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Monday, November 28, 2011
Intro is a little non-food related. You can skip to the 2nd paragraph if you like.

Last Friday was a challenge for me. I had to meet with a friend for a fun shoot at Mandaluyong, go run some errands, and attend a blogger event in the evening. I wasn't able to do the third on this list though. 5:30PM on a Friday is always equated to heavy traffic, I should have known better. We hit the road by riding a bus, but eager to attend the event on time, we got off and boarded the MRT -- Wrong move. We initially planned to get off at Quezon Ave., but the super crowded sardine-like train where I was literally crushed and squished got the best of me. My energy got drained, my sweat was cold, and I felt like I'd almost faint. When the train arrived at Cubao station, I asked my date that we get off already. I couldn't take it anymore. Even if I rode the MRT a couple of times in the past, this was by far my worst squished experience. After sitting at the station's platform to rest, we decided to just stay in Cubao and get something to eat. (Honestly, I don't know why I almost fainted in the train. Maybe it was a combination of hunger, stress, B.O., and the mere fact that I was squished to my limits.)

My date and I walked to Gateway and dined at the first enticing restaurant we saw. Back then, it was Burgoo -- an American family casual dining restaurant boasting of good quality food at good-for-sharing portions.

Although we love eating out, it was actually the first time that we entered this food spot. Being so hungry and a little nauseous, I wasn't really paying attention to the restaurant interior anymore. I tried to take photos of the place, but I think the shots I took weren't all that good.

However, there was a unique feat I noticed despite feeling a little sick. Their tables were not overlayed with cloth, but of a white cartolina instead where your server will write her name and your name on after getting your orders. Our server, Len, also left us a cup filled with wax crayons where I doodled my sickly feeling out. (Sorry, I forgot to take photos of our doodles.)

My date and I ordered a regular Seafood Jambalaya (P395) -- a Louisiana Creole rice and meat dish that we were meaning to try when we dined at Burgoo's brother, Gumbo.

Although I haven't eaten a lot of Jambalaya dishes in my life, I felt that Burgoo's was a little underseasoned. It could use some more salt and pepper which we actually added to the dish. I have a hunch though that they did this on purpose to cater to different people's taste preferences. (You can always add salt and pepper yourself anyway.) But despite that, the rice, meat and seafood were cooked well and the flavor was generally good.

We also got a regular order for one of their bestsellers, the Shrimps & Ribs Platter (P645).

I love how the regular orders from Burgoo is already enough for 2, or even for 3 if one of you is not much of a glutton. But as overwhelming as the serving for their Shrimps & Ribs Platter, I noticed that the corn, shrimps and fries were again a little underseasoned for our taste. Or maybe American food is just a little bland? The ribs though were the real stars for this plate -- tender, moist and flavorful, even further complimented by the sauce which tasted a little similar to A1's steak sauce. (Or did they really use A1 steak sauce?)

After a hearty meal, I was already feeling better. (Baka gutom nga?) But we didn't end our dinner with entrées. We asked Len for their bestselling dessert, and she recommended their Fudge Brownie ala Mode (P195) which is also good for sharing.

This dessert has by far the best brownie I ever had. The outside was a little crispy like a cookie's, but the inside was soft, fudgy, and just oozing with chocolatey goodness. It was further complimented by the vanilla ice cream which I love melted over my brownie. My date also loved the chocolate syrup drizzle and the nuts on top. Before trying this lovely dessert, we were hesitating if we can finish such a sweet treat. But after sampling its decadent goodness, I think we can eat a whole tray of this brownie!

We loved the Fudge Brownie ala Mode so much that I think when we'd want to satisfy our brownie craving, we'd definitely have Burgoo as top of mind!


Although we found Burgoo's entrées a little lacking in salt and pepper for our taste, we definitely see ourselves dining here again and again. And yes, not only for the Fudge Brownie ala Mode.

The food were generally good, portion sizes were big, service is quick, very accommodating and friendly, white cartolina for tablecloth was a unique and fun interactive gimmick, ambiance is relaxed and homey, and the washroom is clean. All this can justify the quite pricey tab.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4.5/5
Price - 3/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Burgoo, Gateway Mall
2/F Gateway Mall, Aurora Blvd.,
Araneta Center, Cubao
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 913-6112


  1. Btw, if in case you read my long non-food related intro (the 1st paragraph), it'd be nice if you can share some of your MRT/LRT1/LRT2 or any rush hour related stories.. ^^

  2. i agree with you, burgoos'food is underseasoned, we did not like our first experience but my son enjoyed scribbling. =)

  3. Mahirap talaga if a blog event falls so late at night. I've had to turn plenty down because of the sked. Wawa naman si baby kasi. =(

  4. Im a fan of burgers and I must say theirs is just so-so. This particular branch in Gateway though is one of my favorite of their branches. The service is top notch. :)

  5. ikaw na anag sickly na kinayang lumamon ng ganon hahahaha ... next time make sure you ate before riding the mrt ha :)

  6. Never been to Burgoo too. Anyway, I don't like jambalaya. Um, maybe because I got turned off with that dish from Mario's in Baguio.

    Oh, the MRT or LRT thing? Ahhhh! I know right? Try to ride from one end to the other during the busiest hour and I guess you'll just really faint yourself in there. Ufff! When are we going to improve our system? :(

  7. Lovely photos. :)

    I ought to visit Pinas soon because I seem to be a stranger na. I don't know these places. :(

  8. Brownie and vanilla ice cream.. perfect combination! :)

  9. Again...your photos and words did not fail to make me cringe in hunger...:B

  10. Dapat dun ka na lang sa ladies only section of the train :-)

    Nice post about Burgoo and baka i-try ko yan next month (deadma ko kasi parati pag dumadaan ako) :-D

  11. I don't usually ride the train, but when I do, I get squished as well! :(

    And I love Brownie a la mode, though it's kinda difficult to find restaurants that serve the "perfect" kind. I don't even remember eating at Burgoo's, but it looks nice!

  12. Never been to Burgoo, but my friends say it's a lot better than TGI Fridays. :D

  13. I love Burgoo. <3

    Ah, so you rode the MRT during rush hour on a weekday (Friday, no less). That's definitely a terrible experience, especially if you didn't ride in the women's side of the train.

    I really don't have any horror stories re: the MRT. I take the last ride once a week (whenever I have to go home to my parent's house on weekends), and I come from Trinoma, so I always manage to get a seat.

  14. oh, my! the ambiance is stunning...the food sure looks appetizing...yum!

  15. Havn't tried it there. But dined at Gumbo several times. Didn't know they were related.

  16. exactly my orders whenever i visit burgoo. too bad lang, hindi na ganun kasarap ang jambalaya nila compared before.

  17. i enjoyed pasta in Burgoo, and the interior and ambience is really cool!

  18. We love this place especially our kids.

  19. "relate" ako sa experience mo sa MRT sis!!! thank God, i get to experience that less often these days ( transfered to a nearer workplace). haven't eaten at burgoo,mahal kasi, but thank you for sharing that it can be "shared" oo nga naman.. malalaki nga ang servings nila... more power!


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