Chef Fine Dining
989 Banawe St.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 410-4919


  1. I miss the hot pot and this post reminds me. Yummy! Too bad I didn't go with hubby last night to Wensha Sps. I could've enjoyed hot pot after sauna and a massage.

  2. nacurious ako sa taste, perfect score 5/5. the spareribs really looks good and delish.

  3. @michi: I rarely give a perfect score for taste, but the rating is true (at least to me) for the dishes we tried.. :)

  4. The fish fillet in Tausi sauce looks like it's worth the price sis ^_^ thanks for sharing your food review. I wish we could pass by Banawe too

  5. ayay, can't afford to go to this kind of resto...hehehhe...joke!

    all the entrees look appetizing...would love to try the squid...yummmy!

    thanks for sharing dear!

  6. Love the photos! Made me really hungry. =)

    Plus any resto with that good a customer service is tops in my book! =)

  7. Hi SUMI--hmmm.dikapa nakapunta pero nagcomment na sya ng ganun about Marriott? we should also take her comment with a grain of salt kasi dirin natin alam. If true though, Marriott will definitely feel the backlash of negative comments. This is something they should not do kasi nga people are expecting that what we experience and the food we tried will be similar to their experience and list nung makakain nila. We are already looking into this din kasi if it's true, I will be the first one na maiinis coz its our reputation as bloggers ang nakataya.:D

  8. I contfronted the PR manager of Marioott kanina and she denied it. The lobsters talaga are on special request. Yung mga pinaluto namin na Mongolian Fried rice, that is pwede irequest. donno if they did.that is ""kung pumunta talaga sila don"" sa panahon kasi natin ngyn---sa panahon ng facebook, you are never there unless you have a photo of yourself in the place. There has never been a time when the need to prove you've done this done that is essential.marami talagang mapanira sa facebook. Marriott will be issuing an official statement soon. And I believed my contact sa marriott more than this anonymous Julie who I have never net and I have no idea about her identity. Some people are simply fault finders, or who knows, she is one of those online extortionists. Sinabihan ako ng Marriott I can drop by anytime na di nila alam and check their buffet kung me binawas sila. I hope you still try it yourself and I would love an honest feedback from you.sabi ko kasi sa marriott diko rin gusto kung talagang ginawa nila yun which I doubt they will because they are trying to promote the place for it to be known to people. why would they make tipid at the expense of their good brand name.:D

  9. Hi Sumi,

    Thank you for dropping by and following our blog. I can't say which side is true on the PR of Marriot or Julie but I'd suggest to check out the buffet offerings before settling. Especially the rib-eye steak, you certainly can't miss that! Looking forward to your feedback about it.

  10. @pusang kaye: Thank you so much for looking into this and even contacting Marriott's PR. Anyway, we'll still be going to Marriott tomorrow to find out for ourselves. :)

    @Tsinoy Foodies: Thanks for the tip! We'll actually do that so our P875/pax will be well spent. Will update you on our Marriott Cafe trip. Though personally, I hope it'll be a good one. :)

  11. you picx are great very appetizing!

  12. do you know the email address of King Chef, I would like to check if they have a wedding package.

  13. @Anonymous: King Chef doesn't have a public email address, but here are their contact numbers for inquiries regarding packages.. :) 4104919 / 4136619 / 4414177 / 3527534

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