Pancake House: All-Day Breakfast for Dinner

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." I have heard and read this statement lots of times already -- from my parents, friends and even health magazines and websites. They say that breakfast is the meal that fuels our body to perform its best.

Although there are studies supporting this claim, I usually tend to skip breakfast. However even if I do not eat my morning meals, I very much love the breakfast food items that I eat them at any time of the day.

A few weeks ago after missing breakfast for the nth time, I was craving for some pancakes while also starving to eat a rice meal. We were in Bonifacio High Street that night, and it was a good thing we chanced upon Pancake House. I had already eaten at this casual dining restaurant but have not yet tried anything aside from their pasta and pancakes.

To deviate from the usual items I order from Pancake House, I chose one from their new brown rice dishes, Salmon Cakes with Brown Rice Tabbouleh (P185). It was a nicely plated dish, especially with the Alfalfa sprouts on top.

The Salmon cakes were cooked perfectly -- nice and slightly crispy on the outside, and not too soggy nor too hard on the inside. It also came with a dill mayonnaise dip which made the Salmon cakes more interesting to eat. However as much as I like the flavor of this dish, I found the Salmon cakes too small for the plate of brown rice tabbouleh that comes with it. Good thing though, the rice was flavorful on its own.

My date, on the other hand, had the Bonoan Fish Steak (P208) -- marinated Bangus back, fried and topped with onion rings, served with rice and salted egg. The dish also came with pickled kangkong which I found interesting, but he actually didn't eat.

After our flavorful yet slightly unfilling meal, we ordered their Caramel Banana Walnut 3pcs. Pancakes (P173). As always, the pancakes were cooked perfectly -- light and fluffy. The caramel syrup along with the banana pieces gave the pancake an interesting texture and sweetness, while the walnuts gave it an added nutty-crunch.

For beverages, I had Pancake House's Regular Strawberry Milkshake, while my date had Iced Cappuccino with Ice Cream.


Pancake House serves quality food items -- flavorful, nicely cooked and pleasing to the eyes. They also have a wide variety of food selection, and one can probably find an item interesting enough to try. However, be wary that meals at this casual dining restaurant are not for the hefty eaters as their portion size is pretty small. And although I will surely be back at any of their branches, I vow not to visit with a starving stomach.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3/5
Overall Value - 3.5/5

Pancake House, Bonifacio High Street
83 Quadrant of Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-5451 to 52


  1. I love their pancakes too!

  2. I love pancakes. I always have pancakes for breakfast. Ironically, everytime I go to Pancakes House, I don't get to eat their specialty. I always end up ordering something else! :(

  3. @Pink MagaLine: You should definitely try their pancakes. So far, among all the food items I've ordered from Pancake House, I find their pancakes to be their best. :)

  4. I tried their Salmon Cakes meal too and wasn't able to finish the rice... bitin sa ulam :) But what I really loved was the Black Forest Gurt... have you tried it?

  5. @madmader: Oo nga eh, yun din comment ko sa Salmon Cake meal ng Pancake House. Btw, isited your entry and commented on it sis! ;)

  6. This is what i first read in the morning and nakakagutom! I'm on a diet pa naman so puro sweet potato and boiled banana lang ako. funny but i haven't eaten at Pancake House ever. It's been in Cebu for so long but not once have i dined at the restaurant. the pancake is soo yummy!

  7. honestly, never ko pa natry pancake nila, i always order steak.

  8. Okay dear. I will try it next time. Hahaha!

  9. I always order their pancakes and sausage for breakfast. I miss eating there. =(

  10. Thanks for the welcome Sumi. :D

  11. ang sarap! nakakagutom not really fond of pancakes pero si hubby at daughter fave nila to for bf....:)

    btw, I have an award for yah...hope you can grab it if you get a chance....:)

  12. I love Pancake House! Ironically, I haven't tried their pancakes yet. Hehe! I always order their Pork Vienna, chicken or their steaks. :)

  13. this post made me miss pancake house more...
    amazing how they've prep up their menu with my almost 2 years of absence in pinas.
    thanks for sharing. :)

  14. I love pancake house! I always order Buttermilk pancakes and strawberry milk shake regardless of what time of the day I drop by. Buttermilk + light and fluffy pancakes = yum! I also like their spaghetti

  15. Yum! :)

    Never been to Pancake House, though. :(

  16. Sodium Erythorbate *nom nom nom nom*October 31, 2011 at 12:07 AM

    Their pancakes are nice, but some of their food are pricey. And whenever we eat there for breakfast I always end up not choosing anythin from the menu and askin my companion to order for me. As to their breakfast, UCC's is far more superior.

  17. love pancake house! fave ko yung pan chicken nila, sarap ng gravy!


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