Bayview Coffee Shop: Filipino Fiesta Buffet

Despite the heavy rains, our pursuit for Filipino food didn't end at C2 Classic Cuisine. As part of Kulinarya Kalayaan, Bayview Park Hotel Manila also cooked up a hearty Pinoy feast at their lobby Coffee Shop to showcase the Philippine's one-of-a-kind gustatory creations and eye-catching pieces of arts and crafts.

Chicken Ala King Bayview

The Pinoy fiesta at Bayview Park Hotel Manila is not just one, but two month-long. From May 24 to July 31, guests and diners can enjoy a buffet of delectable Filipino dishes for only P450. Luckily for us, our senses experienced even more as we got the chance to watch Chef Gilbert Soriano cook up some of the food items included in the all-Pinoy array of culinary delights.

Chicken Adobo
Grilled Pusit Bayview Park Hotel Cafe

The very friendly and ever-smiling chef gave an interesting demonstration of how they prepare Chicken Ala King, Chicken Adobo and Grilled Squid, all of which were plated beautifully and very enticingly. And even as a noob in the kitchen, I already got the ingredients and steps down. So just wait for my upcoming attempt!

Bayview Park Hotel Buffet

After the short but very informative cooking demonstration, it was time to finally try the food for ourselves. Although Bayview Park Hotel Manila is known for its budget-friendly accommodations, this 75-year old hospitality wonder had really planned their Kulinarya Kalayaan showcase well. Even from afar, we were already delighted to see how fiesta-like the coffee shop was with all the native decors and banderitas (fiesta banners).

The Selection

Bayview Park Hotel Manila's selection of Pinoy goodness was not as extensive as most of the buffets I've been to, but it was no-nonsense either as they really laid down an all-Pinoy spread in celebration of our independence month.

Tinolang Maya-Maya
Tinolang Maya-Maya (Red Snapper Soup)
Ensaladang Pipino
Ensaladang Pipino (Cucumber Salad)
Steamed Vegetables
Steamed Local Vegetables with Bagoong (Fish Paste)
Chicken Ala King
Chicken Ala King
Grilled Squid
Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid)
Pancit Miki
Pancit Miki (Stir-Fried Egg Noodles with Seafood and Vegetables)
Maja Blanca and Buchi
Maja Blanca and Buchi (Coconut Cake and Rice Cake)
Leche Flan
Leche Flan

Okay, there are probably a few items which are not originally from the Philippines. But Chef Gilbert Soriano reasoned that items such as Chicken Ala King and even Buchi have already been adapted by the Filipino palates, thus have already been treated as our own.

What I Got

Since we ate at Bayview Park Hotel Manila for brunch, I got a small portion each of almost every food item on the buffet table to make up one hearty meal.

Plate of Grilled Squid, Chicken Ala King, Ensalada and Miki Bihon

I had some salty yet refreshing sliced eggplant and tomatoes with bagoong, tasty pieces of Grilled Squid, and a serving-spoonful Pancit Miki and Chicken ala King. Among all these, I found myself drawn to the veggies and chicken items. Although I wanted to like the noodles, I found it too salty for my palate.

Sago't Gulaman Halo-Halo

To accompany our meal, we had a thirst-quenching blend of Sago't Gulaman which had just the right amount of sweetness I was looking for. We also had a serving of yummy Halo-Halo with generous amount of kidney beans, kaong (sugar palm fruit), garbanzos, langka (jack fruit), ube (purple yam), gulaman, nata de coco, leche flan and pinipig (rice crispies).


Bayview Park Hotel Manila may not be one of the more lavishly-decorated wonders in the hospitality industry, but this budget-friendly destination sure knows how to throw a good fiesta. The selection of Pinoy dishes in its lunch buffet may be short of extensive, but the flavors are sure to satisfy one's palate and tummy. Service is also impeccable, exuding true Pinoy hospitality.

Taste - 3/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Lunch Buffet Rate - P450++
(11AM to 2PM, Mondays to Fridays)

Bayview Coffee Shop, Bayview Park Hotel Manila
G/F Bayview Park Hotel, Roxas Blvd. cor. UN Ave.
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 247-9000; 526-1555
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. it looks so yummy! all these bloghopping got me new ideas on where to go next. until July pa naman fortunately. happy independence day! :D

  2. I haven't had Filipino food buffet in a long time. I like the adobo and the leche flan. Too bad I'm a long way from Roxas Blvd.

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  4. i enjoy eating Filipino foods, i like the maja blanca, it has been a while since i last have eaten it :)

  5. Pinas here I come! My flight is just a week away. What a mouth-watering show once again; always a delight to see your food post (I am tortured every time I'm viewing your food photos :) and I don't care about extra weight this time)

  6. i missed halohalo and leche flan. the foods look delicious. i would like to try the pusit dish.

  7. Aruy! Leche flan, ang saraaaaaaap!

  8. There are a lot of foods to choose. I go for ensaladang pipino and steam local veggies, and even a grilled squid.

  9. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and what a feast of delish foods :-) you post makes me drool Sis :-)

  10. As always, the drooling effect is On every time I head to this awesome blog :D You really bring out the best of every place you've visited Sumi :)

    Good Job

  11. Hays. I so wanna eat now. The miki looks delightful. I actually like the after taste which the miki gives. Tama ba? Yun ba yung pansit na may after taste? xP

  12. waaah favorite ko grilled squid, now ako lang kumakain ng squid sa bahay kaya rarely na lang huhu. Are those malunggay leaves sa tinolang maya-maya? Looks so good!

  13. My picks: Chicken Ala King, Chicken Adobo, Leche Flan. Hehehe. Those made me hungry!

  14. aw... i miss the steamed veggies. are those kamote tops? and the leche flan and halo-halo! i miss home!

  15. sumi, i really love the way you capture the food, very appetizing... even your plate, its arranged in a way na parang naka pose... LOL. Yahweh bless.

  16. All of these for only P450? I should tag along my husband there. The grilled squid looks tender and tasty.

  17. The grilled squid looks nice! I'm really having a hard time covering buffets since I have to do the plating :( You've done it quite well

    Sharing my post: Bakahan at Manukan, Metrowalk | Hefty Foodie: Random Food Trips with Close Friends *They wear the same filipiniana get up but with more bright colors :D*

  18. Filipino foods are really yummy... :D

  19. Seeing this yummy food display again! wwaaaahhh so yummy!

  20. I like the ambiance. Filipino foods with Filipino Festive atmosphere.

  21. I surely misssssss Pinoy foods!!! I miss our country!!!

  22. sumptuous and very inviting. I like buffets and I think I will have a grand eating fiesta with the foods posted here.

  23. The steamed leafy veggies looks so overcooked.. My favorite pa naman. And the price is expensive for me.

  24. The price seems a little expensive but worth it! There would be lots of reasons why and just seeing these pictures makes me wanna go home in the Philippines very soon.

  25. delishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh feast of foods you have here Sis :-) it makes me drool :-) Love all the veggies :-)

  26. i have a sweet tooth and just looking at the photo of their leche flan... im in love!

  27. Now I am craving. There are lots of sumptuous foods in the post truly Filipino.

  28. I have stayed in Bayview before and it is really nice to see them featured here.

  29. Eating Filipino food is truly an adventure and the information you provided in your post is something to take note of.

  30. Hope to eat at Bayview Coffee Shop someday with my gf! for only 450! its affordable for a buffet!

  31. I want to come here soon! :) nahuli ako ng inihaw na pusit at lecheflan n yan... and so worth it kasi 450 lang! :)

  32. i want the grilled squid and the maja blanca looks very yummy

  33. We now have another option on where to bring our clients from USA when they visit us this October. They will love the dishes served here :)


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