BonChon: A Chicken Love Story

Many double fried chicken food destinations have been popping up in the Metro. However, my date and I were probably one of the latest people to jump into the bandwagon as we still haven't tried any yet. Good thing though BonChon, a South Korean-based double fried chicken wonder had already put up several branches in the country -- one of which is in my go-to mall Trinoma.

BonChon Chicken at Trinoma had only opened last December 5, Monday. I was already dying to try the all-hyped and all-raved soy garlic chicken. But it wasn't until the end of the week that we found ourselves paying the mall a visit. Of course, being the curious and gluttonous me, I didn't let the chance of finally trying BonChon Chicken pass.

The Korean double friend chicken place greeted us with a modern yet slightly minimalist storefront and interior. There wasn't a very long line of hungry customers when we paid them a visit for a quick merienda. And since both my date and I were still a little full that time, we just opted to get a small order of their famous chicken wings. We also got a salad and iced tea.

We were given a table number sign, so off we went to a vacant seat after paying. While waiting for our orders, I can't help but notice the framed decors of BonChon. I really like how they played with typography and put a simple photo of their food on each frame. It's somehow minimalistic yet lovely -- a really good way to deviate from restaurants who smother their place with large framed photos of their food. Not that I have anything against it though.

I also admired their edgy yet still sophisticated wavy ceiling lights. It nicely complemented the minimalist interior of BonChon Chicken. The ambiance the place exudes would really attract teens and yuppies alike to chill here while enjoying Korea's double fried chicken.

It took only about 5 minutes of waiting (although I didn't feel like waiting at all because I was busy taking photos of the place) before our orders were served. I was really excited to try the 6-pc. small order of BonChon's Chicken Wings in Soy Garlic (P185).

It didn't fail to impress and I'm very happy to have finally given BonChon a go. The chicken skin was crunchy and the soy garlic glaze was very flavorful. The chicken meat was also very moist and tender. Both my date and I thoroughly enjoyed BonChon's Soy Garlic Chicken Wings. We actually wanted to order more but since we'll be off soon for dinner, we just settled with what we have.

We also got their Ginger Tofu Salad (P125), a mixed greens and carrots salad with fried tofu cubes, crispy wanton strips and ginger dressing.

I'm not a big fan of tofu so I really ordered this for my date's sake who is into tofu dishes. However, after having a spoonful (or a forkful for that matter) I found myself hooked. The tofu cubes were not bland as I always expect them to be. It was light yet had hint of flavor on its own. But what I really love about this Korean-style salad is the dressing. The ginger flavor can really be picked up. It also had some hint of peanut in it. It was the perfect dish to balance out the richness of BonChon's Soy Garlic Chicken Wings.

I wasn't able to take a photo of BonChon's iced tea, but I can say it's a really refreshing and flavorful one. It doesn't taste like Lipton's famous lemon iced tea which is usually served in fast food chains and casual dining restaurants. BonChon's is more similar to that of Wendy's iced tea -- light, zesty and had notes of Calamansi.


Although we have only tried two of BonChon's dishes, I found myself really satisfied. The prices were a bit on the higher side if you are a hefty eater, but I can assure you that the taste will not disappoint. The overall ambiance is also modern and comfortable albeit being a fast food chain. Servers are also quick and courteous, never failing to make a customer feel very welcome.

My first trip to BonChon will probably be followed soon by a second, a third, to an nth. As of this writing, I am already craving for their soy garlic-glazed chicken wings. So for chicken lovers out there, don't miss BonChon's offerings and try to pay them a visit soon.

Taste - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4.5/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

BonChon Chicken, Trinoma
G/F Trinoma Mall
North Ave. cor Mindanao Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02)919-4777; 919-0794
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. Mmmm Bon Chon chicken:)Good thing you tried the wings and not the bigger portion ones. The taste is really on the skin of the chicken so the thigh, leg parts are not as enjoyable.

    Also try the kimchi next time :)

  2. @Christia's World: Aww.. Sayang naman if that's the case with the thigh and leg parts. I'll make sure to try their Kimchi next time. I heard the Fish Tacos are good too. :)

  3. wow really a must try... when I comeback to Philippines.. I won't let myself be guarded by dieting.. I will eat all I want... and I should come and taste the food there in Bunchon... :) thanks for sharing...

  4. Awww, my friend and I were supposed to try it when we went to GH last Sunday but then we didn't want to wait for our food hahaha maybe next time </3

  5. Love them! My bestfriend took me out for an early Christmas date because she had to go back home in time for her son's birthday, and the food at Bonchon are delicious. For the price and taste, I find them affordable. We plan to have another date when she comes back in January. This is our way of battling the "blues" of being single forever -pig out, este, Eat Out! hahah!

  6. I’ve wanted to try out, Bonchon but their branches are quite far from my place. Good thing, I always checking out your blog and found out that they already had a branch in Trinoma.

    So since I have an appointment for tomorrow in sm north, it’s a good opportunity for me to drop by at Trinoma and try out Bonchon. So excited and thrilled to try out their chicken but also i will try out their tofu coz i love eating tofu…

  7. One of my favorite restos! ;p I'm glad you liked it as well~

  8. I've heard so much buzz about this resto. Ma-try nga! The chicken wings look good.

  9. finally! you got to try it. i love bon chon!

  10. i <3 bonchon..
    have you tries the spicy crispy squid there?

  11. The first time we tried this was at their Katipunan Branch. I think it was just okay... I love the crispiness of the wings. But my daughter was raving about it afterwards.


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