Nav Modern Thai Cuisine: Rediscovering Thai in Kapitolyo

Friday, January 11, 2013
One of the greatest things that happened to me in 2012 was forming a friendship with the girls of The Foodies Circle. Although we've only met through blogging events just last year, it felt as if I've already known them for so long. And of course, being fellow foodies, we just can't let the year pass without celebrating. So to mark our happy and tasty 2012 together, we headed to Nav Modern Thai Cuisine in Kapitolyo, Pasig City for a feast.
Nav Modern Thai Cuisine at Kapitolyo

This is actually just my second time in Kapitolyo, with the first being my trip to Poco Deli. And while I might seem a noob to the area, I've already heard and read a lot of great things about Nav Modern Thai Cuisine so I was more than excited to finally try it out. This trip really works too since both Berylle and Stacy are huge fans of the complex Thai cuisine -- something which I can't force the beau to get more into. Not enough charm and convincing power, I guess. Or maybe he'll turn around sometime soon. Hopefully.

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Dining Area

The dining area at Nav Modern Thai Cuisine is generally small, with just about 8 tables in total if my memory serves me right. The place is not too cramped though, and we were still comfortably seated even with other diners close by. I guess the simple yet aesthetically pleasing design of the restaurant, as well as the soft yellow lighting really made Nav warm and cozy, not to mention their courteous attendants clad in black.

Vegetable, Herb and Rice Paper P180

It took us a while to decide which items to order. But in the end, we figured it would be best to start our meal with the Vegetable, Herb and Rice Paper (P180) which is a plate of healthy spring rolls served with peanut sauce and lime-herb dressing. The rolls are generally healthy-tasting and refreshing, with notes of the zesty cilantro, but it was the sauces that really got us digging in as they were flavorful and great on their own respect.

Nav's Pad Thai P285

To follow up the good start, we had Nav's Pad Thai (P285) which is probably one of the best ones I've tried so far. The rice noodles were cooked perfectly and coated with the sweet, savory and tangy blend of tamarind, lemon juice and fish sauce. The eggs, shrimps, beansprouts, coriander and crushed peanuts also added more dimension both to the taste and texture of the dish. Overall, this was an item we thoroughly enjoyed.

Khao Kluk Kapi Nav's Bagoong Rice P230

For more carbs, we ordered the Khao Kluk Kapi - Nav's Bagoong Rice (P230). Now, this might seem simple, but it's one of great-tasting bagoong rice I've ever had. The bagoong rice itself was super flavorful with just the right combination of savory, salty and some sweetness. The egg, mangoes, cucumber and scallions also livened up the whole ensemble. Our only complaint, would be the lack of any meat or seafood on the plate. For the price, they might have added in some pieces. Nevertheless, it's still a good dish.

Crispy Fresh Water Tilapia, Tamarind and Shallots P450

We then had the Crispy Fresh Water Tilapia, Tamarind and Shallots (P450) which was presented nicely with the battered Tilapia fillets layered on top of the bones. At first bite, we found this dish okay. However, upon succeeding spoonfuls, all of us somehow grew tired of the flavor. Don't get me wrong, this fish fillet itself was good and the tamarind sauce was zesty. It was the batter though that broke the deal for us. We were hoping to have a lighter batter, something which won't overpower and dull out the fish.

Wok Chicken, Bamboo Shoots and Yard Beans P225

Next, we had the Wok Chicken, Bamboo Shoots and Yard Beans (P225) which was a great rebound dish. Among our viands for the night, this one was my most favorite. The chicken pieces were cooked to a perfect tender with a savory and slightly sweet sauce. The winter bamboo shoots and yard beans also added enjoyable crunch in every bite, so it was definitely my honor and pleasure to be the one who finished this delicious item.

Beef Belly with Rendang Curry P395

Our last viand was the Beef Belly with Rendang Curry (P395). Although I'm not much of a rendang fan, I can't deny that I also enjoyed savoring every spoonful of this flavorful dish. The beef belly pieces were cooked perfectly, along with the potatoes and carrots which gloriously basked in a creamy, savory and spicy sauce. I think I would've enjoyed this dish more though if I were to eat it with just a cup of plain steamed white rice.

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine Nav's Thai Iced Milk Tea P95

For beverages, my friends skipped ordering from the menu and just went with service water. I, on the other hand, just had to try Nav's Thai Iced Milk Tea (P95). While this glass is undeniably very refreshing, I felt like it was too light or maybe watered down for my liking. It had that distinct Thai sweetness and creaminess, but I had hoped for more.

TFC Ladies at Nav
Stacy, me and Berylle at Nav Modern Thai Cuisine

And to end this post, here's a photo of us, The Foodies Circle girls. We might not really complete a whole circle, just a triangle, but I can definitely say that I love these girls. Thanks for the food trips, the adventures (as well as the misadventures), and of course, the friendship. A very big thank you too to Denby (Berylle's boyfriend) who never fails to keep us safe and well-transported. Here's to more of the good stuff this 2013. Cheers!


After our trip to Nav Modern Thai Cuisine, I now understand why people have been raving about this Thai food destination in Kapitolyo. The food was indeed great and the service was prompt, friendly and courteous. Above all though, my experience with rediscovering Thai cuisine at Nav was made all the more special since I celebrated the night with great friends. Will I make more memories at Nav Modern Thai Cuisine this year? Definitely!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Nav Modern Thai Cuisine, Kapitolyo
16-C United St., Brgy. Kapitolyo,
Pasig City, Metro Manila
(02) 655-8395
Facebook Page


  1. Like your beau, Im not much of a fan of Thai cuisine myself. But I sure am a fan of the girLs of The Foodies Circle. Although I've only been with you girls in some 'Eats a Date event, I've come to respect your blogging skills. I've been too busy with work to seriously pursue blogging. I leave it to you girls to keep the blogging industry alive! :)
    Good luck and more power! :D

    1. Aww.. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Lorelie! It really made my day. Anyway, naku, I don't think I have "blogging skills" naman. Just the passion and love for food are enough :) I hope to meet you again soon. More power to you as well! ^^

  2. I definitely love Thai Cuisine. In here where I'm at, we always frequent the restaus like Phuket, Bangkok and Anything But Thai. I just love how spices plays an important role in their cuisines. Though not all of their menus have it. I would visit this place when time permits me in Feb. I'll be back in Pinas in Feb.

    1. You should definitely visit Nav when you're already back in the Philippines! :) I'm just starting out to really get into Thai cuisine so I still have lots of great Thai restos to discover.

  3. Too bad you weren't able to join us when we went there last year. Love the place! You should have tried the Son-in-Law Eggs. :) See you again soon, guys! ;)

    1. Sayang nga eh, but I'll be sure to join another food trip with you guys sometime soon.. :) Btw, we were actually thinking of ordering the Son-In-Law Eggs, but we had plans to try out other establishments in the area kaya we skipped additional appetizers and dessert muna :D

  4. It was the greatest meeting you girls too! :) cheers to more food trips with you! :) Maginhawa naman next time hihi! :)

    1. Oh right! We just met last year and it feels like forever. Meeting you girls is one of the best things of my 2012 too=D With you two, food trips and side trips will always be a pleasurable experience. =D Game!

    2. Ayieee.. Ang cheesy natin! hahaha :D Tara Maginhawa naman! :D

  5. Honestly, i haven't tried thai foods yet but heard that they are delicious too. I would really love to try them in the near future.

  6. What I like is their beef belly, looks tender and mouthwatering and I like their sauce.

  7. I was not a fan of Thai cuisine until I ate at Krua Thai. The bagoong rice was the big winner! Also their sweet and sour spare ribs was superb!

  8. verything looks yummy we love eating thai foods also! we had some green thai curry yesterday hehe. Love the photos! all the foods looks great! xx

  9. I love thai food and with my sister, we're drooling at the food in your pictures! :-D Are there other branches of Nav? This place is just far from us.

    1. Unfortunately, Nav only has 1 branch. Anyway, if you find yourself in the Kapitolyo area, give it a try 'cause it's worth a visit! ;)

  10. Your blog indeed is the authority in terms of restos at the city. A must try place and foods for me!

  11. Waaah! Kapitolyo is out of the way for me. haha! i hope I can also try this place and find time to do this. haha!

  12. i've been to most of the restos in kapitolyo but not yet in nav waaahhh! will make sure to try this one soonest! :)

  13. yes to... the bagoong fried rice, the pat thai, beef belly and... service water. :)

  14. I visit this this coming Weekends


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