The Bagaholic in Me: Collection & Wishlist

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Although my blog houses a plethora of food and restaurant reviews, I'm not just a foodie but also a discreet bagaholic. Unlike most of the bagaholics I know though, I don't have a thick wad of cash nor a high credit limit so I only have a few bags in my humble collection.

My bag love story started when I was in high school. My mom would buy me tons of Heartstrings bags and I sport a different design every other day. Come my university years, I was given a higher allowance and I got a sideline -- my online shop, to fund for my wants, bags included.

During this period, I have only collected a few things. I have some locally made bags and some unbranded, but I only consider those which I've spent more than two thousand bucks to belong in my precious collection.

So far, the most prized in my haul are my authentic Longchamp bags. I only have three though -- a Planètes in Raisin (from Crystals & Strings), a Le Pliage in Orange and another Le Pliage in Fuchsia (Both from Longchamp Avenue), all of which are of a large and long-handled type.

I also have authentic bags from Calvin Klein and Nine West which I have used and abused for the most part of my college years.

I admit that I was never a fan of branded bags before I went to college. I was already satisfied with generic faux leather bags and canvass totes which I can buy for about P300 to P500. However, it all changed when I first got my Ninewest bag. The leather, although not really genuine, was of high quality and wouldn't chip off even after a multitude of use. My hot pink Calvin Klein bag even proved that what I've paid for was worth it since the straps didn't break even when I stuffed it with heavy notebooks, school supplies and trinkets. My Longchamp bags though held the highest positions in my collection. They were big, roomy and very sturdy. They make my life easier as I can stuff everything in -- books, notebooks, foldable umbrella, kikay kits and even Candice, my Canon EOS 550D camera. They are also water resistant so I'm not afraid to walk my way even into the rains.

There are locally made and generic bags which are sturdy and stylish. However, I haven't come across these yet. So if you know some, I hope you can share them with me.

Many say that a girl can't have too many bags. So although I'm earning so little and spending so much on food, I know that some day I'll be able to afford some luxury designer bags. So for now, let me dream on and drool over these branded bags which I saw at Reebonz.

Miu Miu Coffer in Cannella
Prada Nappa Gaufre Pattina Shoulder Bag in Argilla

Balenciaga Classic Town Tote in Cyclamen
Prada Nappa Antique Bauletto in Cammeo

These bags, and other goodies, are conveniently available online with just a click of the mouse. If only I have the moolah right now, I would've bought tons already as the site offers their luxury goods for up to 70% off. But maybe I can borrow my mom's credit card as Reebonz has an ongoing 0% Installment Payment Plan & Buy Now Pay Later Promo for BDO Credit Card holders which started on November 14 and will be available until the 31st of December.

So if you are a BDO Credit Card holder with an active status and good credit standing, you might want to check the site and see if you can find something that you fancy. From what I know, they offer 0% interest payable in 3 to 6 months for a minimum single online purchase of US$122. They also included Co-branded cards, Affinity and Tie-up bank accounts in the promo.

However, Simple cards, Corporate accounts, Distribution cards, Purchasing cards, Electron cards, EasyPay JCB and JCB 4-Gives are excluded.

Anyway if you love bags too, leave a comment of the most prized pieces in your collection. I would like to know more brands (even local) so my bag knowledge can boost up.


  1. Thanks for posting my site Sumi :)

    love that Balenciaga too!

  2. I have to save pa for longchamp bag. even though I can buy one, naiisip ko na sa gamit na lang ng baby ko spend yung money.

  3. I'm into eco-friendly bags. :D Though my current bag is Rajo Laurel Beabi Bag, which is water repellant.

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  5. I like that one from Balenciaga. I sometimes think of buying a designer bag. I just change my mind everytime I see a quality bag in a cheaper price. Haha!

  6. Hmmm... I'm not much for bags but I love accessories and pouches. =D

  7. @michymichymoo: I've been seeing billboards and posters of Beabi a lot lately :) Will check their bags soon, I like Rajo Laurel's collection.. ^^

  8. i'm also interested in purchasing authentic bags, but i'm still suffering from my previous experience when my bag got snatched at the market market area in taguig one night after my shift. so since then i settled with baclaran and divisoria made :)

  9. we have the same flair :) i collect bags too, i am eyeing to buy a long champ as my christmas gift to myself ahaha

  10. I drool at the site of really nice bags...and shoes. :D But I always hold back from buying because they ones I like are always very expensive!

  11. I'm kind of a super cheap buyer. lol. As much as possible I will look for the best dupe for almost everything or I shop at thrift stores.

    Speaking of bags, I just wanna share this depressing story I had the other day.

    I went to a thrift store last month and saw this wonderful animal print bag. I drooled but didn't have budget for it at that time so I decided to come back after a month cos I've been too busy to go back asap. When I got there, it's gone. I frowned until I got back home. xP

    I don't own expensive bags unless someone would give 'em to me. I remember my first "medyo" expensive bag. Dad bought me a Girbaud when I was in elem. lol :P

  12. I like the Planètes in Raisin! The color is so pretty and rare :)

  13. I feel like in Longchamp heaven when I saw your post. My friend said, iba talaga yung quality ng branded bags. (since she has 3 LV already). So Im kinda saving up too for branded ones. But for now siguro, I'll save up for shoes. I <3 Reebonz too :)

  14. your yellow bag is nice

    visiting this entry thru FB Pinoy Bloggers Worldwide

  15. I love all the featured bags! Except they're too expensive for me to collect so I prefer to make my own bags and try to steal pr mimic the look. :)

  16. I haven't spent anything higher than Php 1,000 for a bag. I don't think I can ever. I'm too frugal to do it. Hehehe.

    Anyway, I also love huge bags which can carry a lot of my stuff. So far, I'm loving this Php 800 bag my bro bought from Singapore which can carry my DSLR, digicam, phone, makeup, alcohol/sanitizer, etc. It's black so I'm loving it, and it hasn't given up on me yet. I hope it won't ever.

    My nanay's the one who really spends money on bags so I end up "borrowing" her bags when I liked one. :D

  17. My Dad got me an authentic LV ... ayun, I didn't use it. I'm more into the "can I fit my entire house?" than fashion thing

  18. My sister is also a bagaholic, and even though she's still a student, she has a Longchamp already. I almost fainted when I found out how much it cost! brrrr I would rather spend that much money on things I can use for my travels hehe

  19. hmmm you gave me an idea of what will i give to my mom :D

  20. Impulse Co. silk leather satchels are really good too!
    love your follower here! =)

  21. You upload or outline your longchamp bags picture and they're going to print a purse with the wine on it. You can also develop a collage and get who printed. Many people order Longchamp bag which happen to have photographs of their babies or pets.


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