Seattle's Best: A Beginning of Something Special

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
One weekday afternoon, I found myself just craving for some quick snack and a refreshing cup of coffee or tea. Of course, I first thought of Starbucks since I still have a few more stickers to go before I fill in all the slots on my card. However, its branch at Trinoma's 2nd Level was just jam-packed. I wouldn't want to eat and drink standing, so I just opted to get some snacks from Seattle's Best instead.

Seattle's Best has been often thought of as one of Starbucks' direct competitors. However, if my research serves me right, Seattle's Best had been acquired by the owners of Starbucks in 2003. Although owned by the same company, Seattle's Best exudes a different vibe as a coffee shop. Its Trinoma branch, although not as hip and as crowded as that of Starbucks, is very cozy and seems like a good place for friends and family to hangout while enjoying their wanted (or needed) dose of caffeine.

Its walls are of wood and brick with a dominant red and brown color scheme, just like most coffee shops in the country. However, what I like more about Seattle's Best is that I can enjoy whatever I plan to order without having to suffer from coffee shop-goers' loud chattering. Yes they may have teen and yuppie patrons who eat and drink in groups, but the crowd here is more other-conscious.

After feeling at ease in the café's humble yet cozy space, I made my way to the counter to order. This trip was only my second time at Seattle's Best so I wasn't really sure what to get. I wanted to try their Mocha Javakula, but my eyes were glued on a unique item on their menu -- Chai Tea Javakula. So I went ahead and ordered it, along with a salad.

Chai Tea Javakula P160
Both my drink and food were not given at the counter right away but served on my table. Although it took a little longer than usual (since the server had a problem looking for me), the wait was well worth it. My medium Chai Tea Javakula (P160) was a winner. I never expected it to taste good, but I ended up really enjoying every sip. It was a perfect combination of tea and spices blended with ice and topped with whipped cream. It was slightly bitter and herby but still a little sweet -- just the way I want it.

However, as much as I loved it, I don't think tea-haters (or non-tea fans) will like it as much. And speaking of which, good thing this was a solo trip or else my date would've cringed. (If you've been following this blog, you'd know he's not much into teas and milk teas.)

Aside from the Chai Tea Javakula, I also got the Chef's Salad (P170) and enjoyed it very much. It stayed true to its claim of being the chef's pick of the freshest vegetables, further pimped with sliced ham, sliced olives, crisp croutons and parmesan cheese.

Although I'm not big on veggies, I love this plate so much. The vegetables were crisp and truly fresh. The carrots were crunchy with every bite, and the tomatoes and cucumber had the flavor and refreshing quality that only the freshest veggies have. It was also nice that they threw in potato chips on the side which added some saltiness to the whole dish.


Honestly, I had never considered Seattle's Best as a coffee shop I'd go to every now and then. For several years now, I am only choosing between Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. However after this recent trip, I was amazed by how good their food and service are and not to mention how it's not as overcrowded as the other two cafés.

Although I have not yet tried a lot from their menu, I can always order the Chai Tea Javakula if their other drinks don't turn out to be good for my taste. But rest assured, this post marks the beginning of a good relationship between me and Seattle's Best.

Taste - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Seattle's Best Coffee, Trinoma
2 Level Trinoma Mall, North Triangle EDSA
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 901-3878 to 79
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. Been to Seattle's Best just twice. As in! Super noh? Haha. Di kasi mahilig sa hot drinks eh.

  2. I haven't tried anything else on their menu but their Chocolate Milk Shake is perfectly smooth and thick, unlike other "Milk Shakes" that are too watery. And my little one enjoyed their chocolate chip cookie, served warm!

    There is a part of me that thinks Starbucks is becoming just a hype. After tasting Milk teas, I find that their frappes are much too sweet. :/ I sometimes enjoy their pastries, but I find that there are other places that sell better pastries. <3

  3. Is it really true? Seattle's Best is owned by Starbucks? Hmmmm... Either way, I still love their strawberry milkshake! Try it next time Sumi. It's really tasty. Yum! =)

  4. I haven't tried Seattle's though it's Starbucks' sister company. I believe they serve milk shake. I can't wait to try one! :)

  5. @winter: Same here.. I don't have anything against Starbucks, but personally, I think coffee from some other cafes are better.. >.<

    @Tin | The Average Jane: I definitely will! :) I love milk shakes!

  6. would love to try the javakula, too! =)

  7. Nice review! I never really thought about Seattle's Best. I usually hang out in the neighborhood's cafe, CAFE BEN A BIEN, which is very quiet and cozy and the frap and capuccino AMAZING. And the next cafe nearest to our place is also Starbucks, which I'm not really a huge fan of because of the noisy crowd-- but it's where friends spontaneously go to when in the mood for coffee, and they usually treat me. Haha.

    With your rating, will definitely 'push' my friends to go to Seattle's Best instead. :)

  8. This reminds me that I haven't been at Seattle's Best for quite a while now. Guess I need to visit them soon.

  9. Didn't know they were bought by Starbucks. We frequent this place a lot because of credit card rewards/promo. Their Javakula drinks are really good. Try the Brownie Javakula, it has chunks of brownies on top of the whipped cream which makes it more filling.

    Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  10. I like the Brownie Javakula... I miss going here. :) (do pay me a visit also)

  11. Seattles has always been an option for me ... it has this yuppie feel e ...

  12. I like the whipped cream of their frappes!

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