Jelly G: Thai Milk Tea and More at 500 Shaw Zentrum

Since I've found myself steadily falling in love with Thai cuisine, it just follows that I've taken a liking for Thai tea. So when I was invited to try out Jelly G Thai Milk Tea at 500 Shaw Zentrum in Mandaluyong City, I made sure to clear out my schedule for the day.
Jelly G Counter

While Taiwanese-style milk teas have already invaded malls, schools and offices, patrons of Thai cuisine can surely bank on the authenticity of Jelly G Thai Milk Tea's offerings. I got to chat a bit with the tea shop's owner and found out that their ingredients are sourced all the way from Bangkok to really give customers a taste of Thailand.

Freedom Board at Jelly G Trinket and Snack Display at Jelly G

Even the interior at Jelly G Thai Milk Tea speaks strongly of modern Thailand. The store is donned in hues of apple green, orange and white which gave off a light, relaxing and refreshing atmosphere with a kick of trendiness and youthfulness. There was also a cork board where customers can leave their mark, as well as a shelf full of interesting trinkets and light snacks from Thailand which visitors can simply ogle at or opt to buy.

Jelly G at 500 Shaw Zentrum

Since we were still waiting for other guests to arrive, the kind owner first served us bowls of some Thai snacks -- Spicy Mango (P45) and Thai Sweet Tamarind (P35).

Spicy Mango P45

These Spicy Mango pieces reminded me strongly of our own dried mangoes. Unlike our local version though, these are slightly spicy which made every bite so enjoyable. In just a few minutes, we already downed this whole bowl of sweet and spicy goodness!

Thai Sweet Tamarind P35

I'm a fan of tamarind candies so these Thai Sweet Tamarind pieces really got me digging. They were almost identical to our own local sampaloc candies in terms of taste. But since these Thai counterparts were bigger, I easily got tired of dealing with the seeds.

Jelly G Menu
Click the menu photo to enlarge.

After enjoying some Thai treats, it was time to finally get a taste of what I was there for -- their drinks. I checked out Jelly G Thai Milk Tea's menu and was amazed at how wide their selection is despite being fairly new in the market. They have items for lovers of coffee, chocolate beverages, fruit drinks and their signature Thai milk tea concoctions.

Wintermelon Thai Tea Thai Milk Tea P75 P95
Thai Milk Tea: Thai tea, milk and syrup | Winter Thai Tea: Thai tea, milk, syrup and wintermelon

My favorites for the trip are their Thai Milk Tea (Regular P75; Large P95) and new offering Winter Thai Tea (Regular P85; Large P105). If you haven't tried Thai teas yet, let me tell you that it has a distinct flavor that you may love or may hate at first sip. Luckily for me, my palate had quickly adapted to dig the taste of star anise and ground tamarind seeds in a strong brew of black tea, milk and syrup which Jelly G can serve on ice or ice-blended depending on your preference, and then topped with pieces of grass jelly.

Jasmine Green Tea P75 P95 Coffee Mint P95 P115
Jasmine Green Tea: Green tea, milk and syrup | Coffee Mint: Coffee, milk, syrup and peppermint

We then had two of my next favorites, Jasmine Green Tea (Regular P75; Large P95) which had a clean and bitter yet sweet blend of matcha (that some of my companions didn't quite dig), and Coffee Mint (Regular P95; Large P115) which strongly reminded me of Starbuck's peppermint-infused annual holiday drink and which we all loved to bits.

Black Forest P90 P110 Cheesy Mango P90 P110
Black Forest: Chocolate, milk, syrup and strawberry | Cheesy Mango: Mango puree, milk, syrup and cheese sprinkle of rock salt

While everyone loved the Black Forest (Regular P90; Large P110), I felt like I shouldn't dig it as much since it's quite a common concoction. There's no doubt though that this is something I'd love to have served hot. The Cheesy Mango (Regular P90; Large P110) is another drink that had my companions oohing and ahhing in delight. Yes, it's refreshing and quite good especially with its cheesy rock salt topping. However, I don't think it's extraordinary enough especially with the signature Jelly G Thai tea blends on the menu.

Pandan Delight P55

Aside from beverages, Jelly G also offers toasts. One which strongly reminded me of Singaporean kaya toast is their freshly-toasted Pandan Delight (P55) which had a bright-colored pandan paste made from the owner's homegrown pandan leaves.

Basil Blush P45

And while the previous toast was good enough, I felt like my heart and my palate totally belonged to the Basil Blush (P45). This toast may look simple, with a piece of warm and crunchy bread topped with a basil pesto mixture. However, it tastes so comforting with the right blend of herbs and spices. I'll seriously order this on my next Jelly G trip!

Tuna Flirt with Chili Flakes P60

Another winner is the Tuna Flirt with Chili Flakes (P60). I know tuna mixture on bread is one of the simplest snacks in the whole world, but with chili flakes, it becomes more comforting and order-worthy. Everyone in our group just can't get enough of this treat.


My trip to Jelly G Thai Milk Tea has really confirmed my love for Thai cuisine. Even if it's just Thai beverages and snacks I got to sample, I can definitely say that I am so digging the distinct flavors of Thai fare. While the non-Thai tea beverages from Jelly G were all promising and can potentially be favorites of other customers, I highly suggest that first timers give their Thai Milk Tea a try as it's the item I'll be going back for again and again. It might not be a sure win since it's an acquired taste, but it sure is worth the discovery.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Jelly G Thai Milk Tea, Shaw Boulevard
G/F 500 Shaw Zentrum, 500 Shaw Blvd.,
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila Philippines
(0922) 888-4272
Official Website
Facebook Page

Other Jelly G Branches:
Food Choices, Glorietta 4
2nd Level, SM City Manila
2nd Level, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
Food Court, SM Marikina
3rd Level, Activity Center, Market! Market!
Food Choices, Alabang Town Center
3rd Level, Festival Supermall
Activity Center, Marquee Mall


  1. cute place... I sure miss having milk teas hehe

    1. This isn't your usual milk tea spot though as Jelly G serves Thai milk teas ;)

  2. Wow, Thai Milk Tea naman. Awesome. Would love to give this a try soon :)

    1. Go Gelz! :D It's nice to try something new especially now that we're bombarded na with Taiwanese milk tea shops XD

  3. I'm glad you liked their Thai Milk Tea too! :D Love it! Too bad Jelly G doesn't have branches in manila anymore. I could hardly purchase them as often as I want.

    1. Did their branch in SM Manila closed down? From what I know, actually based on their FB page, they have a branch daw in SM Manila.

    2. Yup. It used to be a stall beside bake and churn hehe

  4. Well this is new :) I'll try Thai Milk Tea then.

  5. The Tuna Flirt looks delish! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. very cool place to hangout w/ friends... like to try that spicy mango =)

  7. I'm inlove with Jelly G Thai! Tried their milk tea and I must say it's one of the best milk tea in town! but I didn't know they have a store like this cause I usually bought in mega, stall only. Hmmm gonna try their "toasts" :)

    1. Jelly G has stalls and full stores :) If you're in somewhere near 500 Shaw, go to their branch there so you can chill while enjoying your Thai milk tea ;) It's quite near megamall and shangri-la naman.

  8. First time to hear about them, I think I'll be happy to chill with the Coffee mint milk tea =)

  9. i'm a milk tea lover, but i haven't gone here yet..hope to visit this store soon!

  10. Im not really a big fan of milk teas but i am willing to try this one coz it looks so good. . hmm. . :p

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. i will try this...milk tea addict yata to:)

  13. I'm a sucker for Thai milk tea so I didn't think twice in getting myself some from their Glorietta 4 (Food Choices) branch the first time I saw the small stall. I had the 105-peso Cheesy Thai. Can I just say that the melodious mix of grated cheese, rock salt, strips of grass jelly alongside the the kick of strong tart Thai tea in milk was ridiculously amazing?

  14. I loooove milk teas! I'd definitely try this. Their spicy mango looks really delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Nice Blog, Ive been searching for milk tea house for so long already :)

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  18. I love milk teas! While Jelly G isn't one of my favorites (in the milk tea division), it does satisfy my cravings for milk tea when it's the only one around. I haven't tried their food because most Jelly G's I know are the kiosks type and not the restaurant type like the one you went to. I should definitely give their food a try when I get a chance especially that tuna toast. Btw, it would be nice if you can put a check mark or a star rating on those items you really recommend (only) so we'll know what to try.

    -Carolyn S.

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  24. Been wanting to try the Thai Jelly G milk tea. Think I will give it a go!

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