Funshoot: Casual Monday with Jen

Saturday, November 12, 2011
Fashion shoots are not new to me. Back in 2008, I'd usually get together with friends and join fashion shoots. I even made an account at Model Mayhem to broaden my horizon... But as a model-wannabe.

However having a passion for photography, fueled more by my not-so-recent acquisition of Candice -- my Canon EOS 550D, redirected me to the other side of a fashion shoot... Behind the lenses.

This blog actually documents my journey as I get to know Candice and her potentials -- through food shots. But to further make my relationship with Candice deeper, I tried shooting subjects other than plates of gastronomical goodness.

Photos are shot using Candice + EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS kit lens

Last Monday, I had a funshoot with a friend and high school classmate, Jen. I know these shots are far from great, not good even. But I tried.

I'm still a little lost as to how I want to execute my shots. I tried going for head shots, full body, and even the awkwardly-cropped ones. I also experimented with both neutral and high-contrast treatment on the photos.

However, as much as I was unsure with these technicalities, I still got to learn what my strengths and weaknesses are. Somehow, I also found out what works and doesn't work for me and my shots.

To photographers out there, please let me know what I can do to improve. Thank you!

See more photos from this set: Click Me!


  1. I wish I have the luxury of time to take photos using my Nikon SLR. :( Nail (my cam) has been sleeping for ages. :(

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  2. Wow! I'm so jealous of your photography skills. My cousin just lent me her Canon 400D and I find it really difficult to use. Sad to say, my pics are even worse than when I was using my cheap point and shoot. =D

  3. you have the skills, enhance it. =)

  4. Don't worry. Practice makes perfect. These are good trys nevertheless. =)

  5. I'm no pro, but I'm also a photography enthusiast. I base my shots on what I see as beautiful shots-- not bothering with the technicalities of photography. I enjoy portraits, too. Just continue doing it...and please only yourself :) Enjoy!

    If you wanna take a look at my photog:

  6. Experimenting and constant practice will definitely hone your already good photography skills. Keep shooting ;p

  7. keep on shooting.. :)
    if you have a storyline, you can capture some of the background of the photo.. the photo on the right, where Jen is situated sideways, you can frame her on the side, and get a good scope of the blank spaces on the other end.. :)

    play with more props. :)
    maybe we can collaborate soon! :)

    happy shooting!

  8. @Gayle: Thanks for the tips! I'll probably do some photo story next time. We just had a casual kinda fashion, funshoot here.

    And sure, I'd love to collaborate with you soon! :) Thanks.

  9. These are good. Keep on shooting. :) "Awkward cropping" works for me... always.

  10. i myself admit that i will never be good in fashion photography but i cant deny the fact that i enjoy doing it :-) especially i am not a fan of flash photography.

    i agree with what aria said about awkward cropping. there's something about it that can give the photo a new life. lately, most of my photos are naturally cropped. it's challenging.

    have you tried using natural lighting? :-)

  11. @totomai: Thanks sir totomai! These photos are actually done using natural lighting. However, I don't have a grip yet of how to maximize the use of natural lighting.

    I'm a super noob at flash photography. Actually, I don't have any experiences with flash except for my camera's built-in flash. XD

  12. i apparently don't have any speedlite accessory.. but i'm hoping to invest on one.. i tried last summer (2011) outdoor shooting with natural light.. and then when the rainy season started, i had a D-I-Y studio set up in the guestroom ^^ it was fun, it really look like a set-up studio :D

  13. these are gorgeous photos! i still am trying to figure out how to fully use my nikon dslr.... so finding time to "study" has been a challenge. you have an amazing blog--enjoyed browsing. :) new follower,and hope to visit again. cheers!


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